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  1. Aurastrider Augur

    I just finished making my POP Tailoring master loot list if you would like me to send you a copy. Its only in wordpad as that's all I have (and might be missing a couple of mats if they were things used on items I already checked off but I don't think I should have had anything checked off except the things required for POP progression itself). I have a minimum item count for each mat so I know when to stop farming although almost everything needed for tailoring is also needed for the massive smithing list so extras will definitely not go to waste. I did leave raw diamonds off the list since they are fairly common and I did not feel like counting them and I left all vendor purchased and other things out that are not mob drop.
  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Not going through all of them after having checked the following, but well:

    Harmonagate, Prestidigitase, Staurolite, Taaffeite:
    (i'd assume similar is true for other tradeskills too, but as i said, not going through them, trusting you get the idea)
    If you want to optimize the useability of those pages, combine them into a single one and arrange it slightly differently:
    You have the enchanted metals (at least 5, silver,electrum,gold,platnium,velium - iirc also palaldium but not sure so sticking with the 5 for now) and 3 buyable molds for each - usually ring,ear,neck.
    You make a small stack of 4 of each per cutting tool and metal (4 square-cut ears, 4 square-cut necks, 4 square-cut fingers, fora total of 15 stacks with the above metals) and then combine the above-mentioned gems with each.
    You could also mention the required tools/molds for the combines or include a link to EQTraders.
    Assuming you want to provide for making skilling post-300 somewhat more efficient of course.
  3. Fizzlecutter New Member

    When can I expect a guide on Tinkering?
  4. AlmarsGuides Augur

    I think I plan to do something like this when I go through each Tradeskill again ingame; Goodurden did something similar for his Fletching and I think Jewelcrafting Guide too if I remember the links correctly enough. If combining Jewelery and stuff is actually that complicated then I will add some information on how to speed up the process =P

    Each of the "Bazaarable" pages will also have recommended farm locations and other goodies added to them. Right now Tailoring and Smithing pages both have almost finished Bazaarable sections; links to allakhazams for each recipe since I prefer it to EQ Traders (needa shell out the 1$ for premium though to get the most out of ZAM) and their recipes are also linked to in my Master List of each profession.
  5. Fohpo Augur

    I know the Conflagrant recipes count towards skill ups.
  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    It's not about "that complicated", but rather about "which combines are best done together in one go to reduce overlap".
    It'd just be that much easier to see (especially for those that do not do tradeskills that often) if similar combines/recipes were bundles together.

    I've heard far too many complaints about how tedious tradeskilling were, when one can easily reduce just that with a bit of preparation/research, that's why i bring this up. And no guide i saw so far had done that yet.
  7. AlmarsGuides Augur

    I get it, I normally write guides in a way that they hold everyone's hand so I will probably do something similar to what you recommend and what Goodurden showed in his guides. There's still a bunch I want to do with my Tradeskill Guides but I can only plug away at so much of them a day =P

    As of right now every 'Complete List' except Tinkering is finished, I am going through the Bazaarable guides and updating those pages now, Pottery and Jewelcrafting are the only two Tradeskills left which need their Master Lists updated with which recipes you learn from scribing books and they both also need links added to them for the bazaarable guides.

    Going to assume by the end of tomorrow I will be done with Pottery and Jewelcrafting. At that point I'll go through the recipes and start documenting farming locations as well as recipes you learn through mostly vendor combines, which I think Fletching will have a lot of. So that'll be a whole ordeal.

    I also appreciate the feedback considering you don't like my stance on some of the other things mentioned on my site.
  8. Aurastrider Augur

    The problem is it is a very complicated weave of information. For example trying to write a farming guide to cut down on zone overlap just based on a list of zones is not always easy or the most efficient way to farm. Say item A drops in zones xyz and item B drops in zones jkz and item C drops in zones lmz. The logical guide would be to say just go to zone z since all 3 items drop there but the drop rate might be horrible in zone z which is not always indicated unless someone has commented on the drop rate of things. Even just looking at the mob list and thinking a zone with more mobs that drop an item is the logical choice is not always accurate because there might only be a couple of each of those mobs compared to dozens of one mob in another zone. I have really wanted to do a farming guide but it is very complex and just reading print to write one wont cut it. You actually have to go out and farm each of the thousands of items in each zone to get an idea of what's best or at least talk to lots of knowledgeable people and formulate a guide based on their knowledge.
  9. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    You're right. That's why i post some of the little "knowledge" i have here.

    And farming is another matter entirely - especially on those gems i've named above which are well.. rare.
    (I've kept all since from back in my time and between me doing tradeskills and housing bugs i still don't have enough atm)
    I doubt there's much useful writing possible for that, besides which zones/expansions or perhaps special mobs drop an item; for most of that, Alla (or some prefer Magelo though that is far too often too incomplete) already holds the relevant information.

