Antonius Bayle Server: Free Transfers to Vox Available

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. heruthemonk Lorekeeper

    Given the current options available, I will not be resubbing my 4 box accounts or buying the next expansion on them. Will only keep main account subbed as long as raiding is viable, either on AB or via a server merge.

    While I'm sure my cash going missing won't make an impression , im sure I won't be the only one.
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  2. Adroxia Elder

    Nope you're not the only one. Cancelled my box accounts also, and I know many other people have done the same. It's small in the scheme of things, but sadly it's our only way to react to this terrible customer service.
  3. Yinla Augur

    In order to make an informed decision we need more details of how things will be on AB and Vox.

    1. Will the AB server need additional maintenance downtime compared to other servers?
    2. What is the expected ETA of getting AB fixed?
    3. What will happen if Vox starts experiencing the lag issues AB is suffering at the moment?
    4. Is there any housing and guild hall issues on Vox?
    5. If a player wishes to transfer all chars on an account from AB to Vox and they already have chars there will this be possible if it takes them over the char limit?
    6 The option is currently being offered as a one-way transfer, does this mean it may change to being able to return after the server is fixed?
    7. Tonight lag etc has been worse than ever, will ABs issues get worse before it gets fixed?
    8. IF AB is going to take so long to be fixed, why is the server not being scrapped and everyone merged with Vox? This seems the far better option.

    The way I see things at the moment the AB players have 3 choices.
    A. Put up with AB server until it gets fixed.
    B. Forget about AB forever, leave the community they know and love and move to Vox for an uncertain future.
    C. Quit EQ until AB gets fixed.
    D. Quit EQ altogether

    Sadly a lot of alt accounts are opting for C or D. The longer anyone quits for the less likely they are to come back.
  4. Yinla Augur

    Lol define playable.

    Then try playing like it was tonight!
  5. Jumbur Augur

    I think a lot of us would like some sort of overall time-frame for the fix. I know we probably won't get an exact date but are we talking weeks, several months or even half a year?

    I wouldn't mind the server-move so much if the offer was a 2-way trip. I mean if you told us AB will be down for 2-3 months and you can go back to AB for free when we are done, then I would be fine with it. Vox would probably be a fine "temporary-server" for our chars while AB had scheduled downtime, it would at least be better than no server at all.
  6. Zortex Journeyman

    The people of AB deserve a Server Merge with The Rathe.
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  7. Thoxsel Augur

    This is insane. Only gotten worse lately. We appreciate you finally acknowledging the issue, but what we need is a solution. Right now.

    From what I see that solution would be to merge us with the rathe.
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  8. Makta Lorekeeper

    Free transfer to a dead server because of the lag, oh and BTW, your house is missing...again.

    I came back to play in March of this year, my eviction crate was empty and I had lost all my stuff. It took a bit, but they made me whole again through petition...or as whole as they could because they lost all my stuff and had no files on what was lost.

    Fast forward 5 months, I have activated 3 accounts (bought the EOK expansion on all 3), transferred a few toons over to AB where many of my friends still played, and I am playing regularly again. So now, I am invested again (several hundred dollars invested, to be exact).

    So yesterday, my friend said his stuff was missing from one of his houses on AB, so I figured I had better go check mine...lo and behold, my house and all it's contents, as well as my plots contents, are missing again. House was a loyalty points house, so there was no upkeep for it. The plot, I paid 4 years in advance. I did it this way to avoid any empty eviction crate bug again. But now, I guess I am a victim of the entire housing missing bug. My layouts are still there this time, thankfully, but it's still missing.

    In the five months since I have been back, I have encountered empty eviction crate bugs, twice encountered server transfer tokens being bugged when I attempted transfers, DBC purchases not going through, GGH and contents going missing several times, unbelievable chat and game lag during group missions as well as raids, taken innumerable deaths due to this, corpses not popping outside the mission/instances correctly, zoning time issues, LD issues, patcher issues, now another housing missing issue and the list goes on and on and on.

