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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Hairyharlo, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Hairyharlo New Member

    So I played mostly back around Luclin/POP/Ykesha. I have returned and played some of the TSS stuff a few years ago and come back every couple of years for a while.

    I played with several friends from college back during my initial stint. It seems like I can't convince any real life friends to give EQ more than a one day shot. I have at least two boxed pretty much as long as I have been playing.

    This time around I came back and just jumped on some heroics. I started out 6-boxing pretty much with just a window manager. I now use box software but really poorly. I would like to know how to set this up better, but I haven't found the right videos to help me out.

    The other thing is deciding on a server. So I stayed on my original server that's been merged a few times. I came back there this time to level these heroics to around 95 (some HoT progression and HAs). I tried playing on test, on a few TLPs, and on FV. I think I like FV but have just played a charcter there for a few sessions so to about level 50.

    So questions:

    1.)Is there a good video/guide for using the standard box software?
    2.)Is there a way to easily keep uifiles/hotbars/etc consistent across different PCs?
    3.) I have a Heroics left on each of two accounts. Should I try starting over on FV and join a family guild or something for leveling? What are the downsides of FV other than Pre-PoP raids being permacamped and no transfers off?
    4.) Is it worth transfering characters to another server that are only in say the 90s?
    5.) What is some really good progression that I could dig in to so that leveling feels less repetitive and grindy?
  2. Skuz Augur

    1. - don't use so I can't offer any help on this, probably loads of stuff on youtube about it though.
    2. I use a cloud server service (dropbox, onedrive, google drive etc) and copy the UI file of each character once set up to there. I can then download it to any PC I play on & have the UI set up & ready to go - it's handy for when the UI file becomes corrupted on the PC (happens more often than you would think).
    3. Firiona Vie is an acquired taste I think, worth trying it out though as there is a strong community there. A lot of botting happens there though so it's wise to be prepared for that going in.
    4. I wouldn't bother transferring any character that is below level 100 or which hasn't done any progression from CoTF onwards (due to Heroic AA) as it is so easy to catch up to that point anyway with Heroic Characters & how quickly you can make the max level after that.
    5. 90+ - imho VoA progression is not that much fun but it;s worth doing some of it for XP if you find the Rain of Fear stuff a bit too challenging.
    CoTF & TDS are pretty enjoyable though & from CoTF on you definitely want to be doing as much of the progression as you can for those Heroic AA and a lot of XP is tied up in progression from RoF onwards so that will really help with levelling.
  3. Hairyharlo New Member

    Thanks for the response!

    So repository is the way to go for UI files.

    I always hear mixed reports on FV and that's what makes me question it. I may still make a heroic over there to give it a better trial.

    I guess that's another reason I am considering changing servers now before I start doing that progression. I did not know about the Hero AA's.

    VoA did not look that interesting to me either so I will try my hand at RoF next.

    Thanks again for everything!

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