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  1. HighElfPlayer Journeyman

    Why not just use a merc for the rez?
  2. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    Did you read what they wrote? It had nothing to do with the question. A question that DRIVES the conversation, not stifles it. And I'm NOT white knighting DayPaw, just check my recent posting history lol. And since I asked the question HERE in response to a post HERE, and not any other of the myriad social media types, you bringing those up has zero added quality to the conversation. I ask again, WHY are people so intent on BULLYING others into not using the APs? BTW, not using you real forum account to make comments like this, is at best cowardice and passive aggressive bullying.
  3. Tuco Augur

    Brother, the only one bullying here is you.
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  4. Micker99 Augur

    People are just disappointed, because it could have added a really cool new, fun feature to the game and they changed it to be as exciting as an extra bank slot. It was just implemented poorly, allowing switching from any zone in Beta and people got excited about the new possibilities of creating different personas.

    I honestly could not care less about APs now. Alts are better imho, because you can camp them anywhere to log in and you can get mission/progression exp with them, also get full inventory slots that you don't have to share. Also, most people have their alts already leveled and AAed, who would go through all that again, to share a couple flags or something? I don't get it, I really don't. Maybe someone will find some benefit that makes them worth it, but I can't think of anything atm. Maybe if you were on a server with no drop items, you could share them? I play on FV, so that wouldn't apply.
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  5. Pimpmobile Journeyman

    Some how they took a FF14 feature and just made it worse. The work was already done. The functionality was hammered out already. All they had to do was copy it by allowing class changes anywhere and they couldn't even get that right.

    I think I'm done with EQ. It was a fun 25 years, but Darkpaw clearly doesn't know how to listen to their customers' input, nor do they seem to care to. It's a shame, there was so much potential to continue on.
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  6. code-zero Augur

    Getting an alt flagged is much easier than the level/AA grind if you already have the alt for sure
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  7. Velisaris_MS Augur

    If they could have made it so that you could create a persona out of an existing alt that you've already spent time leveling/gearing/AA'ing AND allow swapping in any non-instanced zone, with a merc swap type timer...this would have been a home run for everyone.

    But what we're getting is what happens when you keep a new, possibly game-changing feature a secret and don't bother getting any feedback for it from the people who will be using it.
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  8. Fiip New Member

    And now you're bullying me for being a relatively new poster? I created my forum account to participate in the Beta forums for LS, in particular this feature. I've only been back for ~2 years and have spent that time slowly enjoying the molo game without ever needing to voice my feedback here.

    I love it, this is an awesome suggestion to help allay some challenges AP is causing!
  9. Iven Suggestions Bard

    What if the inventory creep is part of the concept and intended ? Darkpaw has not answered my question about the purpose of Alternate Personas, so I suspect that something malicious can be one of the reasons. Platinum and cash item drops got drastically limited since more than a decade, and spell and tome prices drastically raised, so that the players have to buy Kronoj.

    And they do bomb the PCs with ("free") item rewards to stuff the inventories, so that they can sell them big and totally overpriced backpacks from the marketplace. On the other side the amount of stackable items got increased, but mostly only for tradeskill items. Most potions and other stuff does still stack to 20 only.
  10. coltongrundy Augur

    ngl extra bank slot would have been better. alternate persona is just a loss of inventory slots.
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  11. Iven Suggestions Bard

    To mention the cleric rez was not a good point then, but everything else is valid. There is a huge difference between using alts for class abilities or an AP. Alts are often less powerfull and not very comfortable if they do get boxed. APs do offer much more flexibility which in fact is an out of combat power bonus. The player can do everything with just it's most powerfull PC without the need do drag alts along. Gnome rogue and druid APs will be very popular I think.

    APs are a huge concept change into the single player direction which got started with the introduction of mercenaries. APs can be even seen as the final coffin nail for the multiplayer group concept which does not mean to be something bad, as those are already dead since a long time.
  12. Pimpmobile Journeyman

    You've failed to mention one way that APs are more powerful than alts so far.

    Let me summarize them for you, since you haven't actually looked at them it seems.

    APs do not share:
    Spell Books
    Combat skills
    Bind points

    Do Share
    Inventory slots
    DZ timers
    Clicky cooldowns

    So currently alts are just a better investment in a general group setting. The only situation where APs are better is in raiding scenarios where you want to main change and need keys done already. That's it.

    Having a cleric for rezzes as an AP is no more powerful than camping a cleric alt at your camp. In fact, because you can't change in the field, it's pointless in even going a cleric AP to help your group now. They killed any potential that APs would have in a grouping situation, period.
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  13. Iven Suggestions Bard

    I already had replied to that quote, but here another thought:

    What if APs would not be affected by class restrictions on items ? It would be a simple solution and more logical, as APs can transform every PC into a multiclass PC. The logic: Multiclass gear for multiclass characters. To compensate the power boost of being able to use every equipment, APs could receive a handicap like -10% to MP, HP, END.
  14. Iven Suggestions Bard

    Yep, they still are acting ignorant and do not get that the players are the substance and therefore the bosses.
    We are tired of weird surprises that nobody has ordered, which does lead to less subscriptions and revenue.
    Talk to and involve the players my friends, and get rid of those bad managers !
  15. Iven Suggestions Bard

    I do see APs as an addition to alts and not as a replacement. Their power and benefits are coming from their flexibility and keys/flags/prog/achievements. The current inventory and equipment state for APs is a huge drawback and should be fixed.
  16. Dre. Altoholic

    A better thing than this would just be to make keys/flags account wide.
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  17. coltongrundy Augur

    yikes. nothing else even matters if personas gear is going to take up inventory slots.
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  18. Iven Suggestions Bard

    Which was my suggestion #4 in 2020-10-24. And to just add a few more character slots. But no, someone decided to make it complicated for selling it as an expansion bonus. o_O
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  19. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I really feel sorry for the Dev who spent so much time on this feature, for it to only be killed off by completely unnecessary and feature destroying restrictions. I can tell why they refused to put the FAQ out from the start, because the Devs knew that they would be roasted because of how they have made a feature that pretty much everyone was excited about into something completely useless to everyone.

    I think that the Hero's Forge Keyring will get more use than the Alternate Personas will.
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  20. Raymond Lorekeeper

    This is the sentiment.

    Folks arguing that allowing it out of combat in any zone is overpowered and the reason it was not implemented that way do not know the history of Everquest.

    Everquest history is filled with game changing decisions. Here are a few:

    Corpses not decaying and losing all your stuff.
    Being able to see what someone else is looting.
    Not looking at your spell book when regaining mana.
    Regaining mana on mounts.
    Weightless coins.
    Plane of Knowledge.
    Out of combat regen.
    Loot filters.

    Developers. Please reconsider the fast camp/starting city restriction. Add Alternate Personas to the list of things that make Everquest more fun.
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