An Epic Retelling

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Orbital101, Jun 18, 2016.

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  1. Rimelure Journeyman

    we aren't making fun of any types of assaults and I'm sure we are both as repulsed by it as you are. But a little clowning is far from condoning it. So if I did offend you I apologize.
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  2. Kearstin Elder

    what an odd way to misspell "congratulations to the player(s) who have completed it and i hope people are having as much fun doing the content as i had creating it"
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  3. Nniki Augur

    At least 16, I'd imagine.... one for each class.
  4. Makavien Augur

    Above the Yakmen where the guilty hide - Icewell keep, near a forge on the way out to the GD zone

    Obscured by fog , where dawn strikes Alaris - Beast domain , on the east wall down the dead end path that says zone?

    Crazed miner tunnel in Torgarin.

    Through the eye and lair ,past the Guardian - In Sol C near where a guardian spawns for rogue 1.5

    Where the haggle baron does not sleep - Crypt of Dalnir , against a coffin on the backside

    A cold fall from my forge - Halas down the well near the forge.

    Beneath a skull where oil flows - MMM , in the oil pool right near the zone

    A vase at the top of the world - Highpass , in the top of the world bar in a vase on a shelf

    A top the heart of the Kuua Spire - Harbinger's Spire , way up top on the big red thing in the center.

    West of Maelin standing between Vi and V - Plane of innovation requires the quintessence of elements to port into the area you port in from the mining behemoth area.

    A Nightmare under the disarmed ocean lord - Erudin Burning , in the paladin guild in a bloody fountain below a statue.

    Impaled, neither rat ,gopher , nor maggot - Runnyeye , in a room of spikes with halfing heads on them and it is on one of the spikes.

    A frog surrounded by snakes under the court of a king - In Highhold keep , close to a picture of a frog surrounded by pictures of snakes.

    Crushbone , at the bottom of the red water fountain in the castle.

    Tirranian's Delve , in the north of the zone behind a forge.

    Permafrost , on the back right side of an icecube in the scryers room.
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  5. Cicelee Augur

    It was fun until this past Wednesday, when we learned we cannot have fun for four weeks.

    So no, I am not having fun with your created content because I am physically not able to complete your created content due to a mistake that probably should have never happened...
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  6. Iila Augur

    "where the caged struggle and the crazed mine"
    "a cold fall from my forge"
    "beneath a skull where oil flows like water"
    "above the yakmen where the guilty hide"

    "where the haggle baron does not sleep"
    "through the eye and the lair, past the gatekeeper"
    "obscured by fog, where dawn strikes alaris"
    "A vase at the Top of the World"

    "a frog surrounded by snakes under the court of a king"
    "West of Maelin standing between VI and V."
    "Atop the heart of the Kuuan spire."
    "a nightmare under the disarmed ocean lord"

    "impaled, neither rat, gopher, nor maggot",
    "A crimson pool near a blue pawn"
    "Where a frozen king's servant scrys"
    "A foundry in a delve past the lair."'

    Some of them were actually as obvious as they look. Others were more insidious. But none of the clues made me feel like they were BS once I knew where the spawn was. For a lot of them, just knowing the correct zone was enough for me to figure out the spot.

    Not to say that no-one was cheating, but I wasn't, and I was able to discover a few, find them all, plus (barely) finish first on Xegony.

    Then the next quest set requires being a tradeskill completionist. :(
  7. Makavien Augur

    Well I know Ssdar the one that figured it out first was running around like a mad man for 3 days I just followed him around lol.

    But some of the clues were obvious after you knew them. And it was still fun I did run around a few zones trying to figure out a couple clues but , Ssdar and Kohnn in my guild did most of the figuring out.

