Any server: nostalgia raiding starting up Lv. 65 - 90+ Bristlebane

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Silv, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Silv Augur

    Calling for ANYONE (any server) interested in a pseudo-progression type raidguild (pick ups welcome). CONTACT: Silv or Celia on Bristlebane or PM Silv on the boards for more/questions!

    -I plan to go back and start raiding at Depths of Darkhollow (Demiplane of Blood) and people will need to be Lv. 70 - 75 to start. A bit before we start, we’ll do some blitzes using our high mains(if you have them) to smash Tacvi, Anguish, and DON for gear, etc to prep. We can split instances to maximize equipping.

    -I will be orchestrating this on Bristlebane. You can come from ANY server and make an alt for the fun. I have a guild tag reserved for this and we'll have a server channel.

    -A time hasn’t been set yet; we will see what the consensus is. This is going to be challenging... not your 20 minute in and out events

    +This is supposed to be fun, not a chance to be a martyr. If we are short a healer or hit a roadblock 20 times, we’ll take in a real main (105 or whatever) to get the win. Again, this is not a “purist” progression type deal, we don’t wanna suffer if it’s not needed. We will keep the good times rolling. IF there is a stupid gatekeeper event blocking loot pinatas – we’re gonna massacre it with the help of a 105 and move on to what we are capable of and go back to our normal groove. This is about fun. Needless to say, dying is not fun. We’re NOT going to be zerging with 105s all the time. I can already do that myself if I wanted alone.

    +For your alts participating, the only “limit” is that your alt character(s) remain close to the “suggested” level range for our current progress.

    +IF rare clicky items drop (Overhaste, illusion, etc.) and you win the item, you have the option to pass it to your main character).

    +The loot system will be determined once we see what we've got. I suspect more than just a /ran 1000. More factors will affectthe call and it will be decided by multiple people to avoid bias.

    +Boxing is definitely going to be a plus as we’ll probably have a limited interest pool. I only request you box as much as you can do so effectively. Do NOT expect each box to count as an individual player for loot but it will be taken into consideration.

    1. Members get Lv. 70 - 80
    2. Fast farm of Tacvi, Anguish, and DON
    3. DoDH: Blood Raids
    4. DoDH: Demiplane of Blood
    Tier 1
    Tier 2
    Tier 3
    5. Prophecy of Ro: Daosheen the Firstborn (<Lv. 85)
    6. Prophecy of Ro: Sullon Zek
    7. Prophecy of Ro: Suchun the Blood Warden
    8 Prophecy of Ro: Deathknell
    9 Serpent’s Spine: Ashengate North (<Lv. 87)
    10. Serpent’s Spine: Frostcrypt 1
    11. Serpent’s Spine: Frostcrypt 2
    12. ---maybe Solteris---
    13. Seeds of Destruction: many of the earlier raids
    13. Seeds of Destruction: Korafax (<Lv. 90)
    14. Seeds of Destruction: Citadel of the Worldslayer
    15. ???? (I'd love to see HOT and would rather flat out skip UP unless we just made it to Convorteum)

    Realistically, I doubt we'll get anywhere close to that but aim for the stars right?
  2. Ravengloome Augur

    Skipping Underfoot?!

    You had me till i saw that.
  3. Silv Augur

    I'd be down to do some of them and Convorteum but I'm definitely not doing Temple with a mishmash of alts T_T
  4. Ravengloome Augur

    OMG i am even on bristle, why you hate me like this Silv.
  5. Silv Augur

    OMG... I'm open to ideas! Like I said, this isn't some crazy hardcore ruleset progression @%#@ unlike some people who shall not be named who frequent these forums.

    My goals and motivations are based on this:

    1. I'm done with TeDiouS and have one or two 105 alts missing a few T3 group visibles. Okay, that's a days work. Now I need something new to occupy the next 9 months.

    2. People like nostalgia. I like nostalgia. Old raids have cool clicky junk. It's one thing for me to go box Frostcrypt decked in 105 raid gear and snooze through it. Throwing in a lil excitement seems like a good idea.

    3. It's not purist progression. I don't want to be on a progression server, so I'm not. If the event is beyond crap then yeah, I'm gonna bring in some reinforcements. There'd be a few limits otherwise what's the point?

    My major personal goals are to down Ayonae Ro in less than an hour (lulz fetters), beat Solteris #3 without using a 20 damage weapon riposting for an hour, and beat Ritual of Fear. That said, I still would like to do most of it. What I absolutely do NOT want to do is SOF. I am not keying for MMM or Crystallos.

    Anyhow, I've got a few people already on Bristle with a few alts they're working on. Once they get into the 60s we'll do some initial gearing up. If you're on another server and are interested then send me a [tell bristlebane.silv or [tell bristlebane.celia or [tell bristlebane.geomantrasux. I'll help ya get started up and get ya close to 70s quick if ya need it.
  6. Daven New Member

    Hi Silv,

    Saw this post and thought it was a fantastic goal! Of course, as I'm sure you're realizing, creating a progression guild on a typically populated server is difficult. The Trakanon server is pretty much perfect for progression guilds because it's basically a dead server. Not to derail your vision at all, but perhaps it'd be easier for you and your interested members to join an existing progression guild, which does not need to rely on 105's to get the job done. <Lost in Progression> on the Trakanon server is plowing through GoD with 65's in era-restricted gear, without high lvl buffs or help. We have the numbers (45-55+ per raid) to the point of not needing to rely on "outside measures" to progress and if you're looking to really dive into progression and nostalgia, we can offer it to you and your friends (especially Cleric friends!).

    Check us out at and see if you think it might be a good fit for you. If not, best of luck with your progression and have fun! :)

    Cleric Class Leader, <Lost in Progression> - Trakanon Server
  7. Silv Augur

    The point is not to be a traditional "progression" guild which is why I said it wasn't intended to be on one of those servers.

    The goal is for established people/friends to bring their alts together (or make some new ones) and do content as a group within a specific range. There is no intent for these characters to actually become Lv. 105 people in current content. If they do... super.

    I am already in a raiding guild. I'm not starting something from scratch on a server where it would be hopeless as you pointed out.

    My hope is to get a small core, either current guild friends or hopefully new ones, and also invite lower level people who want raid experience or free gear.

    I appreciate your concern but I think you've misunderstood my purpose. I'm still getting a few more things together, some people committed, and a small website for organization. It might take some time and perhaps I'm being overly ambitious but boredom will do that.
  8. Daven New Member

    Haha boredom certainly may do that, but it's not impossible. Especially if you have a group of mains who are all willing to get involved. Best of luck and have fun! :)