Anyone from Harmonium still play?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Taetew, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Taetew Lorekeeper

    Just wondering if any of my old guild mates still play EQ?

    I can't even remember my account, but at least I can remember my character names on povar... is there any way to recover if I know those 2 pieces of info?
  2. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Wow, if your Harmonium character is still on Povar, you ARE old school, since they moved to Xev with the server split during Kunark. I wasn't in harm but I raided with them a couple times in Velious.
  3. Fohpo Augur

    I knew some Harm folk back on Xev and some of them still play, whether or not they played with you I don't know.
  4. Namde Augur

    I remember them. Hell, Triton is still on Pilar.
  5. server-down New Member

    GL ..

    tried to recover a character i had from launch day on the veeshan server..I lvl him to max 50 (LOL)
    quit playing saw that it was FtP,, though lets run around a bit...

    I HAD my email, account name, and character name .. just couldn't remember the password - daybreak wouldn't reset it because i didn't remember the credit card i had on file :mad: and that email i used 19 years ago is dead.. They (daybreak) wouldn't send reset link to new email...

    if u have THE ORIGINAL CREDIT CARD when u activated the account, email, and account name u used when u set your account up, they will reset it for U..

    FYI the CHARACTER NAME means nothing to daybreak ....they assume that someone is trying steal your character (of a 19 year old game) if u DON'T have that info above..

    i understand that logic (security policy), but really !! a 19 year old game and they (daybreak) are concerned about a character u had 19 years ago and hasn't be used is 16 years is being compromised :( !

    thank god .... i remembered username and password of my 2nd account ...

    so i have a lvl 50 cleric that i cant use :(
  6. Namde Augur

    Wow, povar.
  7. Mortium Elder

    I remember Jeskola from Povar!
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  8. Taetew Lorekeeper

    drats! oh well, I don't mind starting over from scratch. Ya I only played abit more when the team moved to Xev, I mainly boxed in 2 guys for them during raids until my wife started to scowels at me :)

    I was one of the main monk pullers of the raids, it was fun doing the flop splits. I was almost tempted to re-make the old iksar monk but i heard SK's are better in a box group for tanking.
  9. Taetew Lorekeeper

    Triton was our biggest threat for getting to raid zones and many of them were very nice, we always seemed to have at least one of those guys with us on many of our raids. Those were the fun days, I remember on Xev there wasn't any need to rush to raid spawns.
  10. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Harm had my most and least favorite people on Xev... Cylus and Moku/Fawy... :)
  11. Taetew Lorekeeper

    Fawy the female monk was my biggest Competition for gears!
  12. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    It was hilarious when as Moku he lost the Druid Best of the Best to a casual.
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  13. Taetew Lorekeeper

    I remembered my old account login name and guess my P@ssw0rd... lol so I hop in waiting to see my old character but poof they were all gone :( My account is at least a "silver" account so i am able to make 4 characters per server and i got a crazy amount of loyalty points. I bought a 100% weight reduction box and a white rabbit. I couldn't resist having a killer bunny (still have a crazy amount of points left)....

    Look out for my hahah
  14. Galleyan Augur


    Yup. Still play. Though only on TLPs.
  15. Shanarias Augur

    If you have an Amazon account, they have a record of every card you have ever used. Go into your account settings on Amazon, and look for that date. It just might get your stuff back.
  16. Shanarias Augur

    If you have an Amazon account, they have a record of every card you have ever used. Go into your account settings on Amazon, and look for that date. It just might get your stuff back.
  17. Highline New Member

    I remember Harm very well. I ended in <Altera Vita> way back then end game raiding. Played with many Harm folk. Is that you Wanisa trying to recover your cleric? If you want to reminisce here's some Harmonium viewing pleasure.

    Highline Windrider <Altera Vita>
  18. Zakalis New Member

    Taetew - Which server did you look on. I remember Harmonium from my time on Xev back in the day. Xev was eventually merged into Xegony. I logged on there a couple of weeks ago and my old main and a couple of mid-level alts were there waiting for me, outdated gear and all
  19. Kinberleda New Member

    I know this post is old, but once Xev did a merge, a lot of us logged in and transferred back to Povar since a lot of started there. I’m still tagged in Harmonium. There is a Facebook group Harmonium Everquest Guild. There is a few of us still active there.

    65 Cleric
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  20. Slamdunk New Member

    Wow, Harmonium. I was in Shadowclan on Povar and Peritus on Xev. I don't remember many of the Harm member names, been too long.
  21. Ikaru New Member

    Original Drillisen here, messing around on FV!

    Drillisen Draagun
    Wood Elf Warrior
    Harmonium - MT
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