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  1. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    LOL there were a lot fewer levels back then!
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  2. Oscig Elder

    The entire point is keying alts is a major bottleneck, it's for habitual TLP rerollers.
  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Fixed it for you. :D

    Everything past 110 is a hell level...which is the issue with leveling in modern EQ.
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  4. Alnitak Augur

    Not really. 0.146% per trash kill is not a Hell level. It's less than 850 mobs per level, hardly Hell.
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  5. Hobs Elder

    It is harder to get from 110 to 125 and takes more experience for those 15 levels than it does to get from 1 to 110.

    Grinding for XP while possible is an absolute slog. Each kill gives you anywhere from .001 to .1% without XP bonuses and other modifiers. The best method to level from 110 to 125 is doing quests, missions, overseer tasks and collectibles.

    This is not 1999-2000 and the game is not the same game it was back then even on TLPs. Expecting everyone to want to spend numerous hours grinding XP in 2023 is not a realistic or reasonable point of view.
  6. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Original post updated.
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  7. GrandOpener Elder

    Only switching in non-combat zones is disappointing, but personally I did expect that. Daybreak wants it to provide options for truly alternate, uh, personas--not to add multiclass strategies to your main character. That's fair.

    But even in that context, not being able to share vitality from one to another and effectively losing 10-20 inventory slots per persona are pretty major downsides vs. traditional alts.

    In the end I expected this to be a better system for alts, but that's not what we got. We got a different system, that has a series of positive and negative tradeoffs compared to traditional alts. That's weird. It invites a contrast with WoW's upcoming Warbands, where Blizzard is strictly adding account-wide sharing/convenience features to existing alts--no tradeoffs.

    Some naysayers have said during beta that we could have had a better system with far less work by just making slayer / heroic special / keys achievements account-wide and calling it done. Unfortunately, I think they were right.

    I want to be excited about this feature, but I honestly don't understand the play style it's targeting.
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  8. Alnitak Augur

    Ugh, I was surprised with per-persona mercs, but it works either way, as long as persona's mercs are fixed.
  9. Hobs Elder

    This feature as is does not appeal to me at all in any way. Like a lot of the players I have numerous alts and boxes across several accounts. The way this "feature" is so restricted makes it pretty much worthless for the vast majority of the players when they either already have or can make a box or alt and use that instead.

    There is little to no incentive to use alternate personas and even less value and convenience in doing so for most players regardless of the server they play on.

    While I support the dev team and appreciate what you guys do from my point of view this was a waste of dev time and resources that could have been better use to work on things like DX11, the new UI engine, making more group missions for LS, fixing the mercs that are very broken at 121+, working on raids for the new expansion, working on and releasing the guild tradeskill depot and so on.

    The other parts of the expansion are mostly good and should have been the focus. I have a feeling this is going to cost the company money instead of helping to make money.
  10. Alnitak Augur

    Here is the play style (my and a few of my guildmates) - I have a wonderful raider zerker, I love the toon, I love playing him. But for the last 2 expansions he was benched on missions, because he can not do ranged dps. Such are scrips and my team. My zerker is out of luck. And with Personas I will roll a ranger on that character and very quickly level and gear him up and will enjoy doing missions with that characters, meanwhile in static zones my zerker persona will still swing his awesome weapon.

    Bottom line - Personas give something to to to great many characters, which have nothing else to do. That is the paly style.
  11. Micker99 Augur

    I don't understand it either. Especially after allowing them to be switched in any zone, in Beta. It was such a cool change, EQ felt like it got a little face lift. Then they changed it to fast camp only and I have no idea why they bothered. There are a couple use cases for some people I guess, but I'm not going to waste my time leveling an AP, that's for sure. I have a ton of alts, that I can camp anywhere and log on to buff, TP etc.. I was hoping to not have to bother with all that non sense, of logging in another account to do all that, but I guess it remains the same. I see little value in it now.
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  12. Alnitak Augur

    So far - first time in many years I bought Collector's expansions and not Standard, all due to extra Personas. That is not losing money in my books.
  13. Micker99 Augur

    So why didn't you just make an Alt ranger lol?? At least both could get mission exp, instead of just one. You can't even have both in the same zone, like you could with your alt camped there, ready to log in. You have to travel all the way back to a fast camp zone, switch, then back to wherever you want to fight.

    How is that better? Something to do? How is that any more to do than just making a Ranger alt and leveling it? I don't get your point, you sound like you could only have one character before. If you could switch anywhere, yeah that would be awesome, but they nerfed that.
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  14. DeadRagarr Augur

    WTB removal of the real culprit. The idea that achievements/forced progression being the only reasonable way to level post 110. It was a silly idea then and just gets worse as it goes on.

    Let it give more loads of AA's instead of pure raw XP, and return the xp to mobs. Let EQ be....EQ.
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  15. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Hopefully fast-switch zones can be added to 'safe' areas of hub zones, like where the spell/raid vendors are in Shar Val Divided, Maidens Eye, West Wastes, East Wastes... put an aura NPC to give a message when you enter the safe to switch area.

    Home City requirement effectively kills the AP feature; but allowing at least one place in each expansion might make it tolerable.

    And make it easy to change with the invisible aura NPC, Shadowhaven banker area, zone in area from Akeva to Shadow zone, mission givers in great divide are all good places to be able to swap over.

    add make it easy to adjust, places like the bubble entry to Seblis would be a great place to be able to swap on TLP, and no combat should be happening there. Or near the bankers in NOS Shadowhaven
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  16. Iuwene Augur

    If the swap restriction didn't kill the whole project, the ignorance on how leveling beyond 110 actually works and deny AP this way definitely killed it. Add to that inventory problems and APs are not even undead, they are absolutely dead on arrival.

    What repeatable quests do give any noticable amount of xp please?
    I am currently doing NoS door mission for a new 112ish toon. It gives somewhat around 1.2%.
    You can do this mission 2, maybe 3 times per day... So it will take a full month or more for one level.
    So back to Overseer then. Is that really DBGs vision (tm)?

    I can see me making a few wizzard AP and level them to 69, which is fast, for more teleport bind locations. But that is it. Absolutely no way I would take an AP beyond 110.
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  17. Karinth New Member

    Can i get a refund for the expansion since i have to be in a fast camp zone to switch personas?
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  18. FranktheBank Augur

    The crazy thing to me is how much time Klanderso had to spend on this thing that wasnt her idea or her project. How much better could her time have been spent? (Again, not blaming her at all, the blame solely lies on her managers).

    The company HAD to have known the scope of this project would have huge issues and instead of trying to make it appealing at all, they basically took away all the appealing aspects in order to make it 'shippable'. Instead, they could have just not announced it (or took the L and scrapped it in Oct/Nov), and tried their best to give us a W elsewhere. Instead instead just a barrage of failures and let downs.

    I honestly do not understand the obsession they have with clinging on to certain things.

    Type 3s is another one. If it's so hard for Aristo to get these done (as shown by the last two expacs), then stop doing them. It's not like its a meaningful choice we make, it's just a stupid and obtuse mechanic. Just add the effects into the spells.
  19. Alnitak Augur

    I have. On the same account I have a raid-geared ranger with max AA and most achievements, and evolved RA earring (same as zerker). And a mage. And a bard. And a druid.
    How does it help my zerker?
  20. coltongrundy Augur

    you know you can already do that today with alts, right?

    How would a persona ranger help your zerker?
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