Any ways to PL someone from 70 to 90 with lvl 90s?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by microscope, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. microscope New Member

    I have a 4 box on Bristlebane about level 94 and I want to replace one of them with an old level 70 character I have. Are there some ways I can quickly get her from 70 to 90? I am sorta new to the game so don't know any tricks. I know how to PL characters from about 1-60 but not beyond that.

    My thoughts so far are to just do HA's and exit my group before they get exp and just let that one character get xp. But that would be pretty painful for me. Also I know there is some fellowship thing but I don't really know how that works or if it could help. Beyond that I'm not sure how to do it. I saw some high levels PL'ing and I think they were just ganking thousands of light blue mobs which barely gave them any exp, but the lower level character was getting good exp. Does that work well?

    Any help would be much appreciated! =)
  2. Shadows Journeyman

    You wouldn't need to exit your group from the heroic adventure. The lower level character will get the benefit regardless of the others' presence in the zone or task. The only real requirement is that the lower level character be present in the zone for the entire task (or else they lose out on exp based on how many task steps they weren't present for). You might have to be at least Level 75 to zone in, but I don't know that for sure. (I also don't know if/how this would work if the level spread is greater than 30, but that's not an issue for you here.)

    Mass mob killing can be OK as well, especially if you have decapitate, assassinate, or headshot available to you.

    I wouldn't discount the exp rewards on some tasks and missions as well (task completion credits and achievements can add up quickly).

    Also, you can see Franklin Teek in POK about hotzone tasks and the NPC next to him (his name escapes me) about which heroic adventures are being offered for bonus exp on any given day.

    Whatever you do, if you're 3/4-boxing, it shouldn't take long for the Level 70 to catch up.
  3. skabe Elder

    I know its painful and sort of slow but sub lvl 100 progression for RoF is some of the best bang for the $$ XP available to you.
    Your current lvl for group is VOA ... honestly I would grind progression there for Spells, gear, ach rewards and work your way up through expansions. Some of the trophies and misc achievement rewards you will find along the way you will continue to use even @ lvl 110.
    Second option is just take the lower level char along with the group where you would normally grind xp for the higher levels and have it contribute in some small way.
    PLing at higher levels the options are dependent on classes you are working with and other factors. What i suggest above may be slower option but will save you having to go back and do it later. XP reward especially in RoF is nerfed to almost nothing if you go back and do it at higher level than content was designed for.
  4. Atvar Augur

    What levels and classes are the characters you already have? What class is the level 70 character? I assume everyone is just group geared?

    Unless you have raid gear, your best bet is probably just to group them along and do whatever progression you need since you're within the 30 level grouping range. You should see huge gains on the level 70 character until they're within 5-10 levels of the rest of group.

    High level characters with the right gear and know how generally do PL by killing mass low level mobs at a time. Last I did it was raid geared at 105 where green mobs to me would be yellow/red to the person getting PL'd. One good lesson burn would take a character from 75 to ~85. Now that the level cap is 110, the person being PL'd would need to be level 80, which sucks.
  5. microscope New Member

    Thanks guys! I don't have any raid gear so I guess just grouping them up might be my only option. My level 94's are warrior, shaman, druid, bard and the level 70 is a cleric. They all have good group gear but no raid stuff.

    I guess I could just rush the 70 to 75 then start doing HAs and use the lesson on the 70 but not on the others. Maybe that wont take too long to catch her up to the rest.

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