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  1. AlmarsGuides Augur

    These are probably some of the most requested guides I get due to just how much work and research is required to reach 350 in any Tradeskill. There's already a fantastic resource out there with knowledge about this, Adetia's Township Rebellion site, but I often get complaints about people not wanting to use the Google Doc or not understanding how to use the Google Doc.

    I've been working on these Tradeskill Guides for about a week or two now and I finally have enough done with them that I actually feel comfortable showing. Unlike Adetia I have taken a slightly different path with my Tradeskill Guides, I have decided to break each Tradeskill down into managable pieces. Starting with a section I call "Bazaarables". This includes a list of items that you'll want to purchase from The Bazaar to speed this entire process up.

    The second thing I am going to do is break down 300 - 350 by places that you farm. To give you an unfinished example of this, Plane of Nightmare Hobgoblins drop a few different items that are used in a Jewelcrafting, Baking, Brewing, 12 or so Smithing and 12 or so Tailoring Recipes. Each location like this one I am going to document in its own little guide that way you can take bite size chunks and not get overwhelmed with needing 2000+ Recipes out of the get go.

    Anyway, here's the guides I have so far:

    Alchemy 300 - 350
    Baking 300 - 350
    Fletching 300 - 350
    Brewing 300 - 350
    Jewelcrafting 300 - 350
    Pottery 300 - 350
    Smithing 300 - 350
    Tailoring 300 - 350

    The other Tradeskills not mentioned here are too under construction for me to link to. Also, there's still a decent amount of work I need to do on each of the Bazaarable item pages, as of right now they show every single recipe that the item is used to create and not *only* recipes that give you skill ups, which is what I want them to show.

    I under estimated how much work this all was so I haven't gotten around to that part yet.

    P.S You can find links to all of these Tradeskill Guides by using the RoS nav button on my website. The Tradeskill Guides are all right on that page!
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  2. GoneFission Augur

    A tradeskill related question. Fishing doesn't have a trophy for a skill mod, so I've been using a collapsible fishing pole for a 5% boost. I haven't found any items in TSguides or Allakhzam with a better fishing skill modifier. Is there anything for fishing better than 5%?
  3. Fohpo Augur

    About to have 300 and then I'll be making the climb, if you want help testing let me know.
  4. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Not that I know of, but I am not a big fisher - I use a regular fishing pole whenever I do or if I am on my main I have an Ancient Fishing Pole with a 3% mod.

    Luckily, being second to publish guides, Adetia has saved me hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hours researching and trial and erroring and cross referencing. She's done a wonderful job and so far that's all the help I have needed.

    If you'd like to help me out though (assuming you use my guides) post on my website what recipes don't count towards 350 that I still have documented. Specifically in my Bazaarables section and on those pages. That's still a butt ton of work that I gotta do then that part of the guide will be finished. Which is pretty significant, I am assuming that'll be like 20 - 40% of the journey to 350 in some cases
  5. Aurastrider Augur

    You took an idea I really wanted to do but have zero time to invest into it. I have been thinking to myself this entire time as I have been farming all these mats that a "zone guide to farming" would be extremely useful. This could be extended beyond the artisans prize to include the shawl quest line since they share a lot of the same zones and if someone was just starting out on POP progression they could do a little farming there in advance and know exactly what to farm making things much more efficient. But I started to look at the monumental list of pure items and then some of them dropping in multiple zones and I quickly knew there was no way I could even attempt something of this magnitude. I will just keep posting suggestions on zam and sending corrections as I find them (have come across several spelling errors, incorrect combines and inaccurate trivials). Keep up the good work everyone the trade skill community as I have said several times is the best community in this game.
  6. Hellfyres Lorekeeper

    Hey Almar,

    Just looking through at one I see a few things to comment on.

    Some of the ROS recipes absolutely did result in skillups occurring for at least smithing and tailoring

    Cultural combines do count in some cases or else the books would not have granted many skill up points. The key difference is, the recipes can be learned from books so don't waste the time and resources farming/making them when you can buy a book and click.

