Aradune 2-Box Original EQ Ranking

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  1. Tucoh Augur

    I'm looking to 2-box on Aradune and am trying to decide what 2box team to play. I've done my share of boxing on live, but have yet to play on TLP!!

    What are your rankings for 2box groups for Original EQ? Considering:
    • Viability as a two box operating alone
    • Contribution to groups
    • Contribution to raids
    • Ease of leveling
    • Ease of gearing
    • Ease of transportation
    • Fun
    • Versatility

    I'm speaking from total ignorance here, so don't take these rankings too seriously but I figure I'd start it off with what little I know and I can get corrected by TLP professionals. Just for clarification, when I say "mnk + sha/dru" I mean a monk paired with either a shaman or a druid.

    If there are teams that are S rank in one category (ex: two-boxing alone) but D-rank in another category (ex: raiding), say so! I'll probably have multiple teams anyway, no reason I can't have a item camping team + raiding team.

    S Rank:
    mnk + sha/dru
    enc + priest
    nec + dru/sha
    mag + sha/dru

    A Rank:
    war + priest
    mnk + rng/cle
    enc + rng/nec
    pal/sk + bard/rng/dru/sha/mag
    nec + bard/rng/cle/mag/wiz
    wiz + sha/dru/rng
    mag + cle/rng
    dru + sha

    B Rank:
    war + rng/pal/nec
    mnk + nec
    pal/sk + cle/enc/wiz/nec/rog/mnk
    pal + sk
    dru/sha + rng
    enc + brd
    mag + enc/brd
  2. Jontrann Augur

    S Tier
    Mage/Cleric (With mage epic)

    A-F Tier

    Everything Else
  3. Lumiens Augur

    I thought about trying to optimize the perfect duo's but I really think the key is going to be just picking the two classes that I really want to play and then group with others. One of the most fun things to me about the TLPs is how much everyone needs to rely on each other to accomplish things.

    Enchanter/Cleric are in a tier of their own above everything else though and and I don't I've ever heard anyone say "I think we have too many clerics on the raid tonight" in the early eras anyways.
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  4. Tesal New Member

    I am curious what people find fun about Clerics? Serious question and I am not trying to dis them. I understand they are hugely important and I normally play a healer in WOW, but Clerics have just never felt appealing to me.
  5. Arclyte Augur

    I was considering doing SK / Shaman (double ogre boyz), but I don't really care for tanking.

    Has anyone played a Mage / Shaman box before? How does it compare to SK / Shaman or Mage / Cleric?
  6. asmodethenaughty Lorekeeper

    monk/sk/war + shaman gets old, but is a stable choice. enchanter + cleric is where its at, or enchanter + druid for sexy DS.
  7. Zinth Augur

    enchanter + cleric over all, they will rule anything because of OP chanter
  8. Zinth Augur

    healing is fun when stuff gets hectic... CH chains are NOT fun though
  9. asmodethenaughty Lorekeeper

    Cleric is best heals in game, rez, hp buffs, and if you roll sexy DE you also get style points.
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  10. Tucoh Augur

    Dumb Q: What makes clerics better than dru or sha for pairing with an enchanter? Does the superior healing/buffing of a cleric overshadow the utility/buffs/DPS of a druid/shaman?
  11. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Cheal with a charmed pet.
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  12. Barder-mangler Augur

    I played an enchanter main with cleric box on mangler, it was absurdly OP for old world. That being said, once my enchanter was geared and I wanted to camp something, I would just buff him w my cleric and keep the cleric logged out. Initially, farming plane of hate I liked using both, but eventually I found it to be more fun/challenging just soloing with the chanter there.
    One thing I didn’t particularly enjoy was boxing them both in a raid, clicking absolutely nonstop lol. The issue arose that my guild just became fond of using cleric boxes and relied on us, so I would have been considered selfish to drop the cleric at the time.

    This time I’ll probably go Enchanter/Druid for the utility- and no one will be missing my Druid box in a raid other than pre ports
  13. SunDrake Augur

    As you know this will change as the game progresses, but yes. A Cleric's CH in the early game coupled with a charm pet [this is your DPS and your tank in ideal TLP circumstances] is significantly more meaningful than the heals and support offered by the other two Priest classes.
  14. SunDrake Augur

    You could argue Snare is useful is a situation where you're being lazy about pet management, but it doesn't compare to the efficiency of a CH on charm pets. Look at the HP on the pets you will be taking pre-65, then look at the heals. If you don't wanna break charm to let pet regen, then you want CH.
  15. Sikkun Augur

    And the rez is useful after the buffed ENCH pet decides to kill you all.
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  16. Auedar Elder

    Played on Lockjaw and Phinny and I always try to start with new classes but ultimately end up maining an enchanter every time due to how stupidly overpowered charm is, plus the group utility of having clarity, and later having haste that stays for longer than a few minutes, SLOW, and decent CC so you can have a puller and still survive. I enjoyed the micro of the group game an enchanter brings, but you have to be attentive pretty much all the time. So if you are in a situation where you are working from home, have kids, etc. and need to be able to afk at a moments notice, don't play an enchanter.

    A good enchanter will turn a bad group into a good group, and a good group into a great group as soon as they get clarity. (You can use root for CC as well when there are mobs that are higher than your current mez spell line).

    Charm gets more and more powerful as time goes on, but the risk goes up as well. Yes, your pet does great dps, but that means an ill-timed charm break is bad when your pet can kill you in 2 hits. It's like playing with fire. Try charming golems in the hole that can quad hit, and it gets more fun from there.

    Because of this, enchanter + cleric, or enchanter + druid is great. Both have heals, clerics have some nice buffs, and root, and it can make dying less painful. I greatly prefer Druids until Planes of Power though. The ability to port, and more importantly snare your charmed pets, as well as the power leveling potential of any future characters is huge. Snare means you have an extra couple of seconds, which allows you to re-tash things, lock down the current pull, etc. Cleric healing also isn't necessary for charms until Planes of Power, when everything hits harder and has more health. It is also very easy to find a solid charm pet to have in most zones up until PoP, so you can cycle pets when their health gets low for more exp.

    So I would say after doing this multiple times I prefer Ench + Druid from original to luclin, then Ench + Cleric from then onward since you don't need the druids ports, and you'll need the added healing of complete heal. But I also really hate having to main heal in groups and raids, and like focusing my attention on the enchanter. If I'm pulling (tash pulling is fun), CC, DPS, buffs, and my pet is the main tank, I normally don't like to be the main healer as well, and side healing with a druid floats my boat.

    So it really depends on your play style, how often you like grouping, and where you like grouping. If a zone doesn't have a good charm, it's going to slow everything down. I've played SK/Shm and Monk/Shm, and both are fun and good for named camping, albeit they are much more gear dependent, and much, much slower at killing things in general.
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  17. Auedar Elder

    Shaman is not recommended with an ench since a lot of the shaman utility of slow and haste is done better with an enchanter.

    Which is why Shamans work well with SK/Monk. The ability to slow + haste things greatly reduces the amount of damage taken, as well as increase melee damage output.
  18. Tucoh Augur

    Great, thanks. How useful is malo for maintaining control of charms?
  19. jseqdude New Member

    Are there enchanter charmable areas through all the expansions? I haven't played past PoP but have heard about the charm nerfs. Can you still have a pet tank in later expansions? Are there zones where you can still charm?
  20. TheTone Elder

    Ench + Cleric, unfortunately, will once again be stupid OP because DPG doesn't want to nerf charm.
    Ench + Druid is decent - but healing pets 50+ starts to get really annoying.