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    Alternate Personas allow you to swap to another class while retaining your name, inventory / bank, crafting skills, keying and much more!

    Q: Will this be just enhanced shrouds i.e., different versions of classes?
    A: No

    Q: Will it allow you to swap to another fully functional class?
    A: Yes

    Q: Can I absorb existing alternate characters to gain the equivalent level Alternate Persona including gear, AA, tradeskills and inventory?
    A: No, not currently. It’s something we're considering for the future, but not right now.

    Q: Is there any risk to moving evolving items to have homogenized stats between the class archetypes and moving them all to all/all, so you are spared from having to level it multiple times and avoiding lore group issues?
    A: There's always risk associated with item stat rebalancing of existing items and not something we are planning to do at this time.

    Q: Will you be able to choose an individual race for each persona?
    A: Yes

    Q: What will the process be to change into the other personas? Certain zones, NPCs, timers, etc.
    A: You may not change personas if you have an out of combat timer, and you must be in a zone that is a fast camp / non-combat zone or a starting city.

    Q: Will disciplines that share a timer group be cleared when moving to a new persona if they share the same timer?
    A: Timers are separate for each persona. As an example, you could use Deftdance as a Bard, swap to a Ranger and use Trueshot, then swap to a Warrior and use Final Stand. When you changed back to each previous class, you would have the expected reuse timer that each one normally has.

    Q: Can I divert experience to one of my personas?
    A: No.

    Q: If you can absorb alternate characters, can you take their epic weapons or other items?
    A: No, the only items that can be shared with existing characters are those with the Heirloom flag. Another character on your account with an epic cannot provide that to another character’s persona, only their own.

    Q: If you make a wizard Alternate Persona, if my understanding is correct, you get all the binds (assuming you got the AA's)? So, one can switch to a wizard, gate, or teleport, then just switch back?
    A: If the originating zone and the gate or teleport takes you to a non-combat zone or a home city then yes.

    Q: Do you expect Alternate Personas to be released with Laurion's Song?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Do Alternate Personas share achievements with the base character? Will the Alternate Persona share the same lockouts and timers with the base character?
    A: Yes – achievements and lockout timers are shared.

    Q: If Alternate Personas share achievements, how will leveling to 115/120 be handled, which draws heavily from achievement experience?
    A: For these levels you will need to kill NPCs and use repeatable quests with experience rewards to gain levels.

    Q: Will Epic 2.0s be released from Epic lore groups?
    A: Yes. Epic 2.0s have been moved to their own lore groups, so a player may obtain every epic in their inventory if they meet the class requirements to obtain each.

    Q: How will corner cases for items that have an outsized impact on Alternate Personas be handled, specifically:
    A: Generally, they'll be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Specifically:
    • Q: Lore Group: Epic Weaponry
    • A: Epic 1.5 and 2.0 weapons have been moved to unique lore groups per class (see above).
    • Q: Caster/melee lore groups for augments (Example: Grisly Skull of Might and Spittle Pocked Yttrium Coin)
    • A: Currently, no changes have been made to lore groups other than the Epic 1.5/2.0 items. You will have to decide which augment you want to keep, but it can still be shared amongst all your personas.
    • Q: Archetype based evolving items, Example: Convoker's Cloak of the Selenelion vs Protector's Cloak of the Selenelion
    • A: No changes have been made to the evolving cloak or earring at this time.
    Q: Will it be possible to loot augments in the same lore group such as Spittle Pocked Yttrium Coin?
    A: Currently, no changes have been made to lore groups other than the Epic 1.5/2.0 items. You will have to decide which augment you want to keep, but it can still be shared amongst all your personas. It is possible this change could be considered in the future.

    Q: How will race limitations be handled?
    A: When you go to create a new Alternate Persona, you select the class that you want that to be and will be restricted to the races that have the selected class as an option.

    Q: Will Banestrike (and other Special AA like Hero AAs) be shared between characters?
    A: They are intended to be shared, though they may not be working right away.

    Q: Will having additional personas have a material impact on your character's zoning speed?
    A: This isn’t something that has been measured, but personas do add a lot of additional data to your character. We are continuing to make performance improvements as we have time.

