Alternate Personas ETA?

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  1. Alnitak Augur

    I disagree, I think you are miscalculating the amount and severity of "suckage".
    It will take approximately 150 days to level up a Persona from level 110 to level 125 via Overseer. Without any adjustments for experience bonus in that time or other experience gains - just log in, click Overseer and log out.
    That means every of your accounts can have 4 level 125 personas by the time the max level will be bumped to 130.
    That is with Overseer experience alone.
    If you chose to actually grind your experience, then with today's mob experience numbers it will take approximately 15 hours of grinding per level, or 75 hours to go from 120 to 125. Cut it in half with Lesson and cut even more with server experience bonus seasons.

    If you planned ahead - you may have hundred's (plural) of Overseer Collectibles Dispensers stashed in your bank to split between your main and alternate Personas. That's an individual choice.
    I am very sure that by the time the maximum level will become 130 everybody who is interestsed in Personas will have all their allowed personas leveled up to the max level they wanted.
    From my personal experience - Personas are very overpowered on low levels - they can easily kill mobs 30 levels highers than themselves without getting in danger.
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  2. Bernel Augur

    Did you have some kind of special buff to have this power? I didn't experience this. My personas seemed to be about as strong as they should be for their level. They could maybe take a yellow and live.
  3. Mikana Augur

    "Up and limping", more like :)
  4. Alnitak Augur

    Well, after clicking Jann's Veil, Underbulk Familiar and Shik'nar saddle and using stat food/drink in the inventory my level 1 rogue had 8K+ health + some insane AC for lvl 1. And My lvl 1 tank mercenary had 34K+ HP with the remaining buffs. That was more than enough to kill everything in Blightfire Moor without any gear or buffs on my rogue. I am sure the devs will nerf something, but I expect Personas to remain overpowered for the levels.
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  5. uberkingkong Augur

    Have you considered /overseer?
    Do you know about overseer?

    Leveling a person 1 to 125 is nothing especially if your end game.
    Now doing that as a returner/newplayer, thats not fun.

    Timesink for returner/newplayer, not a end game player.

    Returner/newplayers have too many timesinks as is, they have to do heroic AAs, huge timesink. Now not geared/AA'd enough to smoothly do 1 to 125 levels? Even huger timesink for them.

    Timesink for end game player, thats doing heroic AAs all over again.
    If you remove that, been here for long time end game player doesn't have a timesink really.

    So if heroic AAs are retained, just retain levels too, why make someone level again. Returner/newplayer sure as heck doesn't want to get to 98 or so whatever level they are at all over again. Took them 4 months to get to 98, they not looking forward to that again.

    If your removing timesinks for something, that is for end game players, heroic AAs, just remove the timesink of leveling.

    This game caters way too much to been here forever end game players.
    Creating these timesinks for returner/newplayers.
    Not for themselves.
  6. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Think I am going to stick with my boxes. AP are sounding more and more like a nightmare than a dream.
  7. uberkingkong Augur

    Sounds just like playing an alt just using the same name is the only difference.
    No more is "I_Love_My_Bandwidth" on in any form?

    Just log in your alt aka AP, still online with same name just different class now.

    Now if your an anonymous player. Probably don't want people to know all your personas, this AP is not for them.

    If your boxing, this AP doesn't affect boxers.
    Its not like account 2 is going to merge into account 1 and be the AP.

    AP doesn't affect boxers.

    If your a newplayer/returner, say your lvl 98, struggling. Took 4 months so far since you been back.
    Starting over at 1? Probably gonna be a burnout and bye bye. Especially if your say 98 is struggling. You'll probably get to high 60s and start rethinking it and realizing the timespent already 4+ months 5+ months.
    Could you be doing something better, more modern, more enjoyable?

    Level is just a timesink for newplayers/returners. Not for a end game player.
    "Hey raid buddy mind PLing me/us"
    newplayer/returner, ugh lvl 1 again got to get back to say 98, ugh. I've been back 4 months and not even close to max, ugh. AP does nothing but more timesink.
    Heroic AA doing that again and again, thats both timesinks.
    Newplayer/returner they don't even have these, so its not really a timesink to them until they get to the end game and start to realize that they need to work on their
    0/94 Heroic Vitality.

    These thought process people.
    They need to realize, these timesinks, is AP designed to be a timesink.

    Who is actually going to feel the brunt of the timesink? The end game players ("hey buddy can you PL me, use my max level box PL myself") or
    newplayer/returner, struggling at mid level. AP struggle again all over again. Timesink 4 months to 98. Now another timesink. Change another timesink.

    Returner/newplayers they don't have easymode to max. These timesinks are expontial to them.
    End game players, meh its not a real timesink. Give them 2 weeks, being generous.

