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  1. Vanrau Augur

    Alliance of Hope is currently recruiting for all classes. We are a US based guild that raids 8:30 PM EST until around 11:30PM EST at the latest, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We are currently raiding CotF and trying to break into TDS.

    If you are interested in joining us, please send our leadership in game a tell, email or visit our website at and fill out an application here.

    Send a tell/email to any of the following to get in touch with the leadership in game. Zachton, Senwar, Vanrau, Bodesta, Elmindor, Quicksilvers, Enverdaz, Muffinstalker, Truley, Willox, Wolana.
  2. Pootersox New Member

    Greetings, all :)

    I am the new Recruitment head for AoH... I encourage you to give me a /tell, or any of the other names mentioned above. I'd love to tell you why AoH is a wonderful family AND raiding guild.
  3. Xeg_Dags New Member

    Did you log on without a guild tag today? Or are you tired of your guild and want to join a friendly group of serious players who raid three evenings a week and will be available to work through new Kunark content with soon?

    Come on over to Xegony's Alliance of Hope!

    All classes and all good people are accepted!
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  5. Buri Augur

    bump- we're still here! We raid on Sat afternoons now, with guild-based activities Tuesday evenings.
    If you're looking for a family-style guild of helpful veterans, without the pressure of a high-end raiding guild, this may be the place for you!