    Q: How will Type 3 augments be handled between personas?
    A: Personas share the same pool of items, including type 3 augments. You can swap between two personas with different type 3 augments in the same earring, if you’ve saved an equipment set with this setup initially.

    Q: How will saved spell sets be handled between personas?
    A: Each persona has their own spell book and will have their own spell saved sets.

    Q: Will each persona have their own bind or origin points?
    A: Each persona has their own separate set of bind points (including Origin).

    Q: How will tribute setup be handled between different personas?
    A: Each persona has their own separate tribute.

    Q: How will fellowship experience be done, will each persona have its own vitality, or it shared across them all?
    A: Fellowship experience may not work as expected when personas first launch. Currently, all personas share the same pool of vitality. When you log off, the last persona used will have its level apply to whatever shared experience may be available.

    Q: If you make a rog/shaman/gnome persona, will you be able to make poison / alchemy / tinkering?
    A: While you are a rogue, shaman, or gnome you will be able to use the appropriate tradeskills, but not otherwise. Tradeskills are shared amongst personas, but tradeskills that your class/race cannot use will not be visible.

    Q: Will you be able to delete a persona?
    A: Currently there is no way to delete an existing persona, only the base character (and all its personas).

    Q: If you can delete a persona, will you be able to reuse the slot?
    A: The persona slots you have available on your account affect all characters on all servers for the same quantity – for example, if I have 10 alternate persona slots, I can make 10 personas on all my characters if desired.

    Q: Will the persona have the full functionality of the picked class?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Will the unlocks only work on 1 character on 1 server?
    A: No. The unlocks apply to every character on every server.

    Q: How many personas per character can be created?
    A: Up to the number of slots you have unlocked with a cap of 15.

    Q: Part of the fun of leveling alts is doing the progression, will non repeatable quests be made repeatable on a persona that hasn't done them?
    A: Currently, quests that are not repeatable cannot be repeated on other personas.

    Q: How will the inventory be handled? There are items I use for one class that I can't use on others.
    A: The inventory of your personas is shared – you can use the same item from one class on another (if they are usable by that class/race/deity).

    Q: Are no drop items usable by all personas?
    A: Yes, if that persona meets the requirements to use that item.

    Q: There has been an issue in the past with creating items by inserting an augmentation that results in an item not usable by your class, will they now be usable?
    A: Yes, however you will not benefit from any stats on the item if you are not the correct class. This should function the same way as if you were wearing an item that did not match your current race or deity.

    Q: Will personas have access to tradeskill depot, Dragon's hoard, and housing?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Will personas be able to use tribute and trophies?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can a persona have the lore item the main character has?
    A: All items are shared amongst personas, so if you have a lore item on your original character, you cannot loot another one on a different persona. You can, however, use that same item on your other personas.

    Q: Does each persona have their own bank?
    A: No.

    Q: Does each persona have their own platinum?
    A: No.

    Q: Can you have multiple personas of the same class?
    A: Not on the same character, you can on a different character.

    Q: Is there an experience bonus for leveling multi personas, like characters on Oakwynd?
    A: No.

    Q: Will we need to clear out socials to make room for different sets of socials for all our personas?
    A: No, each persona should have their own separate UI. This will be a lot of work to set up the first time, but we hope in the long run it is a better solution than sharing the same UI.

    Q: Can all classes be played as an alternate persona on all races (ex. Gnome Monk)?
    A: No, existing race/class/deity restrictions still apply.

    Q: Will this be available day one on all Time-Locked Progression servers when the expansion comes out in December, or will this only be available on Time-Locked Progression servers when they unlock this expansion?
    A: It will be available on Time-Locked Progression servers when this expansion is launched in December.

    Q: On the Oakwynd server, how will the alternate personas affect (if at all) the legacy character system? (example will having 3 Alternate Personas at current TLP max level count as having 3 characters on the server at the current TLP max level giving your other alternate personas and characters on that server an additional 30% experience gain?)
    A: It won't affect the system at this point. It's something we're considering for the future.

    Q: Will each alternate persona have its own inventory slots? (example Shadow Knight persona has his breastplate, leggings, sword, and then your Cleric persona has their own breastplate, leggings, weapon)
    A: We'll remember which items were worn for each persona, but their equipped slots will not be new additional inventory space.