    Leveling is a timesink for newplayers/returners.
    Heroic AA, thats a timesink too but its more for the completionist players aka the end game players.
    You remove Heroic AA timesink, your removing the timesink for the end game players.
    Newplayer/returner could careless about Heroic AAs. They too busy trying to reach max level.

    These thought process people.
    They need to realize, these timesinks, is AP designed to be a timesink and whose actually gonna feel the brunt of it. Do those people need more timesinks?

    what people tell people that are trying to level near max.
    Have you thought about overseer.
    You can still do overseer, give the xp to your APs.
    Thats what you tell everyone else, now why you complaining now?
    Do y'all know about Overseer?
    Overseer overseer overseer. Xp thats how its done.
  8. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Personas is working to some extent on Beta. It clearly and boldly states the feature may break your character. Use with caution.

    Personas is accessed from your inventory window by clicking on the personas tab at the top. You can have the number of personas that you have slots unlocked / paid for.

    You can pick any class. Doing so will push you to character select. Class and name will be locked. You can change your race to any race which that class can be. You can do the normal edits of diety, starting city, appearance, etc.

    Once you are done, you will load in as a level 1 toon. Yes, this is like leveling an alt. However, you maintain the same inventory, so I have my drunkard stein for example, my same illusions, ports, everything I would normally have. I have all of my ACH.

    All of my armor is yellow however, because it doesn't work with the level and class. I can beta buff to level 125, however, almost all of my armor has some sort of class based conflict. This is because my raid armor is class specific. However, even non-class specific armor, like my cloak, is arch-type specific, so a RNG can wear some armor the SHD can wear, but not all of it, and a MAG would likely be able to wear almost none of it.

    This means you still need a full set of armor on the persona, which given you could have a lot of personas, that's a boatload of inventory being taken up.

    What I really don't understand is the plan for augs. Unless I can duplicate them, how does that work? They are lore, so I can only have 1, but I can't have that aug in SHD and RNG armor at the same time.

    I really really wish this feature existed 2 years ago when I switch my 20 year old CLR for a SHD. I can really see how this feature is just a gigantic benefit for main changes.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure how this feature is a benefit over making an alt. It would be nice if my RNG had the benefits that my raiding main had, or playing my RNG could advance my raiding main, but ultimately it's an alt, the inventory management seems troublesome, I have no idea how augs are going to work, and I still can't level my cloak on an alt anyway because my RNG can not wear an ENC cloak.

    I think that account linked ACH and style friends lists would have been much less complicated to implement with bigger benefits. I'm just not sure what this is accompishing other than for main changes.
  9. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Old man Thorren gives out epics so I was able to get epics for any class I tried. Having the CLR shield on my SHD is very cool, however, it has no stats and since the ornament has a class restriction it would probably still kill the stats on my shield. This again would be awesome for main changes and I definitely would have considered using personas when I main changed my CLR to SHD. Would be cooler if they removed the class restrictions on ornaments because I would definitely be rocking Earthcaller with Aegis of Superior Divinity, and when I 2H, Staff of Eternal Eloquence. I also tried to summon my SHD mount while on the CLR persona and I could not due to the class restrictions. It is unfortunate that no-trade items are class restricted.

    I also just died suddenly.
    [Wed Nov 22 20:19:04 2023] Targeted (Merchant): Old Man Thorren
    [Wed Nov 22 20:19:04 2023] Stand close to and right click on the Merchant to begin a transaction.
    [Wed Nov 22 20:19:47 2023] You have gained -42 ability point(s)! You now have 0 ability point(s).
    [Wed Nov 22 20:19:47 2023] You have been knocked unconscious!
    [Wed Nov 22 20:19:47 2023] You died.
    [Wed Nov 22 20:19:57 2023] Returning to Bind Location. Please wait...
  10. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    With the improvements made with the latest patch, I am more optimistic this will roll out on time. There is still plenty of work to be done, however, and as of today, it is not ready.
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Main problem I see is going to be inventory space. Though having quests on several personas may also be an issue.

    I'm considering creating the following personas
    Bard - for double invis when moving around
    Rogue - if I don't create the bard
    Mage - for when group mates get lost
    Ranger/druid - for track

    Also considering Shaman, Chanter, rogue for TS - chanter is likely to be a gnome (for tinkering)

    While I have all these as alts, it will be easier to switch to a persona than logging them in and moving them to where they are needed.

    Missing some hunters in various zones, so that is where they will level in the hope of getting the missing ones.
  12. uberkingkong Augur

    So reading this, its a thing for end game players then.
    What returner/newplayer is going to want this feature?
    Say their main is lvl 99, they still trying to get to end game.
    They rethinking should I continue or change class.
    Say they haven't made much friends, think about it, you returned/newplayer. Haven't played with anyone because 1-99 is no one to play with honestly. So there is no friends list. No one knows you.
    No reason to AP.

