Any Warriors Experts? - Suggestion on gear and rotations

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  1. hein Augur

    So as another post I made this morning alludes too, I'm strongly considering rolling up a warrior to play as a main. I have a few questions for a Warrior 85+ (I'll probably use my boost on a persona).Probably box with my Bard (116) and a 3rd character, open to suggestions, but probably a Mage.

    Will Bard slow get the job done? or should Mage be swapped out with a Shaman. Ok to the real questions below:

    First as it pertains to gear:
    Back in the day it was duel wield all the way, however, are Warriors now going Sword/Shield?
    Is the epic worth doing? (example SK epic is a must).
    Is there any other MUST HAVE items I should look for asap?

    What are the main disc and AA to have on your main hotbar, stuff your using all the time.
    Do you have a spam macro, if so, whats on it? (a button your spamming during each fight that is triggering several abilities with short cool downs?
    What do you pull with?
    Is there a fade type ability to clear agro?
    Do you have a "burn" macro, whats on it?
    Do you have a "Oh craps, things just went side ways" macro, whats on it?
  2. Dre. Altoholic

    Should move this to Tank forum.

    DW 85+ make sure you BUY the weapon stances AA it is not autogranted IIRC.
    You can skip the epic, Anguish BP is nice.

    Abilities: I was a clicker so I had 8 hotbars of individual abilities, but I haven't seriously Warrior'ed for about 15 levels. Someone should chime in.
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  3. Cadira Augur

    Bard slow is fine but awkward to work in. Slows are especially nice in a lot of nos and ls zones as several mobs are fully slowable but you can live without it.

    Dw all the way.

    Coa bp (lvl 70), blood drinkers coating clicky from dh ha mission named (100) or spirit drinkers from nos dl faction (120), "current expac group bp clicky) starting at ros and up are all the improtant items i can think of off hand.

    Lazy disc rotation starting at 100 (powerful, sustained protection)
    No time to bleed disc, then blood drinkers coating, then nttb again, then stand disc, since repeat.
    Lazy disc rotation starting at 106 (requires conflagrant warrior bp)
    Pain doesn't hurt disc, then bp click, then pdh again, then stand disc. Rince repeat.
    Can stack other abilities with these for tougher situations. Upgrade corresponding discs as you lvl.

    Good continual disc rotation if you want to put extra effort in for tougher constant content starting at 106 and all the way to 125:
    Pdh + dichotomic shield, hit coa bp when dico fades, hit group bp click when coa fades, hit drinkers coating when pdh fades, hit pdh again when bp click fades, hit dicho when drinkers fades, hit coa when dicho fades, hit stand disc + warriors (shield/aegis/auspice or whatever disc) when both of those fade.
    Takes time to get used to this rotation but it's dope if you can master it and pay attention. Rince repeat after stand fades.

    Spam is just shield sunder line and breather for me. And turns attack on.

    Make an "always on" button. Five line macro hotkey that hits your ac disc (stout defense etc), your group ac buff (field armorer etc), commanding voice disc (70?), brace for impact aa, and blade guardian aa.
    Gives you some decent buffs that are on most or all the time. When you go to hit stand disc you'll have to remove the ac disc going for it to take over though. My stand disc I use in a hotkey that has a /stopdisc command to make sure it lands. Be sure not to double click it though! Reclick this button after stand fades or you notice one of the buttons comes back up.

    Pull with bow, agro disc at short range, or a couple clickies acquired elsewhere. Or just charge in like a man.

    Fade aa is howl of the warlord iirc.

    Not a great person to ask about burns. Mighty strike is good at lower lvls, otherwise brutal disc is prob the biggest. War Sheols blade aa is great but doesn't stack with brutal I think. Can hit after it fades or with Ms.

    Oh crap buttons is usually flash of anger disc (house of Thule disc, prob can buy from pok vendor I think). Gives 7 to 12s of 100% parry chance from the front as long as you don't have a 2 hander out. Gives you time to ae mez or hit a bigger disc combination etc. if that's not enough, fortitude disc (low lvl disc) makes you immune to all melee from any angle for 12 to 24s. Make sure to use /stopdisc thing like with stand disc if your ac disc is going. Can hit glyph of dragon scales to make a bad situation easy mode at anytime. Stacks with some of your abilities better then others.

