Cannot Reproduce Antonius Bayle server really laggy

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Kaeladar, Nov 20, 2022.

  1. Kaeladar Journeyman

    AB has been very laggy for a few weeks now, I really started noticing it on the 11/11 and since then it's been horrible.
    On 11/11, I was 4 boxing in a raid and noticed that 3 boxes were seeing the raid boss at 30%, while the other box was seeing the boss at 50%.
    Other people have had this too where where one of their box would see the fight with a 30sec delay (and lots of input lag too). It it very problematic because those people don't see that they are targeted by an emote until it's too late, and it happens to some people who are playing only 1 character. Chat messages seem to arrive with the same delay as game messages.

    The lag fluctuates a bit, but it's never as smooth as it was before this issue started. One of the other issues is zoning time went through the roof, it takes several minutes to zone on AB often now.

    I tried a few things on my end to make things better and the only thing that seemed to have an effect is turning all chat filters off, it's still laggy but at least I can handle emotes.

    It looks like to me that somehow AB lost a good chunk of it's upload bandwidth and can't send the data in time to players, so it's getting queued up.

    My PC and internet connection are good, I have a fiber connection in the middle of paris. I play CS GO with no lag (4-10 ms ping), and I used to be able to log everything with no issue and 0 lag in raids (in the past AB did not suffer as much from raid lag as some of the other servers seemed to do).

    Here is the result of my /net command this evening EU times:
    reliable avg=219

    packet loss

    The received packet loss seems to be the same across characters and between 7 and 10%. The packet loss is not affected by the amount of chat or current zone (one char in raid and one char in GH at the same time will have same packet loss).
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  2. Folkken New Member

    My bet is that your ISP is Orange ? :p
    It's a reccuring issue with them at this time of the year.
  3. Mikana Augur

    Issue still persisting today - just took over a minute before a click on a door in the palatial guild hall would register and actually open the door.

    30 seconds to purchase an item from a vendor.

    Something is Not Right.
  4. Fellfoe New Member

    Noticing super strange lag here too on AB
  5. Fenthen aka Rath

    /laughs in Firiona Vie
  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Shei had the aura mobs rubberbanding. Aweful to dodge the auras at the best of times. Ten times worse this time round.
  7. Fellfoe New Member

    This lag is happening again around the same time as yesterday on AB.
  8. Diani Augur

    Ab having some serieus L...........................................A......................................................G
  9. NeverPayForLag Augur

    lag, stillstand/freeze, lag, no lag....
    like a bavarian octoberfest... "auf und nieder"...
    now 20s complete stillstand...
    and I am not alone...
  10. Fellfoe New Member

    Played a few hours earlier with no lag. Now, I am experiencing the same type of lag around this time of day on AB for the past three days in a row.
  11. Fellfoe New Member

    Just to note, same thing around the same time of day again today. Could it be someone or something messing with the server?
  12. Saethwr New Member

    Cannot log into AB, even though its shows as "up". Get pause after "play" button on launcher and then error message that a connection to the server could not be reached.
  13. Loonah New Member

    Unable to log in at all. Check internet error every time but have been using said internet all morning no issues. have rebooted both laptop and internet and still the same error. Had a lot of lag last night on AB
  14. Ryhme Lorekeeper

    and here it goes again - lagspikes on AB - the same time around 10-12 morning.
    10-20s complete standstill - everything works like a rubberband
  15. daBlubb Elder

    This is not just laggy, its unplayable.
    Example: I buffed a char and it took 2 mins till the buff landed after spell was casted.
    I pulled a mob. (boxing). On one PC the mob is dead, on second at 24% and 3rd at 100%.
    People in /gu report the same problem from different countries and isps. No one said: i got no problem.
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  16. Diani Augur



    The server AB is re

    ally laggy with ran

    dom freezes and such
  17. Mikana Augur

    Just had a nice 30s lag spike =/
  18. chronicler Augur

    You really need to do something about it,
  19. Kishant New Member

    And again....unplayable atm
  20. Mikana Augur

    Yup, literally 20-30 second lag spikes where the game freezes =/