Anyone wanna start a group on vox?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Thomas504, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Thomas504 New Member

    If anyone want's to join I'm willing to play
    either a warrior ,berserker or maybe a wizard
    Us central time Usually 3-4pm is when I'm on
    I just wanna get something started cause boxing characters
    get's annoying -_-
    I wanna try and do maybe a friday saturday and sunday group
    or whatever can fit the schedule of everyone else.
  2. Coastnecro New Member

    My brother and I play around 5pm cst. The days vary as we have RL stuff, but we are already 60+
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  3. Thomas504 New Member

    I have a lvl 50 wiz and druid also a lvl 60 paladin so I don't
    mind doing a group with higher lvl's.
    Maybe we can group
  4. Ryanxp Augur

    I have a mid-30s box team on Vox

    Playing an hour
    3 times/week
    sounds like that'd be alright

    We could do Daily's. Together.
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  5. Ryanxp Augur

    Can we schedule a time to be online?

    We can see how we play out, and I'll rush mine to your levels
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  6. Thomas504 New Member

    Ya , sadly I did do abit of lvling. I have a lvl 54 warrior now and my druid and wizard are lvl
    55 but I do have a lvl 42 bard and 42 mage also.
    If you want we can try the friday out and if it goes well we
    can add more days to our grouping.
    Usually I get on at 3-5 pm Us central time.

  7. Ryanxp Augur

    Thomas504, I raid Thurs - Sat and will be unavailable. However, my schedule is open on any one of those other day(s).
    3 - 5PM sounds alright , that's around noon my time (PST) !

    Setting something up Sunday thru Wednesday would be best. Over time, I'm sure I can devote more days as well. My question(s) are: Are you planning on playing for strictly those 2 hours? How many days do you planned to be logged in per week? Are you willing to exchange phone numbers? Are you planning to devote your specific character(s) in leveling with me, and me only (I do not want to play catch up with you, and vice versa)? Can we be Facebook friends?
  8. Ryanxp Augur

    And tats fine.

    M - W I'm available to meet

    Th - Sun I can work something out (next week)
  9. Thomas504 New Member

    Alright I'm busy on monday , but I'm open on tuesday and sadly wednesday is a maybe.
    I'll try and open wednesday up for our group.
    2 day's actually is not to bad.
  10. Ryanxp Augur

    See you on Vox at 3PM CST Tuesday!

    I will be on my main, Seedsow
    My box Circusxp will be logged on as well
  11. Ryanxp Augur

    I'm Coastnecro's bro btw ^_^

    He's a necro and I play a mage

    Keep an eye out for Seedsow and Circusxp but Coastnarco will be there too

    Did you get a chance to respond to any of my questions yet?
  12. Thomas504 New Member

    My bard and mage are still the same lvl and I will devote them to the group.
    I will use facebookas a meens to
    meet up and plan stuff. I'll give you my info.
    Also , I wanna see how it works out with a small amount of days
    because I know that things can come up.
    In time I guess I believe tuesday and wednesday will be fine
    only until we're sure it works out well enough.
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  13. Thomas504 New Member

    Uhgg , just found out bad news already for tuesday.
    I just got a manditory work day rush job for
    construction on someone's home.
    I should've figured this would happen before christmas.

    Edit:I guess my schedule will screw this group up
    and I really need to get 1 going reaching lvl 80+ 3 boxing
    just ain't gonna cut it -_-
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  14. Ryanxp Augur


    I'd honestly like to get a group going. When I initially played a decade ago, I met a friend that ended up being my grouping partner nearly til I stopped playing. When we got out of highschool, he started playing WoW and around PoP xpac, and I left around LDoN xpac. Finding (some)one willing to partner up weekly seems enjoyable, and I know a lot of players on my server who find a grouping partner, log on daily, and end up leveling with each other strictly, as play times allow ..... Seems like its usually too much effort on my behalf though -- sometimes I can log on daily but usually its a couple / few times a week.

    Good luck and be well
  15. Thomas504 New Member

    I apologize for the inconvenience.
    I really don't like wasting people's time
    and believe me I did not wanna work near christmas.
    It's either work are never work again for the company -_-