    Q: When you swap between personas, will all the gear for the previous persona be put in your bags, or will they stay in that persona's inventory slots?
    A: They'll go to your bags to match your new persona's equipment slots.

    Q: Will personas have race options different from the main?
    A: Yes. When creating an Alternate Persona, you'll first select the class then will have the selection of valid race options for that class (which may or may not be your main's race).

    Q: Will the "shared tradeskill" thing with personas apply to class/race specific tradeskills?
    (i.e., can a Human Paladin with a Gnome Rogue persona use Tinkering and Poison Making?)
    A: A paladin with a gnome rogue persona cannot use Tinkering or Poison Making, you must change to that persona to use those tradeskills.

    Q: Will Personas have persona-specific Buff bars (including short term)?
    A: Yes.

    Q: I think class specific Type 3 augments are a concern for sharing of gear between characters, and a question on the treatment of this has been mentioned. Will there be a way to easily share the same gear, but with different augments?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Will switching personas involve some type of zoning/loading time?
    A: Not the same way normal zoning/loading works, but there will be a delay while your new persona and its UI are loaded.

    Q: Are the keyrings available on all personas?
    A: Yes, your keyring items and space are shared amongst all your personas.

    Q: Currently we get various rewards for completing achievements, will these rewards be available per persona, or do you have to pick which character the reward is on?
    A: Since there is one shared inventory among personas, the item rewards will be an item available to multiple personas. Experience and other similar intangible rewards will go to the persona that claims it.

    Q: Is Heroes forge available across your personas if you have bought it on your main?
    A: Yes.

    Q: When you log out do you log out as your main or your persona?
    A: You logout as who you were (main or alternate persona).

    Q: With the standard expansion, you get 3 Alternate Personas. But is that in total, or 3 per each character you have?
    A: If you have 3 Alternate Persona slots, each character on your account can make 3 personas, on any server.

    Q: Can you give vitality to yourself?
    A: No.

    Q: Each Persona needs their own UI Layout, so they will need a separate UI file in the Directory. Would the solution be to just add Class to the File name, so instead of UI_Charactername_Server it would be UI_Charactername_Class_Server?
    A: This is how it’s been set up.

    Q: How much will the persona slots be sold for?
    A: 1500 Daybreak Cash

    Q: Do buffs transfer between personas (Example can you buff yourself with your other personas)?
    A: No, each persona has their own separate buffs.

    Q: Will switching personas load different hot bars?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Will it be possible for my main to plant a campfire and switch to a persona to use that campfire, and will it be on the same timer?
    A: Yes, any clicky item reuse timer is still active even after changing to a different persona.

    Q: What relative power level to the normal class will personas have? 100%? 90%? 75%?
    A: 100% for that class.

    Q: If you die while under an alternate persona, change to another alternate persona, and then get a rez, would you receive the exp back under the persona that died or the one that was active at the time of the rez?
    A: You can't rez a corpse from a different alternate persona than the one you're currently on.

    Q: Is faction shared between alternate personas?
    A: No, each persona has their own separate faction.

    Q: How do mercenaries work with alternate personas? Does each Alternate Persona have its own mercs?
    A: When you change personas, your current mercenary is suspended. Each persona has their own separate set of mercenaries. CORRECTION: Mercenaries are shared between personas.

    Q: If I camp out my main in the guild lobby, will my persona log in there or will they be where they were last logged in or the start zone where they were created?
    A: They will log into the same place you camped most of the time. The only time you'll appear in a different location is on alternate persona creation.
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  2. Tegamdar Apprentice

    Dead on arrival. You killed the interest/excitement by locking it to fast camp or starting zones.
  3. coltongrundy Augur

    It's like at every single decision point you guys decided what's worse for the player? let's do that. With the only exceptions being keying and epic 2.0 lore groups.
  4. kain200 Elder

    Yeah this is the first expansion I was actually considering buying for my 4 accounts because of how neat this feature "could" have been. Locking it to fast camps/starters was just such an unbelievably dumb restriction. Literally makes it less convenient than just having an alt.
  5. Tuco Augur

