Any chance servers will come up early?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Questoften32, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Questoften32 Augur

    Any chance servers will come up early? Any predictions? If not not how many more hours of down time are we looking at?
  2. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    There's always a chance, however remote & unlikely, going from past history there is a far greater chance the patch will be extended at least once maybe twice.

    My guess is servers up in:
    1 hours - highly unlikely
    2 hours - unlikely
    3 hours - maybe
    4 hours - expected
    5 hours - not surprised
    6 hours - well it's not like it hasn't happened before is it
    7 hours - /shrug
    8 hours - already playing something else
    9 hours - ordered takeaway & catching up on a few episodes of a show I missed
    10 hours - night night
  3. Questoften32 Augur

    One hour, on time? Yes. Dare I believe it?
    Maybe just this once? Or...early at any moment, could it be?
  4. smash Augur

    IMO, there should be a chance for it to get up in time.

    Why, because they not made a lot of changes to the game itself, most changes are for overseer.

    Unless ofc there are stuff they not written about, that get broken.
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  5. Questoften32 Augur

    Overseer is a modular thing, like a mini-game, so I agree!...and not many changes, on a semi-related note, at least there is that. :)
  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    They are messing around with chat so expect the servers up on time, but don't expect chat to be working as it should. :D
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  7. code-zero Augur

    To even have asked the question is to have disturbed the karmic balance that might have allowed the servers to be up earlier than scheduled.

    In fact, if the servers are down for an additional 8 hours and have to be brought down several more times in the next week it will all be on the OP. The OP has jinxed us all!
  8. Questoften32 Augur

    That The opposite may prove true x 6 1/2 and they will return x 13 of even that!
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  9. DillyBar Elder

    Lol, sad. Go outside...

  10. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

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  11. Questoften32 Augur

    Not on time, I wonder if there are any info posts from other media? The world has got to know.
  12. Lurikeen Journeyman

    The servers could go up early, but that would be a sign they will go down within two hours and remain down for 48 hours. :p
  13. Questoften32 Augur

    But then in reverse ''the normal thing, servers down then up''...them going down could get them up? Also don't you mean could be a sign? Why definitely a sign? I'll start scrying in my soda glass for the answer. Might as well at this rate. The minutes go by like shutter clicks.
  14. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Messing with the chat servers can cause allllll sorts of issues.

    It can disband raids/tasks/DZ's at (seemingly) random times.

    It can straight up make it impossible to pick up any dynamic/instanced content.

    Oh.. and they messed with Tasks and DZ instance creation.. that can be "fun"...
  15. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998


  16. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.


  17. Captain Video Augur

    First rule of EverQuest: The watched named never spawns. Oh wait... that's the second rule of EQ. The first rule is, you can never have too many bone chips.
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  18. Questoften32 Augur

    Well there go's the metaphorical ballgame. Bad luck game got rained out.
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  19. Herf Augur

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  20. Herf Augur

    I've been playing for 20 years. I have multiple TLP toons at lvl 65. And to this day, I never pass up free bone chips.

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