    Why spend points on AP, rather than just create a new character.
    You back at level 1, and it took a long time to get to 99, months.
    You don't even have heroic vitality and such.

    Timesink for newplayer/returner.

    Timesink for raiders, end players been around here for years?
    Let me get my box and boom, max level.

    There is no timesink about getting a character to max level.
    People at end game boxes already.

    Wasting so much time on this feature, rather than a different feature.
    Raiders seriously needing this.
    THis doesn't anything for newplayer/returner because back to level 1.

    If your keeping the heroic vitality and such, achievements and such.
    Mine as well keep the level.

    Leveling isn't fun.
    EQ is much invested making sure the leveling is a grind.
    Leveling is a burnout.

    Timesinks for end game players? This isn't much, 1 month every possible AP done for those sweaties trying to get AP for everything.

    Now what, give us more.
    Never ending give us more.
    100% of the expansion is for end game players. Want more not possible. We want more.
    What has this done? 49/140.
    Is this gonna make EQ better, better rating. No. It is just going to make newplayers/returners feel even more behind. Not even max level and have to level personas too, uuuuuugh. They aren't end game players with boxes PL characters ready and so on. They struggling mid game. And the game wants them to pay $$$$$ just to start over at lvl 1, using the same name even though you no friends, no heroic AAs. Just make a new character. AP is nothing to returner/newplayer.

    You should have not gave them achievements, have to get the heroic AAs again.
    Now you got a timesink for those sweaties.

    Leveling though, thats not a timesink for sweaties.
    Why did you make AP, whats the reason.

    For newplayers/returners, does nothing they have no friends they have 0/98 heroic vitality.
    For end game players timesink. They gonna be done every AP by next expansion, leveling?

    Leveling just affects the newplayers/returner a lot more than some end game player with a PL box. All they need is 1 beefy max level and thats enough.
    Newplayer/returner say level 99, they gonna burnout thats what.

    why AP, whats the purpose. Is it really needed.
    Who is the target market AP, and why.
    Now after knowing that, is AP actually doing what you think its doing?
    Honestly, they going about AP wrong.
    Should be retain level.
    The timesinks should be doing all those achievements again.

    How to play with others?
    If they did retain levels BUT you need to achievements/heroic AAs, it would be,
    Well my AP hasn't done those achievements so lets group together.

    Current way AP is setup.
    I have those achievements done, I do not need to those, go away. I have my box PL toon. I do not need you. Go away.

    Need to think about.
    Whats the purpose of AP
    Is how it is fulfilling that purpose honestly?

    Terrible way to go about AP. It's doing opposite of what they thinking if its to get people to play together.
    I would do a cleric but its lvl 1.
    can't play that

    I have AP 125 now, it has all the achievements, so no reason to do those again, no I do not want to help you with your 0/98 heroic vitality issue.

    Compared to,
    Yes I have AP, my shaman has no achievements yet. I'm interested in working on heroic AA with you. Lets do it. Max level, already there. No achievements, Stuff to do, lets do it.
    I'll help you with your 0/98 heroic vitality, I have several APs we can choose from.

    Thats the max level retained, but no achievements process idea.

    But they go the other way around.
    End game player point of view. They want nothing to do with others. Keep their heroics AAs so they don't have to worry about them like the returners/newplayers are struggling with. And they have no one going LFG to do with and what not.

    Its your problem not mine. End game player thought.
    Lets keep the heroic AAs, its their problem not mine.
    Returners/newplayers shafted by this way they going about AP. End game players benefit.

    Short term vs long term.
    Many bad decisions past 10 years year after year.
    EQ 49/140 for a reason.

    Having to do heroic AAs all over again, many personas. That is something keeping people busy for a long long long time.
    Short term, I don't this problem that newplayers/returners have. So retain them. I just like entertaining newplayers/returners and letting them know they have tons to do, there is tons to work on.

    Newplayers/returners they aint looking timesinks. Their main timesink. Leveling.
    AP, the only it doesn't do.

    Think about it. Think think think from not your point of view. From point of view why the MMORPG community has EQ at 49/140.
    Are you addressing the issues or just further inflaming them?

    Newplayers/returners. Leveling is a huge timesink they don't even to get to max level most likely. AP, start from 1 again. Yeah thats not helping anything.

    End game players need timesinks?
    You giving them all the achievements free?
    You basically removed the years and years of easy timesinks for them.
    Oh now they looking timesinks again. Well poor decision poor thought process now you gotta spend another expansion 100% on end game players coming up with some timesink for them.

    Lose lose. Lose all day with this AP design.
  13. Bernel Augur

    I'm looking forward to adding a low level Druid AP to my mid level molo Warrior. Being able to switch over to the Druid for fast invis travel will be great. Using the Druid's track will be great when I need it. Being able to gate back home will be great. I can see it being useful for a lot more than class switching in a six-man box crew.
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  14. uberkingkong Augur

    This is assuming AP is in the same location as a different AP.

