Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls

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  1. Roxxanna Augur

    Lol, complain? I love it. And their not bad players, just new, and fewer. You remember that? Being new? First raid? I've had offers, make no doubt. I choose to play this way because that's where the action is, I prefer to work harder, get better. I'm not complaining about the game being too hard, only giving a different view point to people saying it's toooo easy. If it's that easy, perhaps a change in venue is in order? I, for one, think they should make a new server and invite the top 10. Let them fight over there where things are specifically tuned for them. Now that would be something to watch.
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  2. Droftin New Member

    Changing the subject. After doing this mission 30 to 40 times I thought we had it down. That's 30 to 40 wins with easily 100+ fails learning the event way back when. Well after the last patch they added aura of doom. This makes a difficult group mission even more so. We have beat it by just healing through it. I guess I am curious if anyone spent the time to learn the mechanics of this new part of the task. Aura of doom seems to start on the final phase of the event that use to be the tank and spank ez finish.
  3. Benzarden Augur

    Aura of Doom is not new. Stack, cure, win, and do it all again!
  4. kookoo Augur

    we beat it last week , and got all 3 ach ,pure destruction , dancing in the pain and none shall fall .
    group was .
    SHAMAN ( me )

    it's a hard one tho , specially when going for the achievements as well .( we were raid geared ).
  5. Droftin New Member

    - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls (Raid and Group) - The aura doom mechanic will now work properly even if one or both of the targets already have an aura

    This was fixed on Jan 20 2016 patch so no it was not working as intended. Yes we beat it this way but we too are raid geared. What cures it or what actions can be taken to avoid it so those not geared as well have a chance at winning this.
  6. Hiladdar Augur

    I've beaten it in several combinations of classes. Some melee based some caster based. Some with druid as only healer, some with shaman as only healer, some with cleric with only healer.

    Key to winning is for the group to be able to push out over 1M DPS for the first minute, and for everyone in the group to pay attention and follow the emotes.
  7. Gundolin Augur

    Bumping a really old thread but this is my last mission to complete TBM. (All missions, patisans, and Mercenary quests no where close to hunter), I am having trouble with Dispelling her damage shield in a nearly All Melee DPS group.

    Last night's group was
    War,SK,Cleric, Shaman, Beast Lord, Monk.

    Much of the group is group geared and the Monk does not have his instant clicky yet to dispell her so she ends up back to near full health fairly early on every time after the initial burn.

    Q) Will any of the Cleric Reverse Damage Shields block her DS? Or who is best to dispell her without the monk?

  8. Kravn Augur

    Monks have a bunch of tunics (like 3+) with beneficial only dispels, and beasts can get Abashi's Rod from Vulak in classic NToV which is a bene only dispel also.

    The buff isn't just a DS... it heals her for any dmg done to her. CRUCIAL to dispel it.
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  9. Rakknar Elder

    If you are able to change the group makeup you won't have to worry about it. Ideally, just use one tank, one healer, and 3 or 4 dps. If your dps is good, she'll flip in as little as 15 seconds. I have personally put out almost 800k on my group geared zerker. I've seen monks hit 500k dps. If you can get 3 dpsers playing their class right, the mission will be over before last stand and pain don't hurt drop.

    TBM group gear is good enough.
  10. Symbius Augur

    No. You will need a quick dispell for this. The ideal solution is to spend a couple hours and get the Monk a BP click. I wouldn't bother with Abashi's for this mission due to the cast time. The BP is very fast and allows the Monk to continue DPSing.

    Worst case you can use the Shaman to dispell, but that will strip debuffs and may need to be cast multiple times to finally get it. Basically you'd be introducing a luck factor into your winning.

    That group should be more than capable of beating this easily.
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  11. Kravn Augur

    rangers have spell and AA bene only dispel also.
  12. Dwanor New Member

    Ran this a few times over a couple days. Trying for conquest Dancing in the Pain. Burned through down to 62% she goes crazy then summons and bang Mortal Decay. No matter what we did someone got hit every time. No blue aura's up but it seemed no one got Mortal Decay until tank got summoned when she was in the middle above 50%. Any tips here?
    Seems busted.