Aradune EST <Thats EQ Baby> Hardcore guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by AtabishiWoW, Apr 29, 2020.

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    almost there
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    I played an enchanter on Mangler as my first TLP ever and quickly realized that early TLP is now my favorite form of modern video gaming. I started as a level 1 with nothing (and I mean nothing I don't buy pots or bags or anything) at the launch of Kunark and after joining The Golden Roosters at level 60 I did the VP key in 24h to join our raid the next day, earned about 20 krono just flipping items in the tunnel, did the chanter epic in 12 days total and all within several weeks before velious hit. I do work but I've never tried to play at the highest levels of competitive raiding or even attempted to join a batphone guild at all. In game I've always been more personal goal oriented. I'd like to remedy that this time around and try to be more guild oriented from launch day forward. I will jump into discord later this week after you've had some time to get to my app. I hope to be killing stuff with you soon. :)
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    Good to hear. When you hop in to discord we'll get you set up.
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    are any apostrophes in guild allowed?
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    I don't think it matters which deity you follow.
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    Elaida is a leader here? REVEAL YOURSELF!?

    So is this Aradune's version of TL? Or just lots of former TL members?

    Not going to lie.. I'm kind of feeling that special itch that only EQ scratches, and I don't want to 12 box like a madman this time around, so I like Aradune's rule set.


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    Atabishi, Kubat, and cabdru? uh oh.../wave fellas
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    You coming or what?!?!
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    nice and nicely done ty for saving us all.
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    Landil, Obidian, and I will be over there. we haven't decided long term plans though, once we figure out if we stayin on there or not i'll hit you up.
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    Yeah, tell them you're deleting it then just reclaim it later on and sell for a ton...……..just like all the so called people who leave with the guild banks on every TLP ow guild or people like Elaida who is always part of the ow crews at the start then he vanishes after a expan or 2
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    No one is deleting sleepers loot. In fact, we have no restrictions on sleepers loot. If your class/race can use it, you can bid on it. We are also not banking any of the traditional items that guilds bank, like Shield of the Immaculate, all will be bid off. The only items that will be banked by the guild are tradable epic pieces, which will be handed out to members in Kunark. All of this information is posted and easy to find in our discord.
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    Former TL is elsewhere and not on Aradune.
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    Wah im not your forever friend. I also return all tradable loot when i leave. Every guild can swear to that, So why the hell do you care what im doing buddy?
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    I'm not on Aradune. This is true. I don't have the time required atm. I do wish Thats EQ baby luck though. Also I wouldnt count me, 1 person.. as anything other than me.. 1 person. I think it was different at one point but to my knowledge TL is doing TL things.
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    Correct. Thats EQ Baby is not an iteration of anything prior. The guild is it's own thing that was formed new for all of the experienced players coming to Aradune that wanted to play together. Even though when you join discord you will see that the vast majority of its membership are all prior members or prior officers of the various top guilds of the past, it is not a singular iteration of any.
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