    Thanks for the answers. Currently from my perspective Personas have limited value to most players because of the following reasons:
    • They will be difficult to level passed level 110
    • The chase evolving items will be inaccessible to a Persona if that Persona is a different archetype
    • They can't be swapped outside of starting cities or fast-camp zones, which reduces the value of using the Persona as either a way to enhance a character's power or to quickly adapt to a group's needs
    I plan on leveling some Personas up next year, thanks for all your hard work on the feature!
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  6. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Per Angeliana's comment in the beta forums, I submitted my request for a refund of the expansion.
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  7. Oscig Elder

    It's a feature designed to get TLPers to buy the expansion, if you don't find it appealing that's probably why.
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  8. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Good luck selling it to TLP players. already being discussed on my guild discord, and so far, nobody is buying.
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  9. Tuco Augur

    We'll see what anniversary 2024 has but with shared lockout timers it's very unattractive to Oakwynd or Mischief. As it stands now it has the most utility to Live or late TLP players that have massive investment in hunter, slayer, heroic AAs, tradeskills, artisan prize etc but want to play a different class.
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  10. coltongrundy Augur

    No, it's not. I only play TLP and I was excited about this. But now seeing what it really is, it's very unappealing to TLPers. You lose inventory bag space because your gear that can't be worn on other personas will have to go into your inventory.
  11. Marton Augur

    I'm guessing nobody from EQ dev team tried to level from 115 to 120 by killing NPCs.
  12. Tuco Augur

    Yeah that was my question and a pretty disappointing answer. I was considering leveling new personas next week, but instead I'll just do it this summer and slow-cook them from 110 to 125 via Overseer. I'd be surprised if a single person grinds mobs to 125 (by hand...) instead of using Overseer.
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  13. Alnitak Augur

    Anecdotally, I have at least 3 guildmates, who leveled up their entire set of characters (some are more than 2 crews) entirely by grinding trash mobs, and with max AA on top of that. They simply like grinding.
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  14. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I want a marketplace but now i think they would screw that up too!
  15. Velisaris_MS Augur

    You don't understand how leveling post 110 actually works, do you?
  16. Damap New Member

    I remember when this game used to be hard and the thought of grinding levels used to excite people.
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  17. Veltio Journeyman

    Are Merc AAs shared or individual amongst the personas?
  18. Duckforceone Lord of the Ducks

    see that's the thing.. they have basically removed all reason for me as a tlp player to buy the expansion.

    it was supposed to make it easy for me to switch... now it's not easy anymore.. i might as well juggle an extra character instead of having to micro manage my inventory...
  19. Alnitak Augur

    "The chase evolving items will be inaccessible to a Persona if that Persona is a different archetype" - they will be later, as I deduce from statements like "No changes have been made to the evolving cloak or earring at this time" and " It is possible this change could be considered in the future.". I believe in DPG, they'll do something later, perhaps even something good.

    So far, the personas are implemented exactly as I have anticipated. And I plan to have lots and lots of fun leveling them up. And I will upgrade my standard pre-ordered expansions to Collector's level for 2 extra Persona slots primarily.
    And eventually, my clerics, rogues, chanters, zerkers, SKs, warrior, paladin and druids will be rolled into bards, mages and wizards and contribute on missions.
    And I will raid them too as bards and rangers.
    Lots and lots of playtime ahead. Meaningful, enjoyable playtime, not just boring Overseer and TA's.
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  20. Cuzon Elder

    This is really, really disappointing. How is it that JChan swears they will do better about listening to input from the community, but then allows this to move forward as is? The community is telling you this is a bad idea. This feature could add so much fun to the game for so many people, but in it's current state with the restrictions on where you can swap, you have essentially killed almost all interest in it for a very large number of players.

    This feature (I am not sure why I am even calling it that at this point) was being sold as "a faster way to change between classes" instead of logging in an alt. How exactly is this faster? I have to stop what I am doing, travel to a fast camp zone, swap, run back to where I was, and continue with what I was doing. How exactly is that faster than me just firing up an alt? I am not trying to be ugly here. I am genuinely curious as to how this is faster.

    Can we PLEASE get some more information as to why this is being handled this way? What was the vision for this when it was pitched and approved? What exactly are the ups and downs to keeping these restrictions from a dev's point a view?