Am I missing out by playing on FV

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Daivid, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Daivid Lorekeeper

    I've been playing on FV, I'm nearing 90 and have yet felt like I've built my toon or earned anything I equiped.

    I've read that servers like Bristl. are still very active.
    Are there exp groups that group to gear up instead of camping 8 spawns in a corner somewhere in some place? (I pref not to play on TLPs, I don't have 10 hrs a day to lvl anymore)

    Just wondering if I'm missing out on the experience this game can give me by being on FV where everything (most) can be bought.
  2. Shanarias Augur

    Not really, since you don't have to buy the stuff. You can still get it the "hard way". What works for you, works for you. There are a growing number of ways to play this game, and truthfully, the only wrong way is to be a jerk toward other players. do what suits you if it doesn't harm someone's toon in the process.
  3. Parkers New Member

    No really, since many of these type of items are perma camped by resellers.

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