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    <Ashen Oath> has been active on [Aradune] since launch, and our intent is to continue playing there through to Live. Our objective is to efficiently clear all content in era, raiding primarily in DZs. Officers have been active on TLPs since [Phinigel] and are very experienced. We have a solid and stable roster and a friendly atmosphere. While our primary focus is [Aradune], we also have a presence on [Mischief] and in TBC Classic [Mankrik Horde] for members that want something else to do on off-nights.

    Raid Schedule: Tues/Thurs/Sat 8:00 to 12:00 Eastern
    We have temporarily dropped down to two raid nights (Tues/Sat) while PoP is on farm status. We may add Thursday nights back on the schedule for a few LDoN raids, and will fully return to three nights per week when GoD unlocks. We often run back-flagging or past-expansion raids on Sunday nights.

    Loot Rules: closed-bid dkp with a cap; maximum bid is modified by your 30-day attendance. Attendance is taken hourly with a bonus for showing up to the raid on time.

    Raiders and Recruits: raiders are expected to maintain a 60% attendance over 30-days. Minimum raid level is 65. We expect our members to play the game and stay current with desirable AAs.

    Communication: we use Discord to manage raids. DKP is tracked on our website at www.ashenoath.com

    Roster Openings:

    Please reach out to our officers if you have any questions or would like to apply.


  2. Zaphod New Member

    We still have some raid slots available.
  3. Zaphod New Member

    We still have room for a main cleric on our raids. We are clearing Time on one night and then a mix of Elementals and LDoNs on the second night.

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