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  1. Micker99 Augur

    Again, personas are a QoL improvement for you main character. They won't replace alts that you have. It's the fact you can be any class you want and use their abilities, with the click of a button. If that doesn't blow your mind, not sure you really understand how powerful that is.

    I have 6 lifetime accounts, with every possible combo of maxed level 120 classes on all those accounts. I'm not making personas to have an alt, just to give my current toons, many more abilities, for easier/safer travel(you have tried to use auto follow right lol?), easier buffing, tracking etc.. You could switch your mage to a bard for a second, click Selos for the group, then back again, as an example, if you didn't have a bard in group. I'm probably not gonna gear up the personas more than basic stuff, because I probably won't actually play that personas class, just use the ability from it that I need. I have had camps I wanted to get my toons to, but it was so difficult. Now it will be easy. Also, logging off my main, then an alt on to buff, then camping out, then back on, it's annoying. Sure it is a time sink, but that's the great thing about it, it gives even the most hardcore player lots to do. I haven't played much in months, because I maxed all my guys out. Maybe there will even be lower level groups for fun?? A toon with many personas, will be amazing.
  2. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Yes, you can switch your mage to bard and selos your group. But you can't selos your mage. So switching back just means you are now the slowest member of the group.

    If you can't self buff with your personas, thats a pretty major disadvantage over bringing an alt.

    I'm not arguing personas aren't going to be useful, but upon initial reading I assumed they could replace alts for solo utility, allowing you to buff yourself, and maybe gain access to other class abilities and items/epics for flavor and maybe even meta gamebreak purposes.
    At present this appears to not be the case. I don't play alts, I can't see a use where this will improve my main from a power perspective. So I probably won't take the time to use it.
  3. Tuco Augur

    I'll be replacing a ton of my characters. The benefit to being able to share hard-fought benefits like heroic AAs, chase items, Slayer, etc is just too strong.

    It's going to be funny creating an Enchanter persona on my Bard, while there is a level 120 Enchanter on his account.
  4. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Three issues the way I see it, and a great example of how it may be very useful, to counter @Tyranthraxus objections....

    1 - You already have the alts. Yeah, there may be less use of this feature for the power players with a full stable, but I think are plenty of others who would still like other chars, but haven't rolled/leveled the alts yet. If I had a choice between an alt, and a persona, I'll go for the persona, with one obvious exception: Adding another box to my team. In that case, obviously, you're rolling a new char, because it's a new account.

    2 - the leveling of the persona itself. @Micker99 brings up some valid points. My response would be, that process is temporary (eventually, they're max level), so, decide which is better for you (alt or persona) and do that. If the leveling process for you choice is more annoying, so be it. The time at max level will be much greater than the time leveling.

    3 - Now, you've rolled and leveled the persona. Is it better or worse than an alt? Well, it goes places with you, so that's pretty awesome. Are there any features of an alt that a persona doesn't have? Well, sure, there's the buffing issue that @Tyranthraxus raises, but that can even be an issue with alts. If I have a team which lacks a particular buff class, I still need that buffer to be on ANOTHER account, to have the buff hit the whole team. It's only not an issue if that extra buff class gets added to the team permanently.

    Now, the example I think counters his objection ("I can't see a use where this will improve my main from a power perspective"). You have a mage? Now, add a rogue persona. Swap to the rogue, SoS your way to wherever you want the group to be, swap back to the mage and CotH them over! That's the very first persona addition I'll be making :)
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  5. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    Why is anyone trying to talk people out of using this game feature? If it's not something for you, then just don't use it. Those of us that are going to use it have absolutely no obligation to justify our reasons to anyone.
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  6. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Exactly this. People who choose not to make alts now...the reason why is irrelevant...aren't going to be leveling up personas for exactly the same reason(s). In fact, unless personas are going to get a HUGE xp boost, it's going to be a nightmare to level them past 110 since they won't get the achievement xp rewards.

    This isn't a QoL's a cash grab, monetization feature to help sell a new expansion. If it was simply a QoL improvement, they would just use the coding that's already there (Legacy rules on Oakwynd, sharing achievements on the account like Overseer, etc.) to make the alts people aleady more playable.
  7. Micker99 Augur

    Well, at first, I wouldn't be wasting my time creating and leveling a persona, when I had a maxed character for that class, on the account already. I would do the utility personas first, that I wanted(Bard, Druid, Mage etc),then if I wanted to level a new alt, I would make it a persona instead of another separate character after that. But that's the cool thing, people can customize and do what they want. If you want a full alt, all fully geared and AAed, to switch to for groups, awesome. If you just want a half naked, auto grant AA druid so you can TP, or barely equipped Bard for easier travel etc, then that works too. Some will just want personas for access to other classes abilities, some as a full alt to play.
  8. DeadRagarr Augur

    I just stopped replying to it after being told that I wouldn't create a beastlord persona because I didn't create a beastlord alt 0_o. At that point its just debating a wall, and it sounds more fun to watch the paint dry on it instead.
  9. FranktheBank Augur

    Just because you are too dense to see the QOL, doesn't make it true. switching to a wizard to teleport bind, switching too druid to teleport to different bind, all with different gates, being able to swap what class I am on raids without switching characters (and without losing access to slayer and stuff).
  10. Randomized Augur

    You just contradicted yourself. You have every combination possible (well, you don't...there's 8088 combinations meaning you'd need 578 accounts to pull that off), so you wouldn't have a reason to create a persona for a specific buff/ability when you have a character with that ability, already at the ready...