    No cheating or packet sniffing needed. Good old fashioned running around like maniacs.
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  8. Lisard Augur

    I would have to say the combined efforts of everyone in the /j serverwide.eqresource:eqresource channel is what solved the riddle. i think the hardest one you had Dzarn was the "A frog surrounded by snakes under the court of a king" that one stumped the channel for 2.5 days lol. id also say the best hidden one was the "a nightmare, below a disarmed ocean lord" you cant even see it until the air pocket in the Blood rolls overtop of it. Good Job tho that was fun. and it was nice seeing everyone work together across all the servers.
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  9. Zenyan Journeyman

    Pretty sure the eqresource channel had the highest numbers it's ever seen this past week. One of the best multi-guild, multi-server problem solving effort I've seen to date. Kudos to all involved.
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  10. EnchFWO Augur

    Seems you are likely correct... I've found 13 so far (provided all of them are correct). It looks like it's just the titles though so I don't know if I would really call them clues :confused:

    Edit: referring to Dzarn's May 23 word puzzle.
  11. Brohg Augur

    Just like that other guy, you can stick that right up your halfling. It doesn't take cheating to solve your scavenger hunt.
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  12. Makavien Augur

    And sorry I meant Ssdar figured it out for me mostly First was not trying to take away from the combined effort in the eqresource channel .

    And Tirranian's Delve is to the west . Behind a forge in the north side of that room I think.
  13. Riou Augur

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  14. Daislet Augur

    Maybe server bans might be a more appropriate reward than the server titles.
  15. Zenyan Journeyman

    I think a case can be made that something was actually mentioned in the patch notes. The entirety of the quest line, in regards to both An Epic Retelling and the Artisan one following, have been all about clues and hints. Nothing was laid out right in the open.

    This was in the June 15th notes. Maybe this wasn't anything to do with the Retelling. Maybe it was. But if you had logged in after the patch and checked that section, you would have seen the greyed out achievement box for An Epic Retelling. This would have required you to have done your epic ornamentations, though, which were released in what.. 2013? Plenty of time.

    Clue #1 was the vague patch note. Clue #2 was the greyed out achievement. You could say the twitter posts were more clues and only "given to his friends" even though his account is public but who really uses twitter anyways? :p.

    What have we learned from this? Dzarn is super sneaky. And you can't blame others for your lack of due diligence in regards to your own characters' development.
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  16. EnchFWO Augur

    So after getting home and checking - his 'word puzzle' tweet was just the 16 names of the new ornament artifacts; it didn't actually provide any clues. His other tweets... I didn't even try and decipher those :D It's also ironic that some classes had disproportionately easier bonuses and clues than others... just like the original epics were completely unbalanced in difficulty relative to each other. I guess the spirit is still there!

    As for actual implementation though... horribly executed but I'm in the camp that thinks it was just a brain-fart and he didn't realize "oh hey, HHMM is going to prevent people from finishing and diminish the sense of achievement"... probably because he was too busy working on these quests. We'll never know.

    That said... the insinuation that packet sniffing and other nefarious means were probably the way things were solved (by a dev) is a bit obnoxious and if that is how they were solved, then why even bother making such a big deal about something that was going to be cheez'd? Kindof insulting to the playerbase.
  17. Zulan New Member

    Was the original name for the Enchanters going to be confluence? I didn't see Vision on the crossword...
  18. EnchFWO Augur

    Vision is on there.
  19. Zulan New Member

    This is kinda disappointing, nobody gave me any clues, they couldn't have it wasn't done yet. It's been a while since any quest has been a mystery like this, ruining would be quite sad for lots of people still wanting to be firsts on other servers.

    The sad thing is, I even sent you a tell saying good luck while you were doing the event, I would of been happy if you had been the first on Bristlebane to figure it out, it's a server first for anyone so that's awesome for our server.

    Either way, still good luck.
  20. EnchFWO Augur

    I just find it curious someone comes out of years of retirement just to do a server first like this... then brags about it to everyone in serverwide but keeps any type of detail a complete secret. Multiple other people have posted clues or the special text after. I understand your stance but I will say just because you figured it out first doesn't mean you'll still get server first thanks to the brilliant HH MM update.

    Still, good luck!
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