Anyone knows how to check which RAF(Recruit-A-Friend) account link to which account please??

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mell, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Mell New Member

    Like the title said,I created several accounts years ago for RAF EXP bonus.But now,I cannot verify which account link to which RAF account.

    Their in-game suffix of title has "Adventuros" so they are definately RAF account but they didnt recieve any EXP bonus when group with my other "Older" accounts(Lv one group Lv one in Crescent Reach).

    Anyone knows where to find the answer??
  2. Vizula-Emarr Elder

  3. Reht Augur

    While it doesn't help the Op's original question on how to identify RAF accounts. Your statement is only correct when they are not grouped:

  4. Vizula-Emarr Elder

    Well he did say a group of lvl 1's. Are you sure of the bonus, because if you look 1 bullet above what you highlighted,

    When the recruitee is the same level or higher (and they are ungrouped) there are no exp bonuses
  5. Reht Augur

    it's pretty clear: if you are grouped, there is a bonus. If you aren't grouped, there isn't a bonus if they are same level (level 1) or the recruitee is higher level.

    The only more definitive way to check is to get the recruiter to level 2 and have the recruitee at level 1, you should see a big difference (more than the level difference). At one point i think you could petition to see which accounts were linked, but not sure that is in fact the case now or ever truly was. I am also sure you know this, but both accounts have to be all-access for the benefit to work.
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    That's if its not mostly cancelled: This is from 2 years ago:

    "it is cancelled. When they went f2p they cancelled it and those who had it had to keep paying to get grandfathered in.
    Piestro wrote:
    Hey folks,
    I've got some good news! JChan has put in a lot of time over the last week or so, both digging through code and working with other SOE teams to create a solution for the Recruit a Friend bonuses. RAF bonuses will be grandfathered in, but there are some fairly specific limitations in how we can do this so please read this thoroughly! We'll be reposting it, but I wanted to get this answer out to the folks in this thread as quickly as possible.
    In order to be guaranteed eligibility for Recruit a Friend benefits after Free to Play, players will need to have been actively subscribed on 2/27/2012. We will take a snapshot of the program on 2/27/2012 and this list will be used to determine eligibility for Recruit a Friend benefits.
    In order to receive Recruit a Friend benefits both the recruiter and the recruitee will need to have gold status. If either account slips from gold status, benefits will be suspended until both accounts are Gold again."

  7. Numiko Augur

    could be the OP's accounts were not gold when the snapshot was taken, i know i have one RaF account like that. let it lapse at the wrong time and now its just a normal account.
  8. Mell New Member

    Numiko is right,they are just normal account now.

    Tried every older account(higher level ones,not in group just standing nearby),non of them work.So,there is no EXP bonus on them I guess.

  9. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    I have a RAF account. My own personal experience is that they removed the 100% bonus that was always on, and the only thing left is the 200% (double exp) for the friend when the RAF account is lower level. This is how it works for me.
  10. Nudia Augur

    In my testing, the blanket bonus when grouped and the same level didn't seem to work, but the bonus when the recruited account is lower and grouped does work. The recruiter gets a 100% bonus and the recruited gets 300%.
    Edit: Forgot a word or two.
  11. Tutankamen Journeyman

    This still works as intended for me- I still get the bonus. The only caveat seems to be that the account is paid. It won't work once it switches to silver.
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