Fixed Anchor's have stopped working...

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Greymantle, Mar 20, 2022.

  1. Greymantle Augur

    Both primary and secondary anchor's no longer function. They cast and time our but you do not port to the anchor. This is on the Rathe. As well multiple guildies report logging in and the placed part of the anchor is on their cursor. Once in the inventory they are unable to place them.
    Update, some have been able to place, however the find feature for them does not update with the new placement. The real estate tool to handle them is not finding them.

    second update. This seems to be only effecting Frayed Knot guild hall as far as i know.
  2. Shady oaks New Member

    indeed anchors or not working properly
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  3. Kiras Augur

    This has hit pretty much our whole guild. I've got guild leader status and mine stayed placed, but weren't usable. Trying to pick my secondary anchor up and put it back down gave an error message. It's not a mortgage problem either, that's paid through 2030 or so.
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  4. Medimus New Member

    Mine also stayed placed, but when I tried to use it I got an anchor on my cursor and the message "You have been granted a replacement real estate anchor. Please place the anchor in a real estate of your choice before attempting to activate the transport device again." But I can't place it, nor use the one that still remains in the guild hall.
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  5. merlinshome New Member

    I'm having the same problem. I am unable to port to, adjust placement, or move to inventory, my primary anchor. I can, however, port to my secondary anchor.
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  6. Kiras Augur

    So, a couple more things to add to this bug:
    1. A number of the guild trophies disappeared from the active trophies list, and could not be activated at all despite still being placed. Reloading a layout fixed a few of those but not all.
    2. Trying to adjust position on trophies that still aren't active gives "Your real estate item request failed." Same effect with broken anchors (and all of the anchors in the entire guild are broken, including ones currently listed as placed, both primary and secondary).
    3. Trying to place an item that wasn't previously placed, in this case an old raid weapon I had, resulted in it poofing. It's not in the estate item list, it's not on my character, it's not on find item. There was room for more items in the guild.
    4. Storage is at 0/0. I'm not sure what it should be at by default, but that seems pretty suspicious.

    I'm a guild leader in the same guild as the original poster, Frayed Knot (The Rathe).
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  7. niente Developer

    Things should be working again now, please send me a PM if anything is still broken or missing. Thanks for your patience.