Antonius Bayle Server: Free Transfers to Vox Available

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roxxlyy, Aug 10, 2017.

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  1. Zortex Journeyman

    I honestly believe a Server MERGE with THE RATHE, would be best for AB. Since Vox is dead maybee transfer both AB and VoX to The Rathe, problem solved. no more dead server no more broken server and a healthier population for EU players.
  2. Aelisha New Member

    Absolutely no for me. I have a large number of characters who have had their names since the early 2000s. I do not want to have to rename any of them as a result of a merge. I like them who they are. The names are their identity to me.
  3. Vividor Journeyman

    What we need is a new server and after 1 year bearing tons of bugs and lag issues I think we deserve it.

    We proved that we want to play this game (in spite of all those troubles) and DBG proved that they arent capable to manage any serious project so save this game and save DBG image facing this problem without excuses.

    This server transfer doesnt fix anything, Vox is a dead server and has similar lag problems. In addition, the server transfer only might work if you'd move all Euros at once to the same server in order to start raids at euro time. It is complicated that american players can play at euro time and viceversa.
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  4. Anhur Journeyman

    For the last few hours the AB server has been absolutely horrendous.

    Attempting to join the server and we get presented with the following error that does not occur when trying to connect to any other server (I tried them all);


    And when we do get in, there is severe lag/delay when trying to do anything.
  5. Igniz Augur

    During a servermerge, name priority is based on creation date. You should be fine with your toons created in early 2000s. But on the vain chance that your name already is taken by an older toon of another player and really consider that a reason for quitting, I heard good things about pen&paper RPGs...

    Honestly, if "names" is a stronger reason than "unplayable", you obviously haven't suffered enough. I, for my part, have, and if "IgnizX" is the price I need to pay to be able to PLAY THE FRIGGIN GAME I AM PAYING FOR, by Veeshan, sign me up and hit me with as many Xes as you want!
  6. Thancra Augur

    If they're that old and you're not just making stuff up to have your point, you will keep the names. You won't retire over this issue but many will if they're not able to play. Choice isn't hard.
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  7. Vividor Journeyman

    All of this remind me of the film "The Neverending Story". One day you miss your house, the following day your guild hall, the following day a character, your parcels, bank items, zones entering crashing... we are just waiting for "the nothing" devoures everything...
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  8. Adroxia Elder

    I do wonder what the powers in charge actually think about when they come up with such an offer. Is EQ no longer a raid game? The 1 unique leading thing it had among all the online games and this solution appears designed to kill the euro raid guilds on the euro server? This is very strange.
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  9. Zortex Journeyman

    It's gotten to the point I can't even log on to AB anymore.
  10. Yinla Augur

    Does Vox have guide events?

    Not seen one on AB in months.
  11. Thancra Augur

    The guides couldn't log in maybe!
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  12. Makta Lorekeeper

    Voluntary server transfer to a single destination not only doesn't fix the issue, it compounds it while making AB a desert wasteland. There are several raiding guilds on AB, and this temporary "solution" does nothing more than decrease the recruiting pool of 2 servers.

    If you REALLY wanted to help Vox (dead server) and AB (broken server), you would merge these servers with more healthy ones. As for AB, either Bertox or the Rathe have a healthy Euro play times population.pool for potential recruits. As for Vox, send em to Xegony. Xegony has a healthy raiding population, and contrary to popular belief, servers with a healthy raid population tend to have a healthy group game.
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  13. Yinla Augur

    Will petitions be transfered to Vox?

    Many have housing and guild hall issues and items are still going missing! Will they get returned if someone transfers ?
  14. Fehu Journeyman

    ...Xegony has cookies!
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  15. Spagoli2 New Member

    Too bad the free transfer your offering won't even work correctly. Have tried several times to move a baby heroic character and still nothing has worked correctly.. FYI: I did the /servertransfer > chose Vox > clicked transfer > clicked Yes > got disconnected as you normally would be if successful, and POW still on AB server...Great Work D.B.G. you make us all proud :)
  16. Zortex Journeyman

    Merge us with The Rathe, would solve a lot of issues, we both have a Euro Community, and fix the lag issues of AB, and help the low population issues of The Rathe, would be another strong server. Something that would promote a good environment.
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  17. Mizar Lorekeeper

    We tried to raid, it was unplayable, wipe and impossible to recover with zoning times of 10+ minutes or going LD upon zoning ... another guild who has to call it a night on the strongest raid day of the week ... as it was today the server was worth only doing tradeskills (well if you don't get caught on PoK crashing and having 15 minutes worth of combines rolled back as it happened a couple hours ago)
  18. Bialar New Member

    Why not just do what Sony did in the past when they merged or shut down a server. Do the merger and offer anyone on those servers being merged a free token for all characters. Sony put a 30 day timer on those transfers I believe. /Been a while.... (Mayong)
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  19. Kalenu New Member

    Just to know... if members of a whole guild on AB move to Vox, what happens to their guild hall, guild bank stuff, etc.? Is there a way to move everything on the new server as well?
  20. Igniz Augur

    Aye - everyone reclaims their items into the inventory (Guildbank, shared bank, items in houses and guild halls), everyone disbands guild, nuke the guild - after the move, anyone re-creates the guild, buys a new guild zone, sets new GGH, everyone donates their items and then you fill guild bank, shared bank and GGH again (I wouldn't bet on Layout for GGH working, though).

    One of the MANY reasons we'd rather opt for a server merger than an individual move character-by-character on a one-way-ticket to the ar*e of the world (sorry Voxians - but I've been over on another toon and your server is as bad a backwater as possible) ...
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