    This is the skinny, but mastering the warrior takes a lot of knowledge of spa stacking found elsewhere on the forums to really know how to handle any and all situations.
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  5. illithid mind flayer New Member

    See this post to understand our abilities:
    DW only.
    Our epic is trash.
    Anguish BP, Valia's Bravery, Spirit Drinker's Coating.
    Vigorous Defense always on.
    Pull with Warlord's Fury.
    Howl of the Warlord drops aggro.
    Burns: Onslaught -> Wars Sheols.
    Flash of Anger, Valia's, Armor of Experience.
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  6. Tyranthraxus Grognard

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  7. Silu Elder

    Related question. Since I run a war/shm combo, which part in the DPS rotation pairs best with shaman epic? I'm currently doing this for named in LS (note: 3900ish hDex, so not using Mighty Strike):
    1) Brightfields+Vehement Rage+Spire+Rampage+Rage of Rallos
    2) When Brightfield's fades: War Sheol's+(Charge->Weapon Covenant)+Shm Epic
    3) When War Sheol's fades: Determined Reprisal (named usually dead before this step)+Ramp #2 when I have the melee boost song proc on.

    I could go Charge->Strikethrough->Weapon Covenant during #2 instead of using Determined, which is probably what I should do on a fast named kill. Thoughts?
  8. Cadira Augur

    looks like shaman epic doesn't stack with heroic rage or onslaught, and is inferior. so sadly you'd want it after both of those fade.
  9. Szilent Augur

    The good war burns (Onslaught & Heroic Blade) go between Ruchus, yep.

    Determined Reprisal on cooldown, all the time, unless for some reason you're wanting the AE agro of Wade.

    Rage of Rallos & Weapon Covenant are better mentally categorized as agro abilities, not as DPS ones.
  10. Silu Elder

    Thanks for the replies. Looks like Determined stacks really well with Shaman Epic and they both are on 5 min timers, so that's good knowledge for a war/shm box. Question remains where best to put Power Glyph (see below).

    For the record in the thread, since the other war DPS threads talk about self burns but not synergy with shaman or beastlord aDPS:

    Baseline mod: Battle Leap AA:
    Battle Leap Warcry VI
    5: Increase Hit Damage by 45% (v185)

    Note: If grouping with a beastlord, they will be clicking their Group Bestial Alignment AA, which last 1 minute, every 12 mins. This is better than, but overwrites Battle Leap, so you'll need to click battle leap once it fades. Looks to be a superb pairing with Brightfelds:

    Group Bestial Alignment VII
    4: Increase Chance to Resist Spell by 30%
    5: Increase Hit Damage by 60% (v185) <-- Knocks off Battle Leap

    I don't have the text offhand of the fade, but will find it for a trigger.

    Burns listed above (skipping Rage and Weapon Covenant):

    Burn 1:
    Brightfeld's Onslaught Discipline Rk. III
    1: Increase Chance to Critical Hit by 270%
    2: Increase Chance to Crippling Blow by 100%
    3: Increase Critical Hit Damage by 160% of Base Damage (Non Stacking)
    4: Increase Frontal Arc Melee Damage by 879

    Spire of the Warlord XII
    2: Increase Chance to Avoid Melee by 8%
    3: Increase Chance to Parry by 15%
    6: Add Defensive Proc: Warlord's Weakening IV with 100% Rate Mod
    10: Increase Hit Damage Bonus by 70
    11: Increase AC by 23 to 30, Based on Class

    Vehement Rage VI
    1: Decrease Healing Taken by 10% (v120, Before Crit)
    2: Increase Hit Damage by 15% (v185) <-- Battle Leap / Group Bestial Alignment makes this part worthless
    3: Increase Min Hit Damage by 45%

