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  1. Defenestrated Vase wanting era locked servers

    There is no difference for persona lv 1 and what you call true lv 1. Not sure what's going on there. At least I never experienced (haha) a difference and it also wouldn't make any sense if it was different.

    Apart from Oakwynd. Personas should get legacy bonus but they do not.
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I previously leveled to 9 on my persona in the tutorial and was getting around 10% per kill depending on con. Last night I went from level 9 to 40 getting between 14.6% and 4% depending on con.

    We're you grouped? What con were you killing?
  3. Sokahar Journeyman

    I only had a caster mercenary. I am going to create another Persona and test.
  4. Sokahar Journeyman

    Well, I tested and found where my case was. I never did the tutorial as my original character because of level. I have done it a lot on alts. When I went through on my first persona, I was getting the quests and got stuck on the Pit Fiend. I killed it with a mercenary at level 7 (it is 12). I saw that you need to be 8 to get the quest. I killed Slavemaster Ruga and did the egg turn ins (for 2.6% per turn in) from 7 and a quarter level to 8.

    When I went through on my second persona, none of the quests were available. So, I just killed stuff and tracked the xp vs level between this and another non-persona character I still had (data below). As I passed Hobart, I hailed him... and he gave me The Battle of Gloomingdeep, which I must have missed on the first persona. That would have gotten me to level 8 on completion.

    Persona Level 1 (Enchanter)
    vs 1 (bat): 10%
    vs 2 (rat): 10%
    Level 2
    vs 1 (bat): 2.143%
    vs 2 (rat): 7.2%
    vs 3 (gspider): 10%
    Level 3
    vs 1 (bat): .747%
    vs 2 (rat): 2.526%
    vs 3 (gspider): 7.458%
    vs 4 (glurker): 10%
    Level 4
    vs 3 (gspider): 7.458%
    vs 7 (silver): 10%

    Character Level 3 (Cleric)
    vs 1 (bat): .747%
    vs 2 (rat): 2.526%
    vs 3 (gspider): 7.458%
    vs 4 (glurker): 10%
    Level 4
    vs 1 (bat): .365%
    vs 2 (rat): 1.232%
    vs 3 (gspider): 3.649%
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Personas also don't get to do the very first quest to escape from the jail, which dings you level 2 before you start.