Ancient Jarsath Not Dropping Loot

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Protocol Augur

    On Agnarr we've killed two Ancient Jarsaths so far and neither have dropped their VP key piece. Not sure if this change is intentional or not, would love to see some input.
  2. Silentchaos Augur

  3. Machentoo Augur

    But you were promised no new bugs!
  4. Rakshas New Member

    Be kind.
  5. Warrior007 Augur

    Don't worry guys, it'll be fixed in the September patch!
  6. Prathun Developer

    Unable to verify.
    an_ancient_jarsath has a 100% chance to drop 19960: Piece of a Medallion, with no restrictions. NPC always had the item when I spawned and checked him on Agnarr.
  7. Jaera Augur

    Dropped fine a few seconds ago on Phinigel, so not a global problem
  8. Mithra Lorekeeper

    I'm sure he will start dropping loot on Agnarr as soon as the server officially unlocks Kunark in 5 minutes!
  9. MyShadower Augur

    They probably killed him in the wrong timezone.
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  10. Zinkeh New Member

    Hey, isn't karma neat?

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