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    Ok so my son and I decided to come back to EQ after, oh say, 12 years? Maybe. And as much seems to be the same, much has changed. We both started fresh new accounts but there doesn't seem to be any claimable mounts in the latest expansion. Do we not get the claims from previous expansions?

    Another question. Where is a good source of info regarding hot zones? I am reading conflicting statements saying they change every 4 months, or every day? Or should we not even bother with hot zones right now? We are lv 25ish atm. There is just sooo much I have forgotten and there doesn't seem to be to many good sources of info for the game any more that isn't outdated.
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    I can't really speak to the mount question but as for hot zones I'm not sure I'd bother.

    With so long gone I always recommend players do the Hero's Journey until they're well into their 60s and 70s.

    Locating the hot zones you can usually just talk to Franklin Teek int he Plane of Knowledge and he will offer you a quest for your level. This will tell you what the hot zone is for you.

    Welcome back.
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    If you recall your old access, there are advantages to regaining the old account, Veteran rewards are very useful. If you do not recall the information, it may be possible to inquire from Daybreak, they will require enough information to verify. Claim items are only available for general things such as welcome packages and from Expansions you actually bought.
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    Hot zone quests can yield darn good xp, aling with decent belt/cloak/shoulders upgrades.

    Some hot zone quests are darn easy - both in terms if getting to and singling out the mobs to kill. Some can be a royal nightmare. Like chromadracs in Skyfire.
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    EQ is one the most overwhelming games in gaming history. Even top-shelf players who have studied it for years aren't really sure how the damn thing works.

    The good news is that the game is pretty easy to progress in and you don't need to understand everything to do just fine. Just keep doing what you can, keep reading, learn as you go and it'll be OK.
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  7. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    No mounts are in included from previous expansions since they were usually part of the premium or collectors edition of the expansions. All you get are the expansions, you do not get any of the goodies. This is if your playing free and just logging in with the expansions all accounts get free now. Up to EOK free.

    However, if you purchase the premium edition which is 50% off right now then yes, you would get a flying carpet mount.

    The reason for the confusion on the dailys is because the format has changed over time. The following will be confusing unless you read it all - don't just skim thru:

    Franklin Teek is the one that gives the daily hot zone kill quests. We will discuss his brother Clayton in a minute. From level 20 and every 5 levels up to level 95. You can get more than one at a time and it is usually suggested you do that because if you only get one then you are locked out of any of the others for 24 hours. So get a level or 2 tasks around your current level. Even if you don't do them right then and there. You might want to later that day and would be locked out of getting any level of another one.

    The hot zones change the first of the month. They can also change whenever the server is interrupted (patch day, tech issues) There is a set list they rotate thru. They do not change daily. But you can do them daily.

    But the "hot" part of the zones stay in effect even when the task is not given by Teek. For example say Arcstone was the hot zone last month and now its something else. You can still go kill in Arcstone and get bonus exp for kills you just do not get the rewards of armor or plat from the kill 5 task.

    Each task will give you some plat, one of 3 pieces of armor and exp. Once you have the armor you can sell any future armor to the npc's or in the baz if you want to set up a trader (requires paid account) They are easy tasks, go kill 5 of a mob in a zone. Sometimes the hard part is just getting to the zone.

    These zones have "hot" augs which are special non prestige augs that pretty much are guaranteed to drop in the zone frequently.

    LDON is also similar to these and will give good exp also but are not hot zones.

    Now Franklin's brother or cousin - I forget which - is named Clayton and is next to Franklin and gives out HA or Heroic Adventures Bonus quests that you can do starting at level 75. He will port you there to the quest giver. Much harder tasks. THESE are the ones that change daily.
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    Ok all good info and thanks for the help. Just gonna do what we are doing and learn what I can, maybe try and get my old account back to.
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    It's a difficult process to go through to get your old account back, especially if you can't remember, exactly, your CC info, the email address and security questions.

    I came back after 10 years of playing and my old account from April 2000 was deleted, with all my mains on them. It was active until like 2011, so I had a ton of good gear and plat on my toons. Luckily (? - not really), I was able to recover another older account, but the one toon I had on there worth a darn was ridiculously under-geared, so, if you do get your account back, be prepared for that.

    I've not found a single group yet, in 2 months of play. I have a level 85, that I paid for, and still have to solo. I wouldn't really trust myself in a group since I don't know the spells, the AAs and/or abilities that are new and hence, don't know the role that the character would play in the group.

    If you are going to play, I would not suggest buying an advanced toon. Go through the pain of leveling and learn the class' nuances, that way you might feel comfortable playing your role in a group/guild.

    Watch out for hyperinflation. Much of the older gear that is usable by level 1's, like haste items (Cowl of Mortality, as an example) sell for a million plat or more, when they are for sale. I camped plat-making areas for 2 months and only made 86k platinum and got no drops. On my server, guilds have the EXACT spawn times down for any good drops and kill the mobs before anybody can get to them; 2 days ago, a level 110 logged on while I was clearing my way to the Avatar of War, without asking what I was camping, killed it and looted all the good gear. I wasted 2 weeks of my life on this with nothing whatsoever to show for it.

    Just understand that you are tremendously behind pretty much everybody on the server, who apparently doesn't do shrouds anymore, and that inflation rules everything: Stats, AAs, and especially the server economy.
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    Come play on the Test Server =)
    All accounts are flagged as ALL ACCESS, so there are no restrictions.
    However, since you can copy your characters from the Live servers every 8 hours with gear and plat, there isn't an economy on the Test server.
    But, on a good note, people give out Plat as well as gear free, and sometimes if you listen to General Chat, people give out Mounts and Rares.
    To copy a character from Live, simply use the command /Testcopy
    Items and plat on your character will be copied... be sure to force a save by zoning or re-logging before you copy ;)
    Also, there's an active guild that streams on Youtube that's on the Test Server.
    Search for "CM99games"
  11. Fluid Augur

    Just a note on old accounts. IIRC older accounts/characters were only deleted if the character(s) were below level 20. Fuzzy memory, when the game first launched they sold 50k CDs(guess based on production runs at the time) in the first month. They tried to cram all of us on 3 servers. As soon as they added servers people migrated in mass. No big loss personally as I doubt it I made 6 levels on that first character.

    Remember that at level 85 you can group with level 110 & get experience. LOTS of guilds are comprised of people you may not want to be in just because it is a bad fit. I could tell scare stories you would have trouble believing. Family Guild is a polite way of saying ~tolerant and personality driven vs wennie sock pooper with OCD guild. I'd suggest going to the guild recruitment forum here and requesting a membership.
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    Just an update on getting my original account back, I did end up retrieving it even though I had most of info wrong. It was a bit of a process but well worth it and I want to give a shout out to customer service for the help and patience through the process.
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    You may want to keep a buff box on the new account. I keep a druid for ports and damage shield. Only 87, I used the 1.5 times level to keep with in groups. He has crap gear but with teleport bind, you can do insane travel shortcuts and eliminate downtime to pure combat time and pulling. I don't ds plvl but some do.

    Closest port to valdeholm? Wiz port or steppes or 4 zones through pok book. Or one tp bind and you're there.

    Just one small example, you could have a bard box that you use for melody and pulling.
  14. catcattank Elder

    If subscribed, the journeyman tier 1 merc has about 10x the power of an under gear character. Once you hit 60 to 70 with AA you will start to outperform the merc as long as gear is good.
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    Torvail, just check my website for an augmentation spreadsheet in the tools section. You can use it as a leveling guide but hotzones are not always the most rewarding and appealing zones for exp.