Any new progression server coming?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Warlorf, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Machen New Member

    I don't know why we have to keep going over this, but Fippy at least did not fall horribly in numbers at PoP, or GoD. There was a little dip with the failed GoD votes but mostly it declined only very slighly each expansion from PoP to about DoDH. The number of active raid guilds actually grew from PoP to OoW.
  2. oisjafoij Augur

    no surprise that once instances came about more raid guilds started popping up at various levels. There is one thing you can count on in EQ and it's the inability of people to work together without being forced to.
  3. Toquillaw Augur

    Actually, it is to avoid hateful little obnoxious twits who suck the pleasure out of the game for others.
  4. oisjafoij Augur

    By sucking the pleasure out of the game do you mean the gm's or the guilds competing for and locking down content? I guess its the typical we're smaller but still entitled approach that worked wonders like the gm rotation on fippy....
  5. Toquillaw Augur

    Not at all.

    I mean the people who whine incessantly, post repeated complaints about other servers or other players on other servers when all they have to do is not play there, and think they can grow their stunted ego's by sniping endlessly at others, and then blaming everyone but themselves for "not being able to come together without being forced to" when most people come together voluntarily.
  6. Malachi Augur

    Best analogy ever lol. Although I have to borrow my buddies ps3 to pop in my old ff7 cause my ps2's broke down ages ago
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  7. Ikkabod New Member

    Been looking for some EQ classic home cookin myself and finally today after 10 years of not playing am downloading the live client and googling around only to find myself reading through this topic. Would definitely pay for what the previous post described and I know others that would too
  8. Oberon Augur

    Catch up to what? Something they don't want to play?
  9. Kelianna New Member

    I'd like one for sure!
  10. Polpet Elder

    I'd like a new Progression Server ! :D I missed the the other ones and my friends also. :)
  11. CasualMaker New Member

    GameStop still sells refurb PS2s. Their stock may be getting low: the prices bottomed out around $35-40 and headed back up. I should try to find the time for another go at Champions of Norrath.
  12. Malachi Augur

    True. I need to do that. Ps3 is too powerful to run alot of my old nostalgia discs.
  13. oisjafoij Augur

    nice to see that (illegal server 01) and (illegal server 02) are viable options for folks not wanting to play on dead vulak or somewhat populated fippy, but can't be discussed here
  14. Magus New Member

    IMO SOE needs to release expansion LOCKED servers. Each progression server starts good then goes beyond what people want.

    Release a classic server, a Kunark server, a Velious Server, an LDoN server. Etc. All these were high pop popular era's.
  15. Machen New Member

    The current servers are voting based. If it were what most people wanted, they would have stopped at Kunark, or Velious, or whatever. They didn't.
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  16. Haak Augur

    Human beings are notorious for wanting one thing, and doing another. We want to be healthy, but we gorge ourselves on processed foods. We want to get more sleep and increase our productivity, but instead we stay up late with silly hobbies. I can't speak to the numbers on Fippy as the server gets further and further along, but I will say some other places to get an EQ experience get more and more popular the longer Fippy and Vulak trudge along.

    That being said I won't say an expansion locked classic server would be more or less popular necessarily, but it certainly IS what a lot of people want. You just won't see that reflected on a server that isn't built for it. Rather than try to hold the voting process hostage, those people are just moving on.
  17. Zahrym Augur

    The population decreased severely between luclin-OOW sure guilds are still pushing on but the linear progression is also much shorter now. The required active participation to clear everything weekly (in terms of hours invested) is about 1/10th of what it was in Velious for example. Therefore many more people can maintain active raid schedules. However it also means there's much less to do.

    The 'largest' part of the population wants to be able to log on and have something to do regardless. However it's lucky if you see more then 10 people on for any guild at any time other then raid time on either of the progression servers now.

    If they opened up 1 server every year and just let it progress however (I.E. if they changed the ruleset each time) they could maintain an 'active' player-base for both 'parties'.

    It also costs them next to nothing as they just recycle retired servers. Trakanon was Mayong etc.
  18. Machen New Member

    There really wasn't a severe population decline from velious to oow, at least not on Fippy. There was a bit of steady decline, and a dip when the GoD votes failed, but there was never a huge drop. Even comparing velious #'s directly to oow #'s There was only a 10-20% difference. This is judging from things like general channel #'s, class channel #'s, #'s of traders in bazaar etc.

    Now if you compare say April of this year to September of this year, using the same measurements, you'll see a significant decline.
  19. prove New Member

    There's what you're saying and what's actually happening. People vote for the expansions to open because the majority are done with the content and want new/more stuff to do. The amount of content decreases as expansions release, with a few exceptions like Underfoot, House of Thule, Secrets of Faydwer etc.

    The less there is to hold the attention of the majority the faster the servers slim down. This has been happening since the 'Golden Age' of Velious on both live and progression.
  20. monkey New Member

    lol...ok man.