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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TenkenTurtle, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Troutfest Elder

    Your wife is out of town and you have nothing else to do. And two free hands...
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  2. Tator-Salad New Member

    i always know this... take the time they give u and multiply it by 1.5
  3. Jumbur Augur

    Dev#1: "The servers should be up now, but I keep getting this unknown error! What does it mean?"
    Dev#2: "Nobody knows what it means, thats why its unknown, what do we do?"
    Dev#1: "Erhm? write something on the boards to win some time"
  4. Qalliel Journeyman

    lol I don't know how people are still surprised by this, I imagine all of us have been playing this game for atleast a decade if not longer. The big patchs always go longer then the expected time been that way says Verant :p lol
  5. Spig New Member

    To be honest going by DBG track record I expect 6 hours to me a whole day, they are shockingly bad and I'm complaining directly about this, it's a joke.
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  6. Abrhum New Member

    Except post on Everquest forums.... like someone else I know. ;)
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  7. Antagonist New Member

    Well that only requires one free hand and 10 minutes.....Now what?
  8. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    The team is working on fixing the issue right now, but still has to run everything through testing before they can push the changes to live.

    Sometimes things start to behave differently when we start patching them onto our live servers, and changes and adjustments have to be made in order to prevent issues from arising. Luckily this doesn't happen very frequently, but unfortunately it did today.

    (Also, you should take my "description" of the situation with a grain of salt - I'm not a highly technical person, so it's definitely a generalization of what's going on behind the scenes)
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  9. Spig New Member

    Doesn't happen very frequently? Are you kidding? It happens every damn patch, people are actually joking we expected it. You don't do the testing required and try push the code early then go "oh noes we gone ****** up!" and then ruined everyones game time.
  10. Abrhum New Member

    Thanks for responding to us plebs. I appreciate the balls to respond to this thread. lol
  11. Claan Lorekeeper

    To be fair I can recall a few times fairly recently when the servers were up before the estimated down time had occurred.

    I also recall someone at DBG mentioning that stuff will sometimes work fine on test but then not work well when it's pushed to an actual "live" server. Wouldn't it be possible to have an extra "live" server dedicated to a final test of the new stuff a day or two before it all goes live on patch day?
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  12. Funk Augur

    Ahh remember the days when they would say it's a 2 hour patch and servers would be up in 30min? Good times!
  13. Qalliel Journeyman

    appreciate the response always nice seeing the red name pop up. but as far as this not happening frequently I'm afraid it does more often then not occur for the big patches, little ones not as bad. been playing this game sense 2000 so after 17 years I don't get angry or frustrated just having fun on forums while we wait for the patch to be fixed :)
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  14. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Well, regardless, the server should be up now! :p
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  15. Qalliel Journeyman

    thank you for the update! :)
  16. Theo New Member

    It amazes me that people still expect patch days to go without a hitch after 18 years!
    With so many updates, expansions and such I'm more surprised such a large patch only took 6 hours.

    Modern cars have computers that diagnose the problems before the mechanic even breaks out the tool box, but to work on that 1960s vintage mustang the mechanic is going to have to strip it down to the bare bones to change a part. when putting it back together there is always something that could go wrong in the process.

    I think of EQ as that vintage car and appreciate the devs taking their time to ensure its working right before I drive it home. Last thing i want is the wheel falling off while doing 90!

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