An Ultimate solution for Guilds rotations on major targets

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    Hey there,

    First, sorry for my English.

    I do remember the good old time on my old server Karana, back in 99 with a website handled by players called KGC (Karana Guild Central).
    Result was pretty ok, but it has never been rolling without problems because rotations became soon too long (you had to wait 8 month to kill Nagafen sometimes), and some guilds did not aggree sometimes to follow the schedules...

    Unfortunately, this system would only work on a medium populated server, with a very high level of fair play and cooperative players... we all know its not actually the case.

    In 2015, many things has changed. Players are more performance oriented, they got not only one character to equip, but also many alts... many of the actual guilds on RF for instance want to farm like hell, control the spawns, equip their members and do business with their drops or equip their alts, or make plat with loot rights... and some of them clearly dont like to share, beeing ready to sleep on spawn points, and rushing as soon as the target pops.... Is it necessary to say the smaller guilds have absolutely NO CHANCE to be able to kill any targets even if they have enough fire power simply because of target availability.

    I do suggest the following solution seen in other games :
    DEVS, please, maybe it's time to code again if you dont want to have plenty of players leave your server because they cannoy access HL content due to high end guild monopolization of targets.

    Create a reagent any guild could get by doing some ring test. If the guild can survive the appropriate amount of waves, the reagent is dropped by final boss.
    This reagent will then be used as a trigger, when the entire raid party is in the appropriate zone, auto creating an instance with the whatever raid target up, and reserved only for the raid. This instance could be up for a limited amount of time. You could also for instance make it in a way that only one reagent per week and per boss could be dropped for a determined guild...

    This would solve ALL the problems. you just need some extra code which is partially in place already with rings, and instanciations.

    Just my 2 cp.