Anti Summoning Augments and/or AA's

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Nennius, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Until all the kiters wreak the servers again....
  2. Tatanka Augur

    Wreak (sp?) how, exactly?

    And LOL at the comment you quoted.... if the mobs don't summon, why would you exploit pathing issues? DoT em up while snared, problem solved.
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  3. Zunnoab Augur

    It's not just summoning that's overused they are going way overkill restricting movement abilities too lately. It shouldn't be SOP to block them on all raid mobs even, especially on non-boss mobs. It's not a matter of challenge. Though absolutely no spell push is a nice side effect. (Watch that be thier main reason, defeating my own argument.)

    I'm glad it isn't like when they first took an axe to them though. At least they work sometimes now.
  4. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    Pulling classes would LOVE (and really do need) AA that spurn Summons.
  5. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    3 tick 5 minute reuse no-summon ability would be tough to abuse, and allow for tough pulls.
  6. Fanra

    There already is the mechanism where mobs can be set to not summon until damaged beyond a certain percentage. Pulling with a non or low damaging method prevents those mobs from summoning.

    So, I think what is needed is that almost all mobs be set to not summon unless they are damaged to that point. Which I think is already the case.
  7. kizant Augur

    One way to get around this summoning problem is to kill the mob that's doing it.
  8. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    As a Puller, I can tell you this is NOT set on all mobs. I pull with my "non" damage/low damage stuff (AA/Song/Clickies whatever) and I can get summoned..
  9. Zunnoab Augur

    I think the percentage can vary but it's usually 97% if I recall correctly? There are ones that summon at 100 but that's the exception.

    A small handful of events will move players to mobs as well if no one is on aggro but I'm pretty sure that's just a scripted player movement with nothing to do with mob abilities in that case.
  10. Stephen51 Augur

    I can't see Darkpaw allowing you to circumvent being summoned in current content, as has been said, people could and would exploit it.
    I do think however that if you are 50 levels higher than a mob, by AA or just the sheer number of levels you should be able to resist being summoned. A case could be made to reduce the number of levels to 10 and if Darkpaw felt cautious they could exclude raid mobs, but at 115 soon to be 120, getting summoned by a level 65 is not protecting against an exploit - its just irritating.
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  11. Zunnoab Augur

    Kiting is not an exploit. Normal mobs should not summon.
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  12. demi Augur

    Kiting is a skill , a lost art .. few people still kite and even fewer still, do it well ..

    and I agree normal mobs should not summon
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  13. Raslk New Member

    I agree that this needs to go away. I can see if the mob is a named or drops great loot, but for normal mobs this doesn't need to be a thing. Kiters have always been in EQ and they have never ruined the game. Groups will always level faster, but it is nice to have the option. It is also infuriating to have to group to complete a quest that gives little reward, just because the mobs summon.
  14. Mossaa Augur

    Just make it so the dots does not work if the mobs cannot reach you. or make it so they summon you and insta kill you. Then you do not have the issue with ping pong or exploits.
  15. LesserArchi Elder

    Yes, get rid of it from non-special mobs.
    Lock one of the newbie interns to a boiler room and don't let 'em out until it's all fixed.

    Also, hopefully they do not use the mob skill that grab hold of you, like the one used in ToV Bird mobs, etc. (can't remember the mob skill). Kind of feel like you are being (sexually) abused when large bird uses that skill on your toon. Kind of feel like... forgot the worded expression, after the do away with you.
  16. Cicelee Augur

    A mob that cons grey to you should not be able to summon you.

    That I can get behind of...
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  17. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Too often mob summoning = mob suicide. Nothing more and no longer useful to be summoned by a gray trash mob.