an item labelled as tradeskill but I can't find what it's for

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  1. kttnfriend Lorekeeper

    Is this supposed to be used for something? I found no quests that need it and no recipes.
    Can you please advise, thanks! Chant
    Evil Eye Eyestalk
  2. GNOME_POWER Augur

    Used in old old alchemy...
  3. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

    While this is no longer available to make on Live servers it is on TLP. They did the same thing to some some jewelry recipes that were removed from live servers also and only on TLP now.

    In the comments in Allah it does show:

    On TLP servers there is a alchemy recipe called Potion of Copal's Demise that uses a uses a Evil Eye Eyestalk.
    The recipe does not produce a "Potion of Copal's Demise" thou.
    The recipe makes a "Philter of Minor Negation".
    Potion of Copal's Demise is a instant cast cancel magic. I'm guessing they nerfed it to a 1.5 second cast version.

    Other sources show:
    Horehound x 1
    [IMG]Evil Eye Eyestalk x 1

    In a medicine bag, skill 90
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  4. Osteo.Bonegirl Journeyman

    Recommend you access to determine if the item is TS usable, regardless of Inspect window.. If it's used in a recipe, there will be a link to what it is used for and if a search doesn't locate it, you can also be sure it's not a tradeskill item.
  5. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

    It sounds like OP did use EQTraders which shows no recipe just:

    This item is not used in any recipes.
    EQTC notes: Original alchemy/TLP Alchemy?

    While I prefer EQTraders for reference too, its not always possible for every single item/combine to be listed fully there. In this case the combine/recipe is listed in comments in Allah which I linked.