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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR-SeanF, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Jonahelmranger Journeyman

    All i read is a bunch of folks trying their best as subscribers to fix or bypass the issues caused by changing the website look and feel. How bout " why in the hell did we even try to change something when it worked"? Who's not so bright idea was that? Was there an issue with the support system before, cause i have never had one.
  2. Shadeydaze New Member

    I have tried several ways into get a ticket started on a very serious issue that needs immediate attention. I have been unable to access, let alone submit anything, the support site at On 3 different browsers I get a "server not found" error. I need to speak with someone asap. Is there an email address to someone that can help me?
  3. Krowbar Apprentice

    What worked for me was to flush my dns and set my dns settings to automatic instead of a specific address. Hope that helps someone!
  4. JWedg New Member

    The site STILL won't load. Want to petition, and can never get the support page. "Server not found".

    How do you "flush my dns" and set it to automatic?
  5. EQNeubie New Member

    c:>\ ipconfig /flushdns
    c:>\ ipconfig /registerdns

    lol i dunno how i remembered that, havent used that since like, winxp.
    by default its automatic (windows?) as dhcp and dns settings are usually set to automatic. you can override that though, but if you knew how, then youd already probably already know how to flush dns settings.
  6. Shrubery New Member

    I get to the MAIN page of the support page ok, BUT when I try to submit a ticket or look at ones I have already the "" does not load at all like I have no internet.. I get the "Waiting for" witch mean I know its not going to work.... tried this on all my PCs and only thing I could get it to work wit was my IPhone!!!!!!
    anyone know why it worked one day then with nothing being changed it just stop working???
    ANY help would be gret, would like to start playn again lol
  7. keggulist New Member

    OK so i get to the submit a ticket screen , fill out all the crap , then it tells me to pick a sub menu of In Game Technical issues, YET there isnt a sub menu

    Any help
  8. Yimin Augur

    Any phone number so you can call and talk about any issues like you could with SOE ?
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  9. Fenudir Augur

    I would put real money on phone support being a thing of the past and never coming back.
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  10. Yimin Augur

    Fenudir I agree with you :(

  11. Fendy Augur

  12. J'bone New Member

    Why is this still a problem after all this time? I've been having some problems with some crazy disconnects since the anniversary stuff went live, and I can't find a fix in the forums. I need support but I can't even get close to the support page. Ever have your screen go black in the middle of fight? The only way to get out of it is to push the power button on the computer and it only happens on THIS GAME. So obviously, something buggy happened during the last patch or two (or three, I've been gone for a few weeks). No one reads this stuff anyway. IDK why I bother. I think I'd have better luck trying to track down 'lizard squad' than I would getting help from here. Sad truths are sad.
  13. frankie78227 Augur

    No more all access for me. Sadly, after 3 years since returning to EQ, I've finally reached a breaking point due to the lack of CS displayed by Daybreak. I could only afford 2 accounts anyways so I'm sure they do not care, but I wonder how many others are quitting also.

    If they spent as much time helping paying customers, as they do making excuses as to why they cannot help, I think this game is very much worth paying for.
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