Fixed Antonius Bayle Server down

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by tanith, Dec 26, 2023.

  1. tanith Augur

    Switching toons, took forever to camp out to switch chars - then booted out of game with message that the 'session was lost'.

    Tried to get back in numerous times. Hit server select (AB) then black screen, then back to patch message then error 1017 Repeat and repeat...
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  2. Urlax New Member

    Died and crashed to desktop - x2 toons cant log back in since about 15mins Error 1017
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  3. Cindane Journeyman

    It's dead, Jim, indeed. Toon tried to TL-to-bind to Laurion Inn and immediate crash, other toon could not access GGH and was sent to server select. Looking like Antonius Bayle needs a server reboot pls!
  4. tanith Augur

    Not just AB - also tried to visit long neglected chars on other servers - all error 1017.
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  5. Venedar Lorekeeper

    Yeah only AB server has this problem. Error 1017.
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  6. Elvys New Member

    AB Server. Died and crashed zoning it to GL. Message was Error 1017: Cannot login to Everquest server. Your client likely needs updating. When you click OK the client will close and LaunchPad will start.
  7. Alba New Member

    Definitely AB has the problem, can load up toons on other servers with no issues yet keep getting the "error 1017" message when I try AB
  8. Nenamile New Member

    I have the same problem on AB Error 1017
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  9. Omesa New Member

    Crashed on zoning on 2 characters about 20 mins ago, now 1017 error trying to log back in. Tried server above and below AB on server select and can get to character select on those servers, but not on AB.
  10. Faradey New Member

    Same problem last year, is a routing IP problem in EU (is not the telekom, i have test a other provider via VPN, same problem and dont work) OR AB has a real login problem
  11. Iuwene Augur

    Error 1017 here, too. First on login screen, after running patcher on server select. Only on AB. Other servers seem to be fine.
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  12. Faradey New Member

    I use a VPN via Japan and no chance to enter AB
  13. Faradey New Member

    Login via US VPN same problem (germany -> VPN USA)
  14. rocrocs New Member

    Oh well best open a bottle of single malt will be wasted by the time they get someone to look at this
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  15. eqtest2014 New Member

  16. Scarz New Member

    As of 1:40pm Pacific, Antonius Bayle still giving the Error 1017 code.
  17. Elenderil Lorekeeper

    Same issue here. I have attempted to log in from two accounts to Antonious Bayle server both giving 1017 error messages after a delay of around a minute. I tried the Bristlebane Server as a test and could log in to the character select screen there without any problems. This is from the UK. I'm no expert but I'd say that its not a IP routing issue (as I can reach BB server) but something server side for AB.
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  18. Faradey New Member

    yeah, i tkink is the Server location self (connection outside)
  19. Warrins New Member

    Cannot get to character select , no matter what server i try to select. My usual server is AB, i got several characters there but cannot access. I have try update, reinstalling , but no success.
    Anyone got a solution for this ?
  20. Evurkvest Augur

    Same, getting 1017 loging in to AB
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