Antonius Bayle Server: Free Transfers to Vox Available

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Sissruukk Augur

    I keep seeing this meme that "Vox is dead." Vox isn't dead. We are low population. We may not have hit EoK raid content yet, but that doesn't mean we are "dead." Our guild is quite active, usually people on at all hours of the day. We have a GM pop in, usually on Thursdays, and do some small event in PoK. We have helpful people in Gen Chat. While our guilds don't rank up there with top-end raid guilds at this point, Vox has guilds...friendly guilds, who are looking forward to helping any AB brothers and sisters that may decide to come over.

    So, no, we aren't dead. We are just the quiet little village down the road from the big city servers. And while we understand that there is much to be considered in regards to a move to our community or not, we do have a welcome sign for you out front.
  2. Adroxia Elder

    The point is not really whether Vox is dead, it's that unless the entire community of AB moves as one then it destroys guilds, structures, and community. Doing it piecemeal is the most ridiculous idea I could imagine.

    We are a European playtime server. Moving to a US playtime server may make sense from an IT point of view to balance the load, but when there is already a European playtime community on The Rathe, then why would we not seek to join up with others who play in the same times?

    So Vox is not the issue here. The issue is the terrible playability of AB, and the absence of a sensible solution to our problem.

    As guild leader of 1 of the raid guilds on AB, it is not sensible for me to ask my guild to individually move one-way to Vox (remember we are not permitted a free move back to AB) unless the entire community of AB moves at the same time. It's just plain common sense.

    This is not a solution, it is not even a credible suggestion, it's just a stupendously bad idea.
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  3. Igniz Augur

    Support: "Good news, we finally come around to fix the broken down car you mentioned last christmas!"
    Customer: "Oh great! Can I have a substitute car while you are tinkering with mine?"
    Support: "Sure - only once you received the substitute car, you won't be able to get back your own car until you pay a fee to get it back"
    Customer: "Uh .... pardon me?"
    Support: "Oh, and also, you will need to have the substitute car being delivered part-by-part and assemble it yourself in your new, refreshingly empty garage at home, AFTER you got your regular garage dismantled. ISN'T THAT A FUN AND ENGAGING GAMEPLAY MECHANIC?"
    *slams door in your face*

    Did I mention, this is a leased car?
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  4. Roxxlyy Augur

    Merging servers will most definitely increase ping for a number of the players currently on AB. We have decided that merging servers is not something we are going to do as we would effectively be forcing players onto a new server where they may end up having a much worse gameplay experience in terms of lag and connection issues.

    Although there is currently no ETA for when AB will be completely fixed, as I previously stated, improvements are rolling out. Some fixes will be included in the next update, and some will be released in future game updates/patches.
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  5. Sissruukk Augur

    As I stated before, I, and we on Vox, understand that this is not something to be taken lightly. We can definitely understand the issues at hand. As to why the decisions are being made to do this, I can't tell you, only DBG can.

    All I was doing was 1) countering the notion that Vox was a dead server, which several people have made claim to, and 2) stating that regardless of what decisions are made, we at Vox are here to help should people/guilds on AB decide to move over.

    Remember, while you weren't consulted first on whether you wanted a move to Vox, we weren't consulted on whether we wanted our community enlarged by an influx of players, either. But we are rather looking forward to getting some new faces, getting to make new friends, and getting to learn new things about the game from others. So, we are putting our best foot forward, and saying to you that we will do what we can to make whatever happens, whatever decisions the AB community makes or is forced into making, as smooth as possible should you make Vox your new home.
  6. Pfaffe Journeyman

    There is no improvement whatsoever. Reread what Deillusional, Bellower, Vividor, Thancra, Blackjaw, Adroxia wrote yesterday.


    So keep telling yourself that you "improve" the server until you believe it yourself. By then there won't be any need to fix Antonius Bayle any more because there won't be any population on that server any more.

    We - the players of AB - are sick and tired of your ongoing whitewashing the problems. You are talking about issues - basically the game has not been playable for 8 month on AB and you keep coming up with lame excuses. You even have been ignoring the "issues" for a very long time until you finally mentioned that about 2 month ago.

