Any Advice for someone who has spent the past 22 years

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  1. Cirise (Juvia) New Member

    playing hybrid and melee and even 1 or 2 priest mains finally trying a Caster main? LOL recently I spent the past several years on Phinny playing a bard plan to keep playing there but also play on Mischief playing enc main I figure that can't be that different then bards can they? Except they don't get Fade selos safefall track or DA :p LOL
  2. Iven Augur

    Enchanter is very different to a bard even that some abilites are similar. While the bard is a great puller the enchanter is not much better than a druid or cleric regarding this. The enchanter's speciality is crowd control and granting uber mana regen and other buffs/auras to a group. The basic pet is weak up to lvl 100 but then it does get more tanky. A charm pet can be great especially when not boxing. The bard is not just an enchanter clone, its is a mix of alot classes.
  3. Vumad Augur

    Comparing to an ENC to a CLR/DRU is would be laughableif not so insulting. BRDs are not better at pulling than ENC. Bards are considered better pullers because most ENC suck at it. ENC is an exceptional puller. ENC gets a paci that lasts much longer than a bards does. ENC can mez 3 levels higher than there level cap which includes very low resist mez and an AE version. ENC get roots, punts and blurs. ENC gets 2 fades. The ONLY thing a bard can do to pull better than an ENC is run faster and fade more often, and bards only have to fade more often because they are less than ENC in every other measure of a puller. At worst BRD and ENC are parallel in performance in pulling.

    Bards are ENC clones. They are WAR / ENC hybrids. They get a few things ENC can't do, like cure, snare, melee aDPS, but that's doesn't change that they are basically the ENC version of a ranger (WAR/DRU hybrid).
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  4. Vumad Augur

    ENC is pretty different than bard despite the similarities. They do similar/same jobs but ENC can't cast and run so they are a lot more stationary. Your group roles will be almost identical (excluding track and cure) but you will perform the tasks in very different ways. Slow and cripple are done once instead of twisted, and DoTs most of the fight so you wont be twisting that either. Charm lasts several minutes so the way you charm is vastly different. Etc, So jobs are the same but completed in very different ways.

    They get fade. It is called Stasis and friendly stasis. It mez's you or the person you are targeting (which includes you). Click it off in the buff window to wake up early.
    You wont need safe fall. Levi doesn't fade when you break invis. Hold \ to drop faster (that might not be default, but it's what I use...)
    No, we can't track. That's inconvenient. Snare is nice too but at least we get a root. No class has selos except knight horses.
    We don't get DA. Haven't found a reason to use DA as an ENC. We get runes.
    Our paci, mez, root, etc last a lot longer than anything a bard has. So despite not having infinite use fade and DA, you will find that you don't need them as much.
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  5. Tyreel Augur

    The early expansions on a TLP most of what groups want from an enchanter is Charm pet and buffs. After that it is all balancing mana not just yours but the healers/casters. Do what you can do without risking running out of mana first. Debuffs, mezzing, dots, nukes, stuns are all varying degrees of useful but doing it to the point that the rest of the group is 80%+ mana and you have to med is worthless than just charm, buffs and meditating.

    Enchanters have the superior pulling tool set at the start but it all costs mana and time not running while casting. Enchanters wait a long time for Self Stasis after bards get fade. The first time bards try pulling a new camp they usually look ok to great while the enchanter might look like a fool doing nothing wrong due to random lull.mez,root immunity/resists with no fade.

    Enchanters could be really fun on Mischief exploring areas of zones or even zones that are usually barren. If you don't have patient group members, running out to the unknown as puller sounds like a fast way to get labeled as a bad enchanter. Your death hurts more than most others eating a pullers death in the early expansions.
  6. Cirise (Juvia) New Member

    thank you for the info gives me a lot to think about before the server starts. The only chance I had to full around with an enc at all was a 115 enc on Phinny so not really the same as a new fresh one with no mana or mana regen :(
  7. Vumad Augur

    Isn't Phinny closing soon? If you end up on Luclin, feel free to reach out. I will teach you whatever I can if you are in need of help. My guild is ENC heavy, so I'm not sure if you would be able to apply, but we have a few people from Phinny.
  8. Tucoh Augur

    Enchanter on TLP is kind of a unique role in EQ until charm stops being OP. Vanilla bard is more similar to vanilla mage/necro/wizard than vanilla mage/necro/wizard are to a vanilla enchanter.

    My advice for someone wanting to be a good fresh TLP enchanter is to invest in a mini-fridge + toilet at your gaming station because as long as you're there to stun(rip double stun)/mez/debuff/recharm you're a walking god.

    I also recommend getting a boxed cleric so you can ez-mode harder.

    I captured this video when I was just setting up my binds / UI before Aradune (my first and probably last TLP), but despite being trash at something new it basically captures what you do from low level till charm becomes irrelevant. With a full group grinding through mobs it only gets more boring.