    I try to keep separate things... separate.
    Nothing's changed on my stance towards botting or botters (or my critique on that), but that isn't all of your site which has it's strong points too.
  10. Aurastrider Augur

    For me
    was very helpful in getting a better visual on trade skills. Both Alla and EQtraders do a nice job breaking down the combines but this simple post with tables really helped me visualize how simple some of these complex processes really are. And after completing some of my loot lists there are patterns throughout an expansion. For example when trying to make cloth armor for POP there are different sets for different zones. Each zone has its own list of ingredients that needs to be farmed. The combines themselves are all the same (just different materials) and the amount of items needed from each zone is the exact same. My guess is this expands throughout the game for the most part but its difficult to put every bit of information like this into an actual guide without turning it into a college level text book.

    I will say for anyone who is getting back into it make a tracker alt, make a chanter alt, make a heroic character that you don't care about deleting and remaking over and over again to imbue the many gems needed. This would be the very first step in my guide at least because without a tracker and a chanter a person is pretty handicapped in terms of farming and crafting. A tinker alt would also be on the list as they are vital at different points in crafting but someone might be able to get by utilizing a tinkerer on the server if one is available. If one does decide to make a tinkerer make them a rogue so they can do both tinkering and poison crafting. A shaman is a nice add also for alchemy but I think poison crafting will cover anything needed by a crafter that also crosses over into alchemy and shaman are plentiful on most servers and much easier to find so these items such as dyes are usually not that hard to come by.
  11. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Why thanks!

    I don't wanna argue the same points again but I would like to offer you a thinking point. If you were in my shoes, meaning that you were displeased about how other players treated you and your friends due to the way you played the game - what would you do? This isn't just "suck it up and deal with it harassment" either. I've been trained by people in Scorched Woods and other locations while trying to write leveling guides for my website, I have had friends and others ive spoken to trained by people or just harassed because they box melee characters. They clearly weren't AFK, but they clearly were using the software you disagree with since they were boxing melee characters. That was enough to warrant harassing them and training them so many times they were forced to leave the zone.

    What would you do if you were in my shoes and you wanted this to stop? I've already tried talking with the players themselves, all of the ones I spoke to just kept repeating their group ideology calling me a cheater and that I and those like me, were not welcome on the server. They rejected rational, reasonable conversation and that's the only way I know how to change an individual's mind, by talking to them.

    The reason I chose to support the program is because it's literally the only thing I can think of to do in my own power to try and change things. I want a more enjoyable game for me and my friends and I would also like a more enjoyable game for you and your friends. We aren't going to reach that outcome though by hating each other. Growing bitter and resentful towards each others playstyles is not the solution, it just creates a whole other problem. That's why despite all this harassment I don't act like the boxer that comes in and takes peoples camps. I don't steal peoples names because they might have done it to me. Acting like a child because people have acted that way towards me will NOT fix the issue, it just creates and even bigger gap between the playerbase.

    My end goal is to show people we aren't all monsters. So, this post being mostly rhetorical, but I sincerely would like you to consider the position I am in and what you might have done differently if you were in it. I truly do not want our situation (between boxers and people who dont like the software they use) to devolve into an "us or them" type of deal. Nothing good will come of that and there'll be so much toxicity on both sides that it'll make the game more unenjoyable for all of us.
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  12. AlmarsGuides Augur

    As far as my Tradeskill Guides go, Patch day allowed me to get a lot of work done!

    I can finally confirm that every recipe total on the Bazaarables pages is accurate and I have also created two Master Lists for each Tradeskill. The first includes every recipe you need to reach 350 and the second one includes every recipe you need that isn't scribed from a book. Taking out the scribed recipes sometimes decreases the amount of stuff you need to learn by 1000!!

    I'm currently finishing up some of the Pottery Bazaarable items after which I am going to start researching recipes you learn specifically from vendored materials.

    After I finish Pottery and add the other 12 or so bazaarable items that I missed to my guides I will probably take a two week break or so from the Tradeskill guides as I do some research on vendor bought recipes. The guides will be completed enough that anyone using them will be able to hit 350 with them from this point onward. All that's left is adding in as much info as possible for every item/every recipe/fastest way to do each of the combines/best combines to do together and things like that.
  13. Aurastrider Augur

    That's all haha... omg you are crazy man. Seriously though thank you for everything you do for the community. Its people like yourself that help to keep this game great. I hope those guys that give you crap on your server and train you get what's coming to them (karma is a B). I have been fairly luck on my server in terms of people not screwing with me. Someone was training my druid who I had setup to forage when I was playing but I just relocated him and started using the anon tag and it has come to an end. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing everything once its all done.
  14. AlmarsGuides Augur

    I couldn't have done my guides this quickly or this efficiently without Adeita and the people who helped her get her 300 - 350 Tradeskill lists up. I used those lists quite a bit while making my guides (in particular to make sure the output files submitted to me were accurate).