    Then you go on to say:

    If you have 6 life time accounts...why are you not utilizing them. I understand wanting to play 1 character at a time...but i'm not going to waste the time to level a persona when i've got a 120 that takes 30 seconds to log in and give me the benefit I want/need at that moment. 30 seconds > X amount of months leveling a new persona

    Ah, reading comprehension at it's finest. You just simply have no logical rebuttal is all. I never said you WOULDN'T. I said you won't NOW if persona's were currently active. A persona in know way buffs or increases benefit or appeal of a new class if there isn't something there wanting you to play the character now. Persona's have no benefit of procrastinating until the feature is ready. Persona's have no incentive to wait to create a character until the feature is rolled out as opposed to making one tomorrow.

    Is this really worth using up persona slots, or buying slots, simply to teleport to 2-3 different areas as opposed to the 2-3 minutes it'd take to get there manually?
  11. Micker99 Augur

    Guy don't use personas then, I don't get paid when you use it lol. Also, you get 3 FREE persona slots per toon. You can't understand how I want to be on my Mage, click a button, TP, click another button and run with bard speed/double invis to where I want to go, without having to log on any alts and auto follow and all that non sense? You can do all best class abilities on ONE character. I can not stand having to log in a bunch of different alts, just to get one guy somewhere. Also, how will I get my toons to an area with see invis, that's hard to reach? Now I can use my bard persona on my mage to get there and Coth my group. You can't see the amazing power of that? It's pretty damn OP. I have no idea why you are against this. You will see how OP this is, once you use it.

    Some people will make the personas full alts, some will just use them for the class abilities, to make life easier and quicker. Less logging and switching and all that non sense. It's just a QoL improvement to save frustration and time.
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  12. Randomized Augur

    So you dont have life time accounts with all 16 classes at 120

    Because I'm already doing all of this with my alts, who are logged in and in the group already.

    I mean I don't know who you're CoTH when you said it's just your one SK...who has access to invis, IVU, and Deaths Effigy. You run to where you want and play dead.

    Again, and even you said it, I don't see the use of leveling another character that I already have at 120 just to use an ability that I've already had access to this whole time.

    It doesnt take any extra time to log in an alt when I log into all of my accounts all at the same time
  13. yodo Augur

    Yes, especially on TLPs.
  14. Randomized Augur

    TLPs I've already tipped my hat to and mentioned this having a lot of use there. Especially early/new TLPs. But on something like Mangler or even Mischief already..nah
  15. Micker99 Augur

    Never mind then, if you can't see the power in having all the classes abilities on one guy, then it's just a wasted conversation. I'm not going to try to sell it to you, just saying why I think it's incredible for me. Can you bind at many different locations with your rogue and gate or TP, like a wizard? You can now and many other things you can't do with just having alts. It's a time saver at worst. Again, you will come around, after you see what people are doing with them. Also, many people don't have several accounts, with maxed out toons, a wizard, druid, bard etc to do those things, some only have 1 or two accounts.
  16. Knifen Augur

    The idea of what it can be used for it nice ill agree. My thought was that it could have been done so much easier.

    Add the utility discs/spells to all classes EVEN if there is no animation to go along with it. You're basically doing the same exact thing with a whole bunch of extra coded steps that dont need to be there with personas)

    IE a rogue with Track, (we have rez tokens so thats solved currently), Selo Speed, grant all classes the AA with whatever quest or steps or whaterver to allow it) And before you jump in with it breaks the whole roleplay and char style. Well so does personas, in what world of original game play is a warrior gonna instantly change to a bard run somewhere, change to a mage coth someone, change back to a tank... Whole lotta extra steps for just granting the unique abilities of diff character types. My way also solves the need to lvl up and gear and store gear for how many personas you want to make. Wouldnt need em anymore.

    Want to move your group faster.
    Lower fellowship CF to be dropped with 1 toon instead of 3. Prob Solved

    for new TLP servers sure I could see this being worked on, during non-live expansion release time.
  17. Randomized Augur

    What's the difference between having it on one character or any of the 3-4 I have on all at the same time?

    It's actually faster for me to double invis and selos my mage and run him and CoTH the group than it is to have one character trying to do it all

    Again, tell me what use is this persona feature to me when I have all the abilities persona is going to grant, right now at the ready, before personas even hit live...if they ever do?

    And again, you have to level these personas separately. Where as my box group is leveling equally together. So while you're leveling up a persona to get to a specific camp in specific group has already done cleared it and moved on

    I can see the benefit from a singular account/character perspective. But with the addition of free accounts where people have done EXACTLY what this persona feature is supposed to do for the last 10 years...this personas thing is a little redundant. TLPs will see the biggest use which leads to it just being a money grab
  18. Micker99 Augur

    Well I think the issue with that, is that you could use those abilities during combat. Very different from being a rogue, able to change into a bard or being a rogue with bard abilities. One is a great utility, the other is way way OP for the current game design. I mean if you had to be out of combat to use the abilities, that might work? But then you have issues like spells, pets etc.. I don't see that working.
  19. Knifen Augur

    Like making old weapons OP for their current expansions by retroing their stats?

    Could also make those non std class discs not able to be used while in combat. Problem solved.
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  20. FranktheBank Augur

    Absolutely. I can't even begin to explain to joy of never, ever, having not to go to siren's grotto (either TLP or live) ever again. Ashengate/Frostcrypt. Rathe Council Chambers. Convorteum, Sanctus Somnium.

    Every expac has a place thats annoying to get to, especially with agroup (whether real ppl or boxes).
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