    Also, for some of the items you list many of them are auto-learned. For example Cobalt Ore in the smithing guide. The vast majority of these are auto-learned recipes, don't count for skillups and don't need to be done.
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  7. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Yea, I have been noticing this too and can confirm that Adetia put the RoS recipes on her list too.

    I have to edit each page and be more specific that 'Race' cultural combines do not count. IE, making Half-Elf gear as a half elf or gnome gear as a gnome.

    Also you're right that a vast majority of the recipes that are learned from Cobalt Ore and other Ores you don't need to learn and/or taught by the book. It was easier to copy and paste the entire recipe discography off Allakhazam which is why it displays ALL recipes right now. I need to go through the lists and tidy them up as I do the Tradeskills 300 - 350. I want those pages, like the one on Cobalt Ore, to *only* tell you what recipes you need that item for.

    All of this is more work than I anticipated though. It's probably going to be a project that I work on on/off for a year in order to finish.
  8. Fohpo Augur

    You got it.
  9. AlmarsGuides Augur

    If you find any mistakes on my website, much like when you do on Allakhazam -- please please please post a comment letting me know that I F'ed up.

    I wish more people would do this, even for something as stupid as a spelling mistake. Sometimes when doing these guides I am half aleep or half awake so mistakes do happen and get published. I'd love to correct them without having to constantly reread all my work (which I do usually do when I proof read, it just takes time though).
  10. Aanuvane Augur

    5% is the highest for fishing - there are several times at that level. I don't typically worry about using a fishing mod while fishing, I only use it when crafting in the tackle box/fly making bench.

    Rock Crab
    Hermit Crab
    Collapsible Fishing Pole
    Blessed Fishing Rod
  11. Tiggold Augur

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  12. Aanuvane Augur

    Brell's Fishing Pole is only a 3% mod, but that is a really handy item to have nonetheless. Never have to worry about broken poles if you have the companion.
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  13. Aurastrider Augur

    I will check it out and give any input I can. I am not the grandmaster by any means but I would consider myself a pretty devoted crafter. I was on my way to getting every race to 300 in the base trade skills plus fully evolved trophies until they announced there would no longer be any plans to make cultural gear again.
  14. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Did huge updates on my Smithing 300 - 350 Guide - including making sure the Recipes totals are accurate. I also went through the "Compiled List" and added a footnote to every single recipe that is scribed through a book. I'm going to create a secondary list that excludes these recipes too since there's likely 300+ for each Tradeskill and it'll help narrow down the list much more by doing so.

    I'm working on finishing up Pottery now in a similar way. Will be working all weekend on these guides, I would like to get started with documenting the farming locations early next week.
  15. Orbital101 Augur

    I use the Collapsible Fishing Pole ATM and the mod should not be the primary focus but the (max #) of skill gained by the mod... At this time the best you can get is 10 extra point.

    I have a feeling that the The Bone Rod from the new anniversary mission might be something better.

    Also if you want a smooth sailing to 350 on Fletching and Jewelcrafting I made a post on > Achievement > Tradeskills > (pick your tradeskill) > 350.

    Fletching (350)

    Jewelcrafting (350)

  16. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Thanks for linking these! The layout of EQresource's forum posts leave something to be desired (Similar to the EQtraders Ultimate Tradeskill Guide) but this info should help me speed up the Tradeskill process =D
  17. AlmarsGuides Augur

  18. Gortar Augur

    Great job man!
  19. Leigo Augur

    Just curious, was the list for Alchemy made using your /outputfile?
  20. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Negative, it was made using a list of recipes a visitor of my website submitted to me. I cross checked it with Adetia's list though so I am fairly sure it's accurate (unless hers is inaccurate too).

    Once I hit 350 on all the Tradeskills I plan to go through my output files and cross check them to see if I missed any recipes or have a recipe on my website that isn't required.

    I'm currently working mostly on Tailoring and Smithing

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