Anyone ever tried a Rogue with a BST box?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Silver-Crow, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Silver-Crow Augur

    Considering what to box with my Rogue on Aradune.
    I had been working on a Druid, but with Luclin approaching this got me thinking about trying a BST instead as even with decent gear my rogue isn't a great tank :eek:

    my thoughts:
    Pet tanks, BST heals pet, slows/buffs/petsnare and does some melee as required.
    Rogue supplies dps.

    sounds decent on paper, but wondered if anyone had tried it
    only downsides i can think are no cc or pulling options, but hey, when you're a rogue you don't have any utility anyway.
  2. Lejaun Augur

    Not the box combination that I would want to play, personally, but if it works for you go for it. I'll probably get a bit of flack for this, but rogue to me is one of those classes that really shines in a raid setting and in a group setting. As a box, however, not so great. Doable, yes, but not close to optimal.
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  3. Silver-Crow Augur

    Yeah i know not the most optimal setup, but i main a rogue as i enjoy raiding and grouping. I'm not a boxing fan a, so will instantly drop the box at every opportunity, but there will be times you won't have a group due to time of day, duration of play or are camping for something specific on a slow timer.

    In those circumstances a Rogue on their own is usually a dead rogue if they try to do anything even remotely level appropriate. Really it's just to plug a gap between raids/groups and to do quests which require a big run around.
  4. Lejaun Augur

    I think if I had to box a rogue, I would go with a paladin. If they get a decent weapon their DPS isn't terrible, terrible anymore, and they will fill the role for tanking/healing/buffing for you. Just personal choice though.
  5. Silver-Crow Augur

    yep i did consider Pally (ghetto rez is always great), but it does miss out on things like haste and slow and ultimately has to be geared to tank effectively. A pet doesn't need gear to tank, which is a bonus since the box will only be getting what's available in the group game. All Raid gear will be heading to my Rogue.

    Ultimately rogue is a terrible choice for one of a duo and there are not really any power setups that use a rogue in anything but a 3 or 4 box plus setup which is obviously against the terms of service on Aradune. I know some flout the rules, but running a personal raid is not something that gets me excited.

    Really it comes back to, has anyone tested the rogue/bst setup and is it viable in a 'making the best of it' situation?
  6. ayoforYayoh Augur

    I always go the BST / DRU route. works out very well with the consideration that i can twink them pretty well
  7. Boze Augur

    It would be a really weak combo early on, and it's missing a lot of basics you'd want for a duo (crowd control, pulling). I mean it'd work but you'd be really limited on the content you could handle, and getting a group with that duo might be tough due to innate TLP biases against those classes.
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  8. Moranis Augur

    As you mention, rogue isn't exactly the best class for a duo. In my opinion, in any effective duo, you probably want to steer clear of single-aspect classes as typically you'd want to cover at least 3 of the main 4 aspects of the game (Tanking - Healing - DPS - CC).

    That being said - any raid-geared rogue is a solid DPS machine, regardless of the rogue-hate out there. I think a BST might be OK, but honestly, a SHM would be great as well.

    Sure, you don't have a designated tank, but the shaman or rogue could tank well enough once mobs are slowed. The lack of Pacify / CC could be an issue with either the BST or SHM partner though, so be careful out there!
  9. Kahna04 Journeyman

    I am going to go against the grain and say that it could work out quite nicely. I mained a bst in the past and they are very self sufficient, which is what you need when all your other box can add to the fight is DPS. I am pretty sure you understand that you aren't going to be tackling the hardest content out there, but my bst could easily handle grinding out AA's in Greig's and other zones, if that is what you are looking for it would work well. My bst actually did most of the tanking, not the pet and I could handle 2 mobs at a time in GE with little problem with slow and letting one sit on the pet.

    You are going to need to learn how to use your BST's debuffs to keep aggro off the rogue, but it's not rocket science.

    I frequently paired my BST with a dps box, usually a ranger who would sit in the corner and plunk away with arrows. Would be a bit more annoying with a rogue as positioning would be more fussy but once you got a hang of it it wouldn't be too bad.

