An Idea for those with max AA's

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Gyphon, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Daegun Augur

    It would be cool to spend 50aa to create either an heirloom or just tradable consumable potion that grants the user a single lump sum of a lower number of aa's (10-25) with a long recast (24 hours) so that you could gift away your unused xp - but in a way that doesn't allow for stupidly fast aa PLing.

    Either that or really expensive but longer lasting or more potent glyphs. Or fun expendables like rare or otherwise non existant illusion potions. Such glyphs would have to be be cautiously thought out to keep them from excessively powering up characters during raid progression.

    WTB as glyph that gives me a single use 'shadowed man' illusion buff that lasts a few hours and doesn't poof on zoning.
  2. Qest T. Silverclaw Augur

    The most fun I've had in this game was back in Velious at max level (60) before AAs were invented. We played for fun, and to help others, and had a blast.

    So, then they added alternate ability points. These were meant to differentiate players by allowing them to go in different directions at max level. Today, they seem like additional ability points because it's so easy to obtain boatloads of them.

    Now you want to dilute/mudflate the game further out of some obsession with preventing virtual waste? No thanks.
  3. Machen New Member

    Come on, even in Luclin the alternate ability points weren't really alternate. Stuff was tuned around them, and if you wanted to be decent you had to put the time in to get them all, or at least the important ones for your class. The vast majority of players, from the very beginning, min-maxed them to enhance their class's core functions.

    I remember one cleric that went for the dps aa's over the heal aa's back in Luclin or Pop. She didn't last very long. That was about the extent of the "differentiating"--they differentiated the players that had a basic understanding of the game and their class roll from those who had no clue whatsoever.
  4. Metanis Bad Company

    Simply enhance the value of glyphs so they "feel" like they are worth using. I'm a cleric, I'd gladly spend 25 AA for a glyph that gave me something like 5 minutes of double mana regen or double healing to use during a particularly difficult raid event. Most glyphs haven't been tuned to be appropriate for current end-game statistics. Or in terms that even Sony devs would understand... /gameneglect off.
  5. Janakin Augur

    50 AA for a group exp glyph would be nice. It is a way of transferring exp besides what was mentioned here. It would have to be different that the SC potions so not to hinder their sales, perhaps stack-able with the SC ones.