Any later guilds?

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Trill, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Trill New Member

    Seems like most ppl are east cost or early. Looking for a guild that starts raids 8:30/9 cst and finishes around midnight. My ultimate goal is to start raiding again. Can pretty much do any nights at that time. I have a few characters on different TLP servers but not much in term of live. At this stage in this game I’d prefer to find the right fit then try and catch up. In terms of live I’m years behind the curve in experience but I’m willing to learn. I don’t mind leveling but I’m not looking for handouts either. Thanks for your time.
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  2. Trill New Member

    I know the community is I guess I should take that as a no...I have a heroic 85 or I can level TLP...just want to get back to raiding one day....
  3. Conq Augur

    Lunacy Unbound on Tunare raids M/TW 7:30pm to 10pm Central. Also on Tunare, After Hours is an open raid force that raids 10pm to midnight'ish Central Fri and Sat nights.
  4. Zataos Journeyman

  5. Trill New Member

    Still looking....8:30 CST or later start
  6. Vicus Augur

    The two new TLP's will most likely have a guild that runs those times. If not I will be making one that starts at 9pm Est (8 Cst). (times are not set). As the TLP's get closer there will be a lot of guilds coming out to advertise.
  7. Bigstomp Augur

    I believe there is an aussie guild or two that may work for you. Wreckers I think was in that time frame?

    As Zataos said above for CoL timelines, bristle also has open/casual raids that you'd miss the early part of (start about 7 CST) but you'd be ok with the latter part of on wed/thurs/fri
  8. Barraind Augur

    This has been a trend with a lot of MMO's recently.

    Trying to find any pacific or Hawaii time zone raid guild/statics is basically an effort in futility. Apparently they all just log in at 4 or 5pm to raid.
  9. Stinkapple New Member

    Hello Darkness on Cornaiv raids tues,thursday and sundays @ 9:30 central.
  10. Pykk New Member

    8:30 pst is actually 10:30 cst. Thanks though. Just a little to late for me. Otherwise it would actually be a good fit.

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