    And, if your guild has room for boxes, having a bst box on raids means you'll always have fero. A rogue friend of mine boxed a bst for just that reason.
  10. WaitingforMoreEQ Waitingforvanillawow

    I did something similar to this on Phinny. I had a Ranger Main and for most of Luclin i boxed a Mage, same concept mage pet tanks/heals and Ranger DPS. It's actual really strong if your main goal is to get XP from zones like GE while you have /lfg on and the Beast is a good class to bring for off hour raids, as a "second main" on raids or as an out of group buff bot to help you find groups.
  11. Silver-Crow Augur

    Thanks for the feedback. Rogue is not really negotiable, as it's my main. I'm just trying to think out for the box a little, so i can do things like grind GE, which is pretty safe, but that's not something i could solo, and i suspect i'd be a bit of a mana sponge if i tried tanking.

    Lots to think about :)
  12. Mrjon3s Augur

    BST is honestly your best bet. I used to duo GE with a BST as a Ranger. Slow, chloroblast and pet tanking you should be fine.
  13. TLP Addict Augur

    Based on your criteria sure it would work ok.
  14. Bullsnooze Augur

    Nothing wrong with a Rogue + Beastlord, but just know it isn't that great of a partnership.

    While you do have slow, heals, and a pet tank. You do lack CC in its entirety. If your Beastlord will have access to raid gear this may not be a problem, but if not you may run into issues. That said, my suggestion would be to main the Beastlord when you're grinding.
  15. Megazen Elder

    Problem with that combo, is that they are both very "busy" classes. A mostly AFK BST is a real waste, as is a mostly AFK rogue. I'd actually go shaman, which I have done. Easier to macro, and you are not micro managing the shaman as much.

    If a mob can be slowed, Shaman is a great choice. The agro from the slow, and the shaman heals, will keep the shaman tanking most of the time, and it's easy enough to macro/evade on the rogue and get the agro back on the shaman. Shaman is also super easy to macro, and does have some substantial DPS to bring to the table, with far less micro management than a BST.

    I leveled sha/rogue up to about...85ish. It gets very difficult at some point, when mobs really start to hit harder. Once the shaman, or BL for that matter, can no longer really "tank", it become very precarious to keep things going. EQ has this exponential problem, where mobs get tougher and tougher, and you need to kill more and more of them to get anywhere. It gets pretty tiring being on the edge of death when you need 1000000000 mobs to level.

    TLDR: Shaman.
  16. Darkrok42 New Member

    Yeah, Shaman would work much better. You're going to get a ton of hate from slowing but with the shaman that's not a problem - you just stand in range, heal (especially with torpor) yourself, and let the rogue go to town dealing damage. As mentioned, cc would be rough, but it would be with the beastlord as well so doesn't really matter one way or the other between the two.
  17. Machen Augur

    This just isn't the case if the rogue is raid geared. Rogue will pull aggro off the shaman pretty fast even when he is evading and the shaman is chain casting slow.

    Rogue/Shaman is a great start to a group but not a great standalone duo.
  18. TigoalBitties New Member

    I don't think Rogue/BST combo is that bad of a idea. I say you give it a go and try it out.

    Honestly, at the end of the day all your going to get on here is more or less personal opinions. Very little of any of these comments will be constructive. If you want to make a Rogue/BST box combo, do it. I don't think it's that bad of a idea. You and I both know it isn't going to be the most popular pick by any means. Do it. Update us in a couple months on how it went/going.

    Shaman is a good choice also.
  19. Hinastrom Elder

    Rogue/shaman is really the only rogue duo that makes any sense (for one player, necro+rogue, and other kiters, can work, but not for one player, really).

    Even if the beastlord pet is tanking successfully, you'll need to play the bstlord more like a shaman, aka sitting and medding for heals, not meleeing.

    Bst/rogue would work fine for trivial things with some buffs, though.
  20. Megazen Elder

    It's not just the slow, it's the heal, and it's also the shaman DPS. The combination of healing and slow will pull agro off of just about anything in the game.

    You *can* generate enough hate on a shaman, especially if you're trying, to out agro just about anything.

    /shrug. Like I said, I actually did this combo for a decent amount of time, it works fine up to the point where mobs destroy anything but a real tank.

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