Anguish Raid ?

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  1. Phiyre Augur

    So I have my sk epic 2.0 done up to raiding anguish. SK is lvl 85. Found out last night I can't have mercs in a raid.. No biggie. I have never been to/in anguish. Read there used to be 6 missions to access it but now one can freely enter it as long as they are of the appropriate lvl.
    Curious if you can zone in, kill the named for sk epic w/o needing to do the pre quests for the aoe resist stuff or w/e it was.
    I'd like to get this banged out asap so I can start to lvl past 85. Hoping to sweet talk a high lvl or two into helping as that will make it go really quickly. Just looking for some zone info before I waste time assembling folks and finding out we get wiped out by an aoe zone mechanic due to not having pre req quests done.
    Thanks Everyone.
    Avadon (SK)
    luclin-stromm server
  2. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    The first boss you can possibly loot globe from is Jelvan. A group geared lvl 110 can solo this zone. Jelvan should be easy.
  3. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    The first two globes are linked to the first 4 boss events, and you will need to kill any 2 of the first 4 boss events to loot an orb. Keldovan and then Jelvan is the usual way to go, but my understanding is that you could do Keldovan and then Ture (if Jelvan's event is still out of reach for your toon set).

    EDIT: I see posts indicating that the first two orbs may only drop from the following pairing of the first 4 events:
    Keldovan the Harrier + Jelvan
    Ture + Warden Hanvar

    Meaning that Ture and Hanvar might be the easiest pairing. But Keldovan is very near the entrance and probably the easiest - so he may be a good gauge of your strength, if that's a concern.

    A high level toon can clear the whole zone in 45 minutes, netting 4-6 globes: 4 guaranteed, plus a couple of extra possible drops from Magus and Mata Muram.
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  4. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Haha - I need coffee. Didn't even answer your real question:

    Yes - you can zone in without any prerequisites as long as you meet the minimum level requirements (60-something).
    You need 6 toons in a group (no mercs) to request the instance, but those toons do not need to be in zone (and they may not even need to be the "right" level - it might just check for group headcount).
  5. Phiyre Augur

    I'm still sipping, too slowly, on my morning coffee as well. Still too hot :(
    Thanks for the reply. I had read that a 105-110 can pretty much solo the bosses.. Will try to see if anyone has time/willingness when I get on today or tomorrow :)
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  6. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    This is all 100% accurate. They DO, however, need to be at least lvl 62 (I think) to enter the zone.
  7. Buri Augur

    One other thing to note, unlike a mission, the 6 toons need to stay in the expedition the whole time. If it drops to 5, you will get kicked.
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  8. Owl56 Elder

    Like Name... said: you need six real toons to request raid, but they don't have to be online, just in group. So I log on alts, join group and log another on. I don't have to bother anyone else to get the six I need to enter.
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  9. Phiyre Augur

    Dumb ? maybe, but, if I have my alt sk in the group (but offline) and clear the instance w/ my mage, will the sk be able to zone in and loot the orb? or would he physically have to be online for the loot option? not sure how orbs work..
  10. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Will just have to click the chest to get on the loot list.
  11. Phiyre Augur

    Cool, I will give it a shot later. Worst case, it doesn't work out. Best case, I can get it done w/o bugging anyone else ;)
  12. Keenween Lorekeeper

    A group geared monk (level 92) can solo anquish (inlcude the last boss)
  13. Keenween Lorekeeper

    this is not correct

    you need 6 toon,s to start the raid (5 can be level 1) and the 6th level 68+ to enter anguish (with on toon in the expedition) but not needed to stay in the expedition (my last run was last week)
  14. Buri Augur

    Well, unless something has changed since last year, it has been my experience that minimum 6 is required to keep the expedition open. They don't all need to be in the zone.
  15. Phiyre Augur

    I was able to log in my alts on the same account and fill the group fully which allowed me to get in. Sadly, I cleared w/ my mage and my wife's druid (dif account). When I got the orb, logged off the mage, logged back in my sk who was in the group but he couldn't zone in because the expedition had already started/been saved at a kill. So I didn't accomplish what I had intended to. Logged the mage back on, got the orb, got epic 2.0 on him :/
    Thankfully, I got help for my sk and a high lvl just killed to the boss for me and got me the orb :) He also helped me kill the final boss so the sk got epic 2.0 that night also :)
  16. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    Had you cleared the whole zone, including OMM? It seems odd to me that you couldn't zone in with your SK. I think I've run into problems trying to add people to the expedition after killing the final boss, but I don't recall any trouble adding people all the way up through the Arch Magus and having them zone in to grab orbs.

    Congrats on your epics!
  17. Phiyre Augur

    Thanks, thrilled about the epic, at least on my sk. Main toon I wanted it on/feel it is pretty useful yet.
    Only killed the first 2 bosses, the tank and spank then the one where you have to kill 3 "trash" within a close time for the chest w/ the orb(s). But after killing those two, couldn't zone him in.

    Just thankful it all worked out :)
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  18. Dibab Augur

    a group geared 105 could. Hell I was raid geared during HoT and soloed at least half of it on a Pally
  19. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    My point wasn't to start a pissing contest. Just to say that it's soloable at 110. Sorry to have stolen your thunder.
  20. catcattank Elder

    You should have been able to tank it on your SK with your wife's druid healing.