Almost afraid to post this, but interested in opinion..

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by LhurgoyfXIII, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. LhurgoyfXIII New Member

    All right so nothing special or fancy, but possibly TLDR for some: either way.

    I would like to start by saying I have the utmost respect for some of you players who have been around the past 15 yrs, kept up with all of the hardships and keep on playing. I understand we all deal with the difficulties of the never ending quests that are this game whether past or future..
    I WOULD like to voice something as a long playing returning member.. well, more than something..

    This game used to be a LOT DIFFERENT, and I apologize if it sets any player in arms when we veterans act on these feelings.. honestly its not you're fault and you probably wouldn't understand, and most importantly we are not saying we are better than you in any way, if anything the new armors, weapons, mounts, understandings of area, among all the new progression is alot to take in and quite impressive..

    I feel like there are some of us returning who just simply wish to enjoy the game as we remember it, and start learning the new differences.. but being shunned because you've been in the dark is not fair in any way, and then being diminished just because you miss the days when it took you MONTHS to grind lvl to get to 51, instead of the fastest way possible to 115... classes used to depend on each other... I used to get HATED on BC i was known as the ZEB free porter, drus and wizs always got upset.. but i just wanted to help..

    Anyways that's just an example.. i have many more.. but the basis of what im saying is if you want to rush through the game, fine, leave other ppl to our own fun, why ruin it? i wont get into it but ive already been taken advantage of for millions of pp... but i still like to play when I find a genuine person in need of help... not just trying to get the next best sword for 20m when your 115.. NOT that you players havent earned that, just dont step on other ppl for doing their thing...

    SO what I would like to know is there any future beyond this, or is it just a lost cause for ppl who aren't interested in paying out the wallet and getting 115?
    Is there any possible future for a server that is unobtainable unless your char is umpteen yrs old? it's not like it'd hurt anyone..

    One thing I know is for sure: from the age 15 to 20 i respectively played this game with 2 accts... @ 15 a month for both X 5 years.. thats 30 X 60 = 1,800
    then an average of $20 per with 24 expansions = ( thats 40 X 48 counting both accts. )
    = another 960.

    So I do understand why some of you don't appreciate why we miss the game and its worth saying something... spending 5 years and over $2,700 on a game ( not even adding in these "New Purchases" ) has a little weight when you've been an avid gamer for a long time... not to forget part of the reason this game still exists.

    Again, to each their own, go get your 115 stuff, id help if I could... but please stop trying to put an end to returning players? what good is that doing for anyone??
  2. Bobokin Augur

    Peril Eyes guild on Drinal welcomes returning players that play casually and want to take the time to see the world and level up the old way. We also have players that want to hit the new expacs as well, but there is a balance.

    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" - John Lennon
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  3. Strawberry Augur

    There are dedicated Time Locked Progression Servers, that are very close to what EQ used to be.

    As far as why players rush through the game on veteran servers to higher levels, well, because there is generally no one to play with at lower levels. I don't think it has anything to do with actually wanting to rush through the game, you just don't want to play on your own for 2 years.

    The demographics on a server dictate the playstyle.

    Why do people go live in cities? Because the jobs are there, the people are there, the opportunities are there. Demographic factors dictate the way people behave, it's no different in EQ, you go where the people and opportunities for interaction are, and on veteran servers, that is at higher levels, so you rush through the lower levels.
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  4. bortage Augur

    I don't get what your wallet has to do with getting 115 short of paying the monthly sub but I could just be failing at reading comprehension, could you elaborate a bit further? Like, I guess you could get an 85 boost but that isn't necessary or even recommended for new and returning players
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  5. Maedhros Augur

    Definitely one of the most bizarre posts I've ever seen here.
    I'm not sure what your point is.
    You've been away for a long time.
    You came back and the game is different.
    Now you're being shunned.
    You want to play the game slow but you want to be able to help nice people, even though you are presumably lower level, under geared and under AA'd.

    Apparently you feel you've spent a lot of money.

    Just not quite sure where this is even going.
    Welcome back though!
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  6. LhurgoyfXIII New Member

    as amazing as that sounds, id have to leave behind everything... unless I pay MORE.. lol...
  7. LhurgoyfXIII New Member

    i know you dont understand.. its okay tho. :)
    its not just about me, I see other ppl leaving everyday.. i just care enough to try and stick around long enough to make a difference.
  8. LhurgoyfXIII New Member

    I litterally own a spread with 3 accts from 10 to 90 offering help on many servers... either they just walk away with my $$$ or ask me to help them with their other chars...
  9. Strawberry Augur

    Well, have you tried on Time Locked Progression servers? You say you miss the feeling of grinding for months to lvl 51. But you won't find many people on veteran servers willing to do that, veteran servers are top-heavy servers, you'll have more luck on a TLP server.
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  10. LhurgoyfXIII New Member

    Still tho.. opinions from the minds who understand what im trying to say, are more than welcome... if all you're worried is about endgame.. i guess this discussion isn't for you..
    More than willing to listen but I guess I just kinda expected more than you're average /gen. to respond.