    So, half of your thanks at least deserve to go to her. Aside from polishing off the Tradeskill guides today, I added about 12 more bazaarable items to the JC master list... Going to add Cosgrove Powder, Versluierd Fungus, Leather Roll, Scale Ore, Steel Ingot and any other items commonly sold in The Bazaar that I haven't thought of yet over the next few days.

    Raw Amber Nihilite (1 Recipe)
    Raw Crimson Nihilite (1 Recipe)
    Raw Indigo Nihilite (1 Recipe)
    Raw Shimmering Nihilite (6 Recipes)
    Uncut Alexandrite (1 Recipe)
    Uncut Amethyst (1 Recipe)
    Uncut Black Sapphire (1 Recipe)
    Uncut Combine Star (1 Recipe)
    Uncut Demantoid (1 Recipe)
    Uncut Goshenite (1 Recipe)
    Uncut Jacinth (1 Recipe)
    Uncut Morganite (1 Recipe)
    Uncut Rubellite (1 Recipe)
  15. Aurastrider Augur

    Can also add raw diamond to the list although easily obtained just farming mats for other tradeskills. They are used for the emblems and are a staple for POP tailoring and smithing combines. I will compare your list to my in game list to see if there are others I would suggest adding.
  16. AlmarsGuides Augur

    As easy as they are to get, I am not sure they would commonly be sold in The Bazaar on most servers. There are a few items I have thought about adding but havent since they are almost never sold in The Bazaar, Brell's Bounty being one of the main items.

    Also a fun little tid bit for those who care; so far from doing these guides I have started to notice some patterns that the devs use when adding Tradeskill items to the game. They seem to completely change how they do things every 3 - 5 expansions or so though.

    A good example of one pattern is from House of Thule - RoF.

    HoT: Dream Dust//Dream Meat//Miragestone
    Voa: Essence of Alaris//Al-metes//Alaris Gemstone
    RoT: Planar Energy Shards//Planar Goo//Energized Gemstone (also added tainted feathers, animal fearbones)

    During the PoP expansion I noticed another pattern too, almost every zone has a set of armor tied to items that drop from it. Also, pure speculation but I am going to assume the dev that did 300 - 350 Tradeskills started with Tailoring. The reason for my speculation is because Tailoring has an absurd amount of recipes, it's the only Tradeskill with nearly 4000 recipes to learn that count. I wanna say Ngreth started on this Tradeskill and realized that adding that many recipes for every Tradeskill would be wayyyy too much work. That's why every other Tradeskill has many less required recipes. Again, just speculating but this is the stuff I find interesting while I write my guides.
  17. Aurastrider Augur

    I might consider your bazaar section to be inclusive of the barter. Even if you are not seeing some items listed for sale it is not unreasonable to expect someone to obtain these items with a barter. This is how I have obtained lots of my mats throughout the years. Most of my plat in game has gone to my barter buying stuff off other players.

    Yeah there are "staple" items for most expansions that cover a lot of different tradeskills: Relic fragments, ethernere essence, planar energy shards, essence of alaris, dream dust, cosgrove powder, chronal resonance dust and then there are the expansion specific items that cover specific trade skills like augustus ore/silks, befouled silks/pelts, and so on down the line. Then they incorporate these things in with the global drops such as steel ingots. Its a complex system but when broken down it actually makes a lot of sense and is not complicated when you see the patterns. The problem is the pure amount of recipes and knowledge behind each. I am glad they went away from the old ways of having select items super rare requiring countless hours to get one item to drop and then you have to roll the dice and maybe fail the combine and its all for nothing.
  18. Grove Augur

    I decided to start your guide using the baking chart, working right down the alpha list. Quickly, I came upon the Ale Marinated Cliknar Claws. In exploration, I see that this is a quest recipe, and as such may not be learned, mandatory for "counting" toward the 350 goal.
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  19. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Dreamy Fine Cheese is also a quest item that apparently counts towards 350 as well. I've checked Adetia's website for both of these items and she lists them both too:

    So, I will need to go and manually confirm myself in the near future if they're actually required or hope that she is right.

    P.S: I do apologize though about the misinformation. Either I am wrong that quest items aren't required or I am wrong to have this quest item in my list. There's a ton of misinformation about Tradeskills 300 - 350 which is why I decided to start my guides. It's going to be a long process but I am a total heckler for getting this 100% accurate on my website. I absolutely hate inaccuracies in my own work. Even if it's not reassuring to hear right this minute, I can assure you I will make it my mission to fix all these minor mistakes as I finish the guides.
  20. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Those Omens of War JC recipes that require those rare gems I do not look forward to doing

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