Ancient Cloak of Flames (raid item) off Death Beetle

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kelefane, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Explicit Augur

    I keep seeing this stated here but no one has yet explained the Crested Mistmoore Ring. There's no raid version for it be "goofed up" with and it's the equivalent of a T4 raid ring.
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  2. Rainbowdash Augur

    My personal belief, given the difficulty of the zone as it is, to remedy this issue, is to bump up the Naggy raid a bit in difficulty (since it's pretty easy peasy minus the crashes.. lol) have it drop t4 raid gear instead of t3 so that it at least matches the group dropped cloak and ring. Then bump up group drops to about t4 group gear level. The nameds certainly give even t4 nameds a run for their money as it is.

    Either way it is odd that it's above the Naggy raid variant, that much is undeniable. This rare item drop is a good idea though! Finally got my ring. :)
  3. Bardy Elder

    I think this is an excellent idea. Why should raid gear be the only decent gear in game? So a few items that are awesome, you group and obtain. What's the real difference in raiding and grouping? You push the same buttons, use the same mechanics, but because you have more people, you should get special things? They should NEVER have turned eq into the raid game that it is. The best items in game came from grouping, lower guk, sol b and a few special items came off nafagen and Vox. If you enjoy raiding, do it because it's more fun. Eventually eq is not going yo have the player base to support big raid guilds and the devs realize this. This is good for Raiders also, they get to have fun trying to get oun of these great, useful to all, items.
  4. Abazzagorath Augur

    You don't seem to get the point of gear stats at all. Group gear is balanced around GROUP content difficulty.

    Raid gear is balanced around RAID content difficulty.

    Raid gear isn't some bonus cool kids club reward.

    You can debate how appropriately balanced it is all you want, but a group geared player (tank or any player in ae heavy events) is destroyed by raid content.

    Naggy and vox didn't require special gear to beat it other than some resist gear anyone could get. When you have AEs popping 80k health off of people and raid named quadding for 45k, then yeah, raiders need better gear.

    Your complaints are totally irrelevant to anything other than your desire to have better gear. If raiding didn't exist the raid gear wouldn't exist, it wouldn't just become something anyone could have.
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  5. Recnarp Augur

    A little taste of things to come I feel Abaz.
  6. Gnomeland Augur

    Fire giant king in SolB quads for 40k. Just sayin'.

    But lest this fallacy spreads, raid gear IS cool kids club reward. There's no fundamental need for devs to make raids require >group gear. Devs are fully capable of designing content for 54 people in group gear, and which drops group gear.

    It's just that no one's going to do it in that case. Raiding is about the rewards first, about the challenge second. For those who don't believe me, go read that whine thread about Chelsith two group rares.
  7. hakmer Augur


    your whole post reeks of i deserve better gear than you because i am in the cool kids club.
    since you are adamant that raid gear is needed don;t farm this group gear and throw away all of your group obtained augs , after all thats for group gear right? play your raid game get your raid gear and rk 3 crap skip all the rk 2 and below, it's all meant for group game not raid. it's group content not made for raids. does that sound stupid? so do you when for two items for a limited time are available to groupers on a random chance.
  8. Mytoss Elder

    is these chance of all trash in both zones or just some? havent seen any from bats and beetles , might just be bad luck though
  9. Abazzagorath Augur

    Your self-righteousness would sound less stupid if you had bothered to read this thread and seen I SUPPORT THESE ITEMS DROPPING FOR GROUPERS.

    But don't let facts get in the way of your jealousy over numbers in a video game.
  10. br3333nt Journeyman

    I got my first one off of a bat/beetle/LDC (not sure which, but was one of those)
  11. Pirouette Augur

    Nice to see how "rare" this cloak is, I've already seen two oocs on Tunare and the zones have only been up for a day (saw them yesterday).
  12. Darjeeling New Member

    Holy crap! First they made tradeskill gear better than raid gear, now they make group trash mob gear better than raid gear. I'm never going to raid again!
  13. BoomWalker Augur

    Only if you can handle raiders coming in with the guild they are in and owning the zone for a "farm" the item. Can't complain because 9 groups of 6 toons...or worse...15-18 groups with mercs that are filling up the entire zone to "farm" this item....because no toon or even group is disturbing the rule violation.
  14. McDougal Augur

    LOL Playing Simon Says on raids is cool.
  15. Stubar Augur

    There should be a trade-skill alternative to getting the cloak.
  16. McDougal Augur

    When all the 'Raiders' and their boxes and their alts and their guildies that they log on to get these have them then we can start worrying about just regular old run of the mill players getting them. Maybe they should just have stuff like this drop in SK off a random Aviak once a month. That would be hilarious,especially if it wasn't level restricted:)
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  17. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    I have killed nearly 1k mobs and have yet to see one in SolB.

    Just because there are people killing every single mob in a zone and multiple of the items drop doesn't make it common.
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  18. Rainbowdash Augur

    I have no idea why you all are arguing with Abazz. He's making sense and being totally reasonable. He's one of those big raiders that isn't an elitest %#@$.

    And yeah they are both globals it seems. For their respective zones.
  19. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    That's very simple. They did the itemization for SolB first. Then when they were doing Castle Mistmoore's itemization; they went "Ok, have to make the chase item for Mistmoore similar to the SolB one." Pulls up what they have set as the SolB zonewide rare drop and makes the Mistmoore one similar to it.

    Look at all of the other group items; do you honestly think that the intention was to not only make the chase items better than any of the group items, but also better than all of the raid items dropped by Lord Nagafen?

    Is everyone really that greedy? The item tags, aug slots, and who drops them should be swapped between Mighty & Ancient Cloak of Flames. The group chase item(s) will still be as good as all the raid items that drop from Lord Nagafen with the exception of the raid dropped CoF; which would still be 3-6 more in Heroics and around 700 more HME compared to other group items; instead of the current 6-9 Heroics and ~1000HME.

    A chase item from group content that is equal to the average raid drop is fine, but it should no be better than that same item in the raid content.
  20. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    TS gear was never actually better than raid gear.

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