    How many petitions did it take for you to finally wake up and how many more petitions do you need to finally come up with a proper solution and not with such a rediculous offer.
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  7. Owch Journeyman

    1. Merge AB with Trakanon
    2. Give name priority to AB toons
    3. Rename Trakanon to AB
    4. Open free 1-way transfers from Rathe to the new AB to repatriate those who left the old AB
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  8. Adroxia Elder

    Seriously, you cannot possibly be experiencing just how bad AB is when it's suffering the problems. A high ping is nothing compared to how bad it is just zoning, crashing, zoning, trying to chat and suffering a 5 minute delay on your tells or channel text. Our loot distribution can take longer than the raid fight simply because it's impossible to know if nobody is interested in the loot that dropped, or if we're in the middle of a lag patch. So we have to wait it out and go really slow. Really going to any US-located server is a huge improvement to this.

    The gameplay cannot possibly be worse.

    I can only ask you to reconsider - move the entire community to Vox, to any other server, it really doesn't matter at this stage. Just do not ask us to move as individuals to a new server because you will kill our guilds and our community.
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  9. Roxxlyy Augur

    Please refer back to my post where I stated that fixes will be rolling out within the next update and in future updates and patches. I have not stated that the server should be improved at this very moment, rather that we have plans for it to be fixed in the future and are currently in the process making progress to get to that point.
  10. smash Augur

    Would advice you to give us some sort of compensation.

    50% discount off subscription until the problem is solved and 50% or free expansion that is soon to come.

    Atm. We are not getting what we have been paying for during the last 8 months
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  11. Jumbur Augur

    Fantastic news!! :D

    Some of us are still holding out for AB to get better, great to hear we will soon be seeing progress!!!

    Im personally not in favor of a server move at this point. The AB community can still recover if the technical problems will be solved.

    Looking forward to next patch! :D
  12. NeverPayForLag Augur

    came back after a break of nearly 6 months and wondered why I need several tries to even update my account stuff and then it even does not want me to pay because an error always comes up.

    If that server responsible for paying is in U.S. and as bad as the possible server move then I simply don't play at sunday night and expect a improvement after the next patch.

    btw.. somebody asked that before... why the heck is AB running 10+ years and now it is so difficult to sync Europe with US?
  13. Yinla Augur

    Yet you offer them a 1 way transfer to a dead server where they may still experience lag and connection issues.
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  14. Yinla Augur

    Shut the server for a couple of days and physically move the server!

    Sever has been worse the last couple of days so any fixes you are trying is just making it worse.
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  15. Jumbur Augur

    Personally Ill prefer they let AB stay in EU, and fix it instead, in the long term we will have a server with lower ping than if they follow your suggestion. They never stated AB would be impossible to fix...and that an EU based server would be unstable forever.
    Lets see what the next patch brings...

    I agree that they took their sweet time to start fixing AB though, but why stop the fixing process right when they finally get started on it?
  16. Prathun Developer

    The August update is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday the 16th. It hasn't happened yet.
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  17. Jumbur Augur

    Woot! AB fix tomorrow !!!!! :D

    Well, in 2 days, but Im in an EU timezone...:p
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  18. Thancra Augur

    Ok so you don't realise what the situation is. It's not some tiny lag we endured sunday, we just could NOT play at all. Nada, not a bit of gameplay. It took me like 3 hours to do 4 updates of the Epic Request on a druid, you know, the thing where you simply have to zones to different locations: between the crashes, the disconnections and the infinite zoning time. Noone could play at all. And you're concerned that we may have a tiny bit of ping if we merge? That's why on previous post I said you were a bit out of touch with reality and maybe you should listen to what is being said here instead of what "may" happen? The game is not playable, that's what currently happens, it's not a may, it's a sure thing: from 2pm to god knows when, on a sunday, when most guilds have their raid on this server (and this server is mostly made of the 4 raiding guild that are left there), they couldn't play.

    Right now you're forcing people to quit, that's the reality, maybe you'd prefer it was different, I'd prefer too but it is not the case. There is nothing worst right now, maybe you're used of people being all doom and gloom and won't take my words for it, sure, well, log on next sunday prime time and experience with us how great this server is and how it may result in worse gameplay experience if we had a US ping.
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  19. Siny Augur

    I'm am going to point out something that no one else seems to have noticed (and in this respect DB is its own worst enemy in staying so quiet about everything)...

    Before the current test patch notes, there was a period where it was simply said "Test is being updated tomorrow morning with our current Live build. There are no new patch notes at this time. Everything should match Live."

    and anyone paying attention to the threads, would have noticed that test was complainng about server stability.

    So read between the lines, they were blind testing potential fixes.

    16th is so incrediably close and I for one am not in the slighest bit interested in hastily jumping ship.
  20. Prathun Developer

    Note that this update's changes won't necessarily make a night/day difference. This is merely the first step in an incremental process of improving performance on AB.
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