Anyone Else Lagging?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Miss_Jackie, May 27, 2014.

  1. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    I kinda wish they would tell us what's going on, at least we could understand and be supportive. Not knowing leads to angst and bad posts. Emarr, CT and Tunare are now offline.
  2. Elricvonclief Augur

    I agree, something more than "we're looking into it" by Roshen would be nice.

    That said, I'm sure they've been looking at it since issues started yesterday.

    I just hope the fix goes in soon.
  3. Toac New Member

  4. Eluwenie Augur

    Only problem I'm finding on AB right now is spells are taking longer than they used to in order to put in the window and cast.. one of them took over 2 minutes! It didn't used to do that.
  5. Roshen Brand Manager

    The team has been working on a resolution for these issues since they popped up yesterday. It's affecting multiple servers.

    There's no specific ETA when this will be resolved. As soon as we get a fix that works for the affected servers we'll roll that out to live servers.
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  6. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    I do not expect the Dev's to answer our questions on outages like this they are busy... And yes I give Roshen kudos for at least posting on this (thanks for your time) but I would think this is the Community manager's job, we are the community and just a quick hey is not good enough. Tell us what they think the issue is, give us some clue as to what is causing the issue etc. A lot of us are IT PRO's and vague responses are not only irritating they are demeaning. The dev's are trying to fix it... the PR guys are supposed to keep us posted... I see a failure here.
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  7. Saave Augur

    Why don't you turn off the servers affected, so you can not upset me and other persons. The lies we get is not cutting it.
    I am not paying to play BETA.
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  8. Rorce Augur

    What lies?
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  9. Elricvonclief Augur

    Thanks for responding, Roshen!
  10. Viprador Apprentice

    Thanks Roshen. Everything seems to be running so much smoother for me now, even better than it has for the past month. Whatever got fixed, cleared all the issues I was having with delays and lag spikes. yes, the last day or so was the worse by far I have ever seen it. But previous to this happening, for a month now or less I was noticing something going on and I was spiking up constantly from 700-2000's ms on all accounts. Now, everything seems normal like it used to be for me around 103-105ms. Thanks again.
  11. beryon Augur

    If they knew the cause it would probably already be fixed. I really don't get why people keep shooting the messenger on this forum. Neither the Devs nor PR work in the IT dept. Roshen is passing along whatever info he has. Do you really want him slowing the IT guys down by making them write detailed reports that would satisfy computer nerds instead of spending that time working on a fix?
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  12. Starlanae Lorekeeper

    Test back down again
  13. Xegony_Druid New Member

    That's all we get? No explanation? Servers have absolutely sucked the past several days. A little insight please as to what's going on and why.
  14. Ferriciean Lorekeeper

    The lag appears to be creeping in more and more again on Povar. We're seeing 5-10s lag spikes.
  15. MiataDriver Augur

    It's making raids very difficult that is for sure.
  16. complexication Kassina

    Lag spikes on Xegony have been persistent throughout the weekend, and have made playing virtually impossible. It's really hard to do quests/raids if the lagspikes are getting us KILLED.
  17. Reht The Dude abides...

    I have noticing these intermittently on Drinal too, most often in Tower of Rot, not sure if they are linked or because i rarely play outside of raids and don't notice.
  18. Folkar_CC Journeyman

    Problems logging into Al'Kabor... oh wait.... /cry..... But, joking aside Lag has been fairly frequent lately on Cazic-Thule/Fennin-Ro.
  19. Miss_Jackie Custom Title

    There's been some lag spikes here and there.. Nothing major like last week, but it's noticeable.
  20. Mugsie Elder


    Intermittent lag still destroying ability to accomplish many raids. Stinks when people die and spawn zombies in DH1 when while having them targeted you never saw the dot on them. Sinks when nin neriak 4thA you have ND about to die and serevr dies. Basically a week now of below acceptable servers. Fix it or credit incoming? Once you hit a week of below acceptable service this is generally the standard for subscription services.