Another Server plz!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by C3lowz, May 24, 2017.

  1. C3lowz Augur

    As it currently stands, Agnarr is packed. And there is a que to play.

    If history repeats itself, DBG is gonna have the idea to open up another server, which will only divide the Agnarr community now.

    Just coming here to say it while its still young, don't open another server to battle the population.
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  2. Lumiens Augur

    I'd rather sit in a Queue for an hour to log in every night than have the server pop get kiled. Second this.
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  3. KapiDanger New Member

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  4. liveitup1216 Augur

    Agnarr isn't full, the login/char creation is full. So its being throttled to trickle people into Agnarr instead.
  5. TruthofEQ Elder

    Well the Queue really won't last too long. It only sucks for people who can't play too often and only play on the big login Queue nights. Hopefully a few weeks from now there won't be much of a wait to log in.
  6. Karrbon1 New Member

    lets hope for Innoruuk...i miss that server!
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  7. jeskola pheerie

    I heard they are opening a 2nd server to alleviate the rush, name is Krasnok (after the end game boss in LOY). You heard it here first, Brad McQuaid himself told me.
  8. Vile One New Member

    It needs to be done, you will lose mass subscribers in the first couple of days without it.

    Do this please!
  9. Karrbon1 New Member

    If so could you name it Innoruuk please. I miss that server!
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  10. Malicre Journeyman

    i hope so.
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  11. Sinzz-Wickedley Lorekeeper

  12. Kiani Augur

    Not for another year or two, please!
  13. Talaran New Member

    I hate that name.
  14. Roxas Journeyman

    Many of us are wanting to play and a place for the overflow of players would be nice.

  15. Belgue New Member

    Plz not another server!
  16. InsomniAddict Journeyman

    There isn't a reason for another server
  17. Wispur Elder

    I hope not.
    I'd rather have a Queue for a day or two than split the community in half forever.
  18. Dersk Elder

    I attribute a portion of the continued high population of phinigel to the fact that it wasn't split in two, like every progression server before it. If I saw Agnarr split I would be very disappointed.
  19. Kiani Augur

    No No NO NO NO

    I don't know what the issue is with the log in right now, there's a lot of interest.

    But, a new server would be a permanent and bad solution to a temporary problem.
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  20. Karrbon1 New Member

    Why would it be split in half forever? They would both be stopping at PoP. The only reason LJ and Ragefire are is because they are on different timelines. A merge could happen at any time needed. Don't be daft.