Another patch and another ignored 60 Bug reports.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Poyzen Frawg, Mar 14, 2017.

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  1. p2aa Augur

    Usually in fights where people don't die, the best players in each class in my guild end in the following order roughly in the top 20
    #1-2 Zerkers
    #3-9 Rogues-Rangers-Wizards (order will vary)
    #10-14 Beastlord-Monk-Magician (order will vary)
    #15-20 Warriors-SK-Paladins not tanking and that are in 2H stance using DPS discs
    Necros are a special case, in that their result will depend highly of the fight duration.
    We have a shaman that since the dots reverted did top 10 all the time too, but this will change we know with the test change, so he just has fun with it.
    Enchanters and druids aren't in the top 20 usually, but they prolly don't push the max they could do because i'm sure they could end in the top 20 if going for DPS.
    So, your rogues are not where they should be, and do you have some beastlords ?
  2. Jumbur Augur

    We have a chanter who has been in a solid top 5 for years! :eek:
    An enchanter that isn't holding back can do pretty good dps.
  3. Warpeace Augur

    Enchanters actually can contribute a ton of DPS no reason for them not to be in the top 20 on a regular basis even while doing CC duties. Under right conditions maybe even pushing for a top 10 spot on the parse.

    Not sure on Druids though, probably if not healing could easily DPS well but not sure where they would place at the end of a night beside above Monks, Bards and Mage pets:p
  4. Redwinger_Xev Journeyman

    Do you have no beastlords in raid? or are they so far down the chain now it doesn't even show?
  5. Avory Augur

    The only issue I have seen is Zerkers but how can I even know for sure.

    Zerkers almost always get the best groups and that will make a consistent #1 spot.

    My guild has 4 rangers and honestly when groups are equal or we are grouped together in pairs we all parse almost identical. My point in this is that Zerkers might be somewhat OP but I assume like with my guild they are always in the best group, so you always see them parse tops. dump them in a BS group and stick a monk/ranger/rogue in the best group for a month strait and you might never see that zerker in the top 5.

    The only thing I have noticed is Rogues seem to parse too low IMO, could be the players, could be the groups, could be the class. I assume it's the class. Shaman dots are new so I'm still waiting to see how that plays out.

    Generally I see no issue outside zerkers being somewhat OP and Rogues being less than great. Our monks, mages, rangers and so on seem to do pretty well.
  6. Orienn Augur

    What Avory means is us 3 rangers parse pretty close and he's the caboose trying to be like daddy ;)
  7. dwish Augur

    Most of the DPS classes seem to be fairly close, with the possibility of a couple classes probably being a little lower then they should and could use a smallish boost. Player skill on the class is what largely determines order it can change on any given night.

    That said, there is one huge outlier at the moment that dominates regardless of player skill or even dieing multiple times. I think we all know which class this is. However, they have been left in this OP state for a long time now for whatever reason, so I'm inclined to say the devs are fine with it.

    Long story short, after berserker the DPS is usually fairly competitive.
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  8. Orienn Augur

    TLDR Zerkers are OP if i could do their damage there would never be a ranger joke said again lol, at least our main zerker is a glass cannon but he pulls the deeps from hell :D
  9. Avory Augur

    I tried to sneak in there =(
  10. Senek Journeyman

    im not reading this whole thread cuz its boring, but has anyone pointed out that Game parse was broken after the last patch, and although they claim to have fixed it in the last Gamparse patch i still have my doubts, i think they missed something ? this is not a DB issue? this is a Gamparse issue and if its anything else its your filter settings.....or perhaps other people sentiments are true and you have a player that should not be in your raids....time to clean house maybe.
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