    So forgive me if I sound ungrateful for the offer of a transfer from AB (broken server) to Vox (dead server where my guild and friends don't play) as a temporary solution, an olive branch or even a small token for the inconvenience. Simply put, it is an inequitable offer, and a choice that NO AB player should have to make. There are other solutions, many listed in this thread, that make much more sense. No solution is going to make everyone happy, but I would venture a guess that this one makes the fewest people happy.
  9. Roxxlyy Augur

    Rebuilding a server with new hardware will actually not solve the lag issues. It's the server's physical location is causing the problems. We can fix this (and are fixing it) but it is something that has to be rolled out over time.

    With that being considered, we are not planning on merging servers because we intend to leave AB up and running on it's own.
  10. smash Augur

    Kind of disagree, make a new server, but locate it in USA, and transfer ALL over there.

    Then all the people on AB will get there together, instead of being spread out, over AB/Vox, a server which is a dead server.

    Or do as people suggest, move ALL to Rathe. Vox is not an option, because it has the same problems, in less degree as AB, but its population is tiny.
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  11. Sashnia Elder

    Please can you just merge AB with the Rathe server, shut AB down, absolutely no point you guys investing in this server if its going to take another 6 months to a year to fix.

    The raiding community has already lost a lot of people due to these problems, in another 6 months the servers raiding population will be decimated.
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  12. Thancra Augur

    Then merge us with a US server? That's what we've been telling you since page 1. We have no time to wait for your fix that will never come.
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  13. Adroxia Elder

    Merge us with a server then, you cannot expect every person on AB to individually move across, it just will not happen and will be chaos for all guilds to have to reinvite, rebuild, and do everything. It's a ridiculous idea to force us to do this.

    Unless they entire server moves as one, you are killing the server off. No question about it.
  14. Sashnia Elder

    The only thing AB is doing right now is putting people off returning or re-subbing. I would really suggest you open a dialog with the servers guild leaders as you are killing these guilds.
  15. Razgadz Journeyman

    Setup AB Server on US Location forget about free Server Transfer - have AB people play on new AB Server now US based while you solve the issues .
    Happy Customers - all Problems Solved . I'd rather live with a Bad ping for some time than with the current AB issues
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  16. Deillusional Augur

    What razgadz said.
  17. Deillusional Augur

    I also dont get how the location of the server can affect the raid tool, chat yes but raid tool no...
  18. Thancra Augur

    For what exactly? To have a server like Vox? Because that's what will happen if you stick to your current solution and all the regular players will have quit.

    Serious question, no troll intended. Did you play this game and got involved in your server's community? I don't try to be mean or anything but it seems you (and whoever is in charge and you relay the informations of) are a little out of touch with the consequences of current lag. That would explain the not so optimal solution you offer to us. Maybe it would be good, if you're not really sure of what you're doing, to listen to the good suggestions that were put here.
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  19. Pfaffe Journeyman

    The issues (how you call them) have started around christmas last year. Since you have been working on them they got worse.
    You have been working on the "issues" for roughly 8 month and failed misserably. By now you have killed about half of the population on AB (maybe more).
    I totally agree with Thancras last post. If you don't act rapidly even more will leave for good. I have never encountered so much disappointment and frustration in tells and threats to stop the game like now.

    All famous guild leaders on AB vote (or plead) for a server merge to Rathe.

    Your choice
    1. keep incompetently fixing the issues and end up with another dead server
    2. merge AB with a server with healthy european community and keep your remaining customers
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  20. Blackjaw_SolRo Lorekeeper

    Whatever you did or did not today, please keep it this way. At raid start 1900 GMT+1 there was zero lag, zero chat lag, zoning started instantly and took only a few seconds, it was absolutely purrfect. It got gradually worse over the next 3 hours, but it was very bearable.
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