Fixed Antonius Bayle Server down

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by tanith, Dec 26, 2023.

  1. Alba New Member

    "error 1017" yet again for your only Euro based server ... such wonderful service for paying customers !!
  2. Diani Augur

    How about escalating the server problem to the highest level: potential issue ???
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  3. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Thank you all for the report, I am poking the team now.
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  4. Iuwene Augur

    Serious question: Is there no monitoring software active that notices such connection issues and alerts the tech people automatically ?
    To rely on forum and discord and hope that some red name reads it anytime soon seems a little bit suboptimal.
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  5. Bigsy New Member

    AB server id the only one I can not get onto- was nearly finished a raid and zoning in when it cut me off- can get into every other server except Antonius bayle
  6. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Usually they are already aware before I need to poke. Keep in mind this is a weekend and a holiday weekend to boot. I just happened to peek at Discord and was able to poke about it before any other alerts went out.
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  7. Nomeus New Member

    It's a holiday weekend for the players too, and many of us were looking forward to spending it on EQ.

    I hope the bosses are looking at compensation for this - not through extending subscriptions, (which in my case would be days added to my three accounts in September 2024), - but in a period of boosted experience imminently, to make up for the xp we've lost now.

    I'm not getting at you, Angeliana. I know you're the dutiful messenger, and not responsible for the problem, but please can you pass on our disappointment to senior staff and the request for appropriate recompense? Thanks.
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  8. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    This did not seem to change the random immediate game shutdown which just happened.
  9. threeminutewarning New Member

    I understand servers needing to come down, but 3 minutes is not enough time to finish off a raid mob in progress. Would be great to hear why it couldn't have been a 15 min warning...
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  10. Fandiien Lorekeeper

    Angeliana, evening to you. Any idea why servers where brought down with no real warning and how long. There is nothing on the "ribbon" at the top of the boards. Pls update with some information.
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  11. igor_025 New Member

    I dont think they like having to bring the servers down anymore than we like them to do so. I am sure they dont like working on a holiday weekend either.
    Yes, alot of us expect to be able to play on holiday weekends, but what is 30 - 45 minutes of downtime really gonna do to you ? Use the time to go blow out your PC, grab food, play with your dog, or at least spend time with your family LOL
    You dont write the DMV and ask for a refund on your taxes or vehicle tags when a wreck on the highway stops traffic during your travel to the families house for the holidays, do you ?
  12. Irrarr New Member

    Servers are up again.
  13. Irrarr New Member

    Lol and same error again. I call it a night.
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  14. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Thank you and I hope you have a great New Year and a safe one as well.
  15. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Apologies on the random shutdown, all servers EXCEPT AB should be back up.
  16. Alba New Member

    so are we ever going to get an explanation as to why it's always AB going down with the same "error 1017" message? Or does DBG not care enough about Euro customers to tell us anything?
  17. Iuwene Augur

    Seems we have another Breakdown in Communication...again.
  18. Anjanax Journeyman

    So, you are saying that 3 downtimes in 4 days have to be accepted for us Euro Server players? Guess if this was happening to you on your Us based server you would be running to a lawyer to try to sue DPG for this. And seeing that Angelina had to edit your post just means that you arent used to kind words.
  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I wish it was only 30 - 45 minutes but the first outage was around 16 hours and it has been down for hours on 3 other occasions during the last few days.

    AB should get some form of compensation in the form of extended rares or Exp bonus. Now is the time many have a lot of free time to play before returning to working full time in the New Year.
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  20. Barbwarrior Augur

    just waiting for this to happen on raid launch day lol