    Say they aint, now what.
    They probably aint because they just nerfed teleport clickies.

    Know what if that is the case.

    Say raid environment.
    "everyone change to your persona to teleport and teleport there"

    left the raid left the raid left raid
    can i get raid invite I'm here now.

    But I don't really care about raiders right now, they already got it easy.
    Their boxes are full highest tier raid geared, due to easymode raids. And they consuming expansions with 100% geared towards them and everything towards them. Not good for MMORPG.

    Core vision dwindled into raid heavy.
    It's not EQ back the 1999 era, more roleplaying.
    Its 2023 niche raid focused end game sweaty raiding focused EQ. With easymode raids of course because they can get their boxes full raid gear, thats how easy it is.

    I don't see anything wrong with AP being in the same location though, its not a big deal as compared to retaining level or retaining achievements/heroic AAs.

    btw for PoK tele clicky, comes during anniversary, very easy to do.
    Don't have to have to goto character select, pick the wizard. port yourself to pok. character select. pick your main. Thats a hassle, and camping outside of pok, thats full 30 seconds. Use throne of heroes AA that is free.

    AP pushes more min/max play too.
    Wizards just don't enough dmg compared to rogues.
    DPS, play rogue AP.
    To join this hardcore endgame raid, you need personas. You don't have sorry not sorry.
    This raid fight, everyone dps go mage, pets win this fight.

    Pushes bad game design.
    Everyone has achievements retained. So pushes min/max raiding.
    Don't care if you like wizards.
    You get your achievement retained so play what the meta is. Meta is rogue right now, so be a rogue.
  15. Bernel Augur

    The AP won't be in a different location. Wherever you are when you switch, that's where you'll be. So if my Warrior is in a remote dungeon, that's where I'll be as the AP when I switch. And gate/bind won't just be for going to PoK. Being able to bind my Warrior in a far away place by leveraging my AP Druid's bind means I can quickly get to where I want to fight. Then I can use my stein or the Druid's port to get to PoK. That's the kind of stuff I'm really excited about with personas.
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  16. Iuwene Augur

    On Beta there is now a help text for the personas. It clearly states that you will only be able to switch in starter zones or fast camp zones.

    So RIP persona, you are Dead On Arrival.
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  17. Randomized Augur

    They reverted back to this huh? Started off this way, then it was changed to just OOC in any zone, and now it's back to fast camp zones
  18. Luinne B`Haen Lorekeeper

    I wonder if the delayed release is due to SquareEnix not being happy DBG is basically swiping the class mechanics from FFXIV to use in EQ.
  19. uberkingkong Augur

    They finalize AP yet or is it still in discussion.

    FFXIV leveling is different than EQ leveling.
    Can't just copy their method that's dumb.

    EQ2 could do it, but EQ its a different time. Different era game.

    EQ you don't go around clicking on stuff to harvest, unlike EQ2 to modern do.
    Many many other things EQ2 and modern games do different EQ.

    EQ isn't in a position to just copy and paste other games methods because its older era game.

    Just jump in EQ and jump in EQ2. See the difference. Way too many differences I'm not gonna waste my time.

    EQ = 1999 game, Playstation1 era foundation. vision, vibes, gameplay, thought process

    2004 PS2 era, WoW, EQ2,
    PS2 games are still legit good, GTA San Andres just as good as GTA V.
    GTA 2 or whatever, try doing GTA 5 stuff, can't because different foundation, era. etc.
    PS2 era Graphics still pretty good too, if not better in some cases.

    Leveling, how leveling is.
    Playstyle how it is.
    So much difference EQ and EQ2 (modern games).

    EQ is in a rough position, they would be able to better if EQ2 was the cash cow (popular one) and EQ was just there for the ride. Foundation in EQ2 is better suited for copy paste of FFXIV idea/vision of their AP.

    EQ is different foundation that FFXIV AP isn't gonna smoothly and see the same benefits FFXIV does. It has to adjust.

    EQ I'd have levels retain than Heroic AA, because all you do in EQ is quests.
    Theres no roleplaying side things and fun things. Its straight up quest.

    All those Heroic AAs thats doing quests.
    If you keep the quests completed. You basically do AP and ok I have everything 120, now what, my quests retained.
    Guess its time for TLP.

    If its level retained and quests not.
    Well I have a 120 druid, lets get going with these quests.
    Got stuff to do, lots of stuff to do.
    TLP burnout happening well rather than playing a different game, I'll go back live work on my AP aka the quests I have to do.

    End game player is getting all their AP or whichever ones they care about max level no problem, then they gonna be bored. Because you retained how this game is played, all the quests done for heroic AAs.
  20. Marton Augur


    No reason to use personas then.
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