    Either way, will always love this game. no matter what kids play these days on their dad's old acct. <3
  11. LhurgoyfXIII New Member

    No one has really made me aware of anything i didn't look up myself..
    but again, everything gets left behind.. and its hard to leave my accts...
    ... though a fresh start on an old school type server does sound great..
  12. Tucoh Augur

    LhurgofXIII, do what you want and don't let the high levels get you down. That was true in 1999 and it's true in 2020.

    Also who exactly is "trying to put an end to returning players"?
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  13. CatsPaws Augur

    Your post is full of obfuscation and vague but confusing references to plat and or money and people being veteran players and only playing at end game and they hate you and what your trying to do for some reason and are impeding you doing that but you don't want to do it anymore anyway since all your accounts cost you thousands over the years, unlike the rest of us and if you did do what you wanted to do then people would hate you and take advantage of you.

    This confusion is why you are not getting posts YOU can understand. We are trying to help you but you are on the verge of dissing us by saying stuff like "i know you dont understand.. its okay tho" and "I guess I just kinda expected more than you're average /gen. to respond" - like who?

    So bottom line, in one sentence or less - what is it you want?
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  14. Rahkzar New Member

    I also miss those days. I started as a Mage back in 1999 and played on and off since then. It is definitely a different game from back then in many ways. However, there are many people out there that share the view that the grouping part of EQ was the best part, and many of those folks play on the TLP servers.

    For Live, I think there are specific reasons for the change. I think the bulk of the people who play EQ are a bit older, many of which who probably played back when it was grindy. Those players had more time to grind away back then, but today many of them have families and occupations that they work full time at. I also think things have been accelerated to help newer players catch up to Vets.

    With the power differential growing as you get higher in level, it doesn't make sense for EQ to make it take ages to level up, or else new players would never catch up to the people who were at max level (especially if they were 115 and the new player was level 1). And since so much progression is locked unless you are in a group, many people feel the need to box to progress. Because with there being so much content, and much of it being linear in the way you can move forward, you have to be at the same point in progression as those who group with you to help you, that it becomes difficult to actually find people to group with to do the progression. If it took forever, bringing up a box char would not be worth while and more people would quit just because they couldn't progress anymore.

    Also, Darkpaw and Daybreak before it, are developing new content and it makes sense to develop it for the majority of players, which unfortunately is at max level or somewhere in the top 10%. If it took forever to get there, then there wouldn't be a lot of incentive for new players to purchase those expansions because they wouldn't ever see them before they became free and that isn't a good business decision.

    If you can find a group of people of like mind, you can relive the old days on any server (it might not take as long to level, but the relying on friends will be there. If you don't already have a group of people, TLP is probably where you'll find it.
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  15. Fredescu Augur

    What are some examples of the ways you've been shunned and diminished?
  16. Cicelee Augur

    I would love to answer your questions, I just cannot understand and decipher what those questions are.

    Maybe if you throw up a Twitter version of the OP and limit it to 155 characters then I/we can understand your point...
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  17. enclee Augur

    You're not going to be able to recapture that feeling here. However, you can enjoy the game and TLPs for free until May 8th, so don't afraid to scout around for some fellow players. I think Agnarr might be more up your alley, as it is PoP-locked forever.

    On the other hand, I suggest checking out P99 or Project 2002, if you're trying to recapture that same feeling of slow leveling, exploration, and community. They're free, which your post emphasizes being budget minded.

    Whatever, you choose just find what you enjoy. I can't really relate to feeling pressured to be at the top end of the game, because I just did what I found fun. I've taken many vacations away from the game for years at a time, and I don't worry about if I'm missing out.
  18. Thundersnake Lorekeeper

    It sounds like the type of community you desire may exist only one place, test server. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and consider that I may have misunderstood some of what you said. Just an FYI some of what you have said infers that you believe you are better than some others here for what ever reason. So if I have misunderstood you or if I read into what you said correctly, it matters not. please know that above all kindness and helping others is the all encompassing goal of the majority of the community on test. We do our best to keep public channels civil and friendly. If you feel like this is the type of community you feel befits you, please stop by. You need not fear that you will have to give up any progression you have made through the years either. Inquire within test.general for more information.
  19. Yinla Augur

    Your postmakes no sense to me. It isn't clear what your issues are.
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  20. Vumad Augur

    It's like you went to work and told all your co-workers that you job isn't like back when you were in high school, everyone is old now and you have bills to pay and you hate it and no one around you seems to understand.

    Meanwhile everyone feels exactly the same way you do and wishes you'd stop whining and get back to work.

    I miss Qeynos and Blacburrow.
    I miss having tons of people around to grab a group with as I pass through.
    I miss selling tradeskill jewelry as a new low level ENC to people passing by.
    I miss being able to find groups with alts.
    I miss my ENC illusions being special.

    I am glad I have mercenaries so I always have a group.
    I am glad I can box FTP accounts, thusly I am glad I have spool up a porter/tracker for free whenever.
    I am glad the game and my guild still exists.
    I am glad when I came back after not playing for 6 years that people helped me catch up.
    I am glad when people send me tells out of the blue for helping them catch up, because I am paying it forward.
    I am glad for game evolution like Endless Quiver.

    I can't go back to 2003. I have frustrations now like I did then. For me, this is the best EQ has ever been because this is the most I have ever been able to make of it. A lot of that has to do with mercs. I don't LFG, I LFM.

    My 3 accounts cost less per month and one time to out to dinner.
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