    Burn 2:
    Heroic Rage III (War Sheol's recourse)
    1: Increase Chance to Critical Hit by 45%
    3: Increase Critical Hit Damage by 170% of Base Damage (Non Stacking)
    9: Increase Melee Haste by 72%

    Charge Discipline
    1: Increase Chance to Hit by 10000%

    If not tanking, hit this during War Sheol's once Charge is down:
    Perforate Rk. III
    Max Hits: 68 Outgoing Hit Attempts
    1: Increase Chance to Hit by 10000%

    Burn 3:
    Prophet's Gift of the Ruchu

    10: Increase Critical Hit Damage by 110% of Base Damage (Non Stacking)
    11: Increase Chance to Critical Hit by 65%
    12: Increase Current HP by 500 per tick

    Burn 3 if tanking:
    Determined Reprisal Rk. III
    11: Add Defensive Proc: Determined Reprisal Recourse III with 100% Rate Mod
    Max Hits: 36 Outgoing Hit Successes
    Hate: 1722
    3: Increase Hit Damage by 79% (v185)

    Where best to put Glyph? Maybe nowhere using the Offensive/Stand rationale:
    Glyph of Ultimate Power V
    1: Increase Critical Hit Damage by 70% of Base Damage (Non Stacking)
    2: Increase Pet Chance to Critical Hit by 15%
    3: Increase Pet Critical Hit Damage by 70% of Base Damage
    4: Increase Chance to Critical HoT by 19%
    5: Increase Chance to Critical Heal by 19%
    6: Increase Hit Damage by 15% (v185)
    7: Increase Chance to Critical DD by 15%
    8: Increase Critical DoT Damage by 70% of Base Damage
    9: Increase Chance to Critical DoT by 15%
    10: Increase Critical DD Damage by 70% of Base Damage

    Notes: I'm not using Offensive due to the lockout on Climactic Stand. I'm not using Mighty Strike since I have 3900+ hDex, and it will wipe / block War Sheol's due to stacking conflict. Not using Fellstrike in favor of Charge during War Sheols, but open to feedback on that. Here are those Discs for the record:

    Fellstrike Discipline
    1: Increase Hit Damage by 50% (v185) <-- 45% from Battle Leap base
    2: Increase Min Hit Damage by 400%

    Mighty Strike Discipline
    1: Increase Chance to Critical Hit by 10000% <--- Conflict with War Sheol's

    Offensive Discipline Rk. III
    1: Increase Hit Damage by 45% (v185) <-- Battle Leap makes this part worthless
    2: Increase Min Hit Damage by 160%
    3: Increase Hit Damage Bonus by 316 (v418)
    4: Increase Hit Damage Taken by 35
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  11. Cadira Augur

    For melee classes, glyph is basically just a ghetto shaman epic. Use that info as needed. I guess you'd hit it when no heroic rage, onslaught, or shaman epic are going, or stack it with big burn anyways for super minor other effects for a full burn as quick as possible.

    Battle leap pretty much makes fellstrike and offensive useless, extremely minimal at best. Due to the way spa 185 works, the % increase to damage is less than what it looks like. A 50% increase is closer to about half that in raw damage increase. As you seem to know, it also doesn't stack with other 185s and just uses the best one present

    Min hit and damage bonus mods are virtually useless.
  12. EagleTalon99 Elder

    Look at timers on the Combat Ability Windows, and just get some game time with the Combat Dummies in PGH, and make a couple social hotbuttons that can chain some hate generation.

    You don't need 5 abilities per hotbutton. You just want to make sure you lock aggro. The longer cool down buttons can be used as needed for snap aggro, like ripping a mob off a party member.

    As far as gear, I kinda recommend getting a PL until you can get some player made hate weapons around level 95 I think.

    In the near term, you can get an Anger IV aug from Bell's Rest using Loyatly points:
    Mkrarrg's Striking Stone:

    and another hate aug from the Dragon's of Norrath Expansion:

    Deep Crust Fire Geode [Norrath's Keepers]:

    Technically you could get both, but it's not worth doing faction for both sides.