Allakhazam slashes pricing for Premium service

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  1. Zamiam Augur

    ^ i like'd .. and i am a premium member to EQR , however Zam was and still is a viable source for most things in past content pre HoT if doing any progression from Everquest original thru Underfoot i believe all you have to do is google and zam comes up with the quest and walkthru .. not to mention I used zam a ton back in the day .. for that alone i'll give them 10 bucks for a year sub.. and hopefully they continue to plug some holes and get updated info.. for the very few sites remaining dedicated to EQ I want to say thank you to all the site admin's and volunteers who put long and hard effort into making EQ more enjoyable for myself..I and im sure WE all appreciate all the work you guys do..
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  2. Gidono Augur

    We update the site daily, all day long and even into the morning hours here in the US when our overseas volunteer admins are updating, mostly from people commenting on items, quests, npc's and etc.. Old content information is added almost daily as well. So the information on the site is still valuable even for TLP players. If you are looking for spells for a particular expansion the advanced search will show you all those spells. All spells should be marked as a particular expansion. I know the progression servers are unique and have changed things up a bit from how it used to be. I played on The Combine and have a level 60 in a raiding guild on Phinigel as well so I know the needs of the progression servers.I also play on live and right now the higher priority for me is to update new content because that is lacking more information than progression servers right now.

    We have other volunteer admin that strictly focus on old content and even have a well known TLP raider from these forums here who is a volunteer admin on our site. However this isn't a business, you can't tell people what they should be doing and how much time they should be doing it for since they are volunteers. Some spend a few minutes a day updating a quest here and there. Some spend hours working on stuff. They focus on what they want to focus on with whatever time they want to spend there. It's absolutely beautiful we have people that love and care so much about this game, they are willing to spend all that time doing something they don't get paid to do.

    By the way, if folks aren't aware, you can edit wiki pages that aren't locked if you have enough posts on the site (I think 100? Not sure, I'll see if I can find out). Just like most wiki sites. Many of the wiki pages we have on the site are open for editing.

    Folks on TLP servers, you guys tell me what wiki pages you need, I'll create them and you can go to town editing them. I'll give ya documentation on how to do all sorts of things with info on the site. I know what needs to be done too so I can give advice.

    After all, the site needs some more volunteer admins anyways. Not just for TLP but for new content as well. Let me know if you want to help out.
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  3. gotwar Augur

    100% agree that Zam is far and above the greatest place for old quest info. The information there, particularly on epics, is invaluable.

    Volunteer admins at Zam, also awesome. Super cool that you guys want to put your time in there. I never used Zam (Castersrealm ftw) until very recently, so I don't feel the same sense of attachment. But I am all for multiple sites crowdsourced with info.

    There are also a ton of awesome folks who submit info to EQR, which Riou and Rorce update regularly. They don't call them volunteer admins, or wiki editors, or Alla-Ka-P1mps. They're EQ players. You don't need minimum posts, some special admin access, or anything. Forum account -> login -> post your update.

    Here's Zam's EOK progression page. It's about 50% complete.

    Here's EQR's. It's 100ish% complete with maps and info to get you through each quest, including a detailed progression arc:

    I promise this is the last time I'll hijack this thread to EQresource. Between this post and my last one, I think my stance is made clear. Seems to me that if you're going to promote and support a site... might as well promote the one that is owned by active players in the EQ community that actually give a about the game :)
  4. Brilhasti Elder

    Personally I think you're bang out of order.
  5. gotwar Augur

    You are entitled to your opinion sir, as I am to mine.

    Would like to clarify, as I think my last post came out overly harsh. Zam is great. I've used it many times for old info. And everyone who's contributed to that site over the last 15ish years has done a service to the EQ community.

    The recent slew of new volunteer admins also deserve an especially large and sincere thank you from the player base.

    But with all the recent posts regarding "Zam is (almost, sorta) back!" type announcements, it makes me think "Well, EQR never left." and in a thread regarding premium membership to a EQ information site... they deserve a mention.
  6. Brilhasti Elder

    And you're more than entitled to start your own thread about it. But hijacking a thread about Zam to advertise your own I don't agree with. Do Zam people hijack your threads to advertise their site?
  7. snailish Augur

    Couple of things, in no particular order:

    1. It's really easy to flag spells in the Allakhazam database by era... if someone on TLP posts what era the spell is active. For example, I recently flagged one of the necro lich spells as "Kunark"... it had no flag checked prior. In the meantime, if you only care about your own class you can use Xanadas' nice site to search your own shopping list out.

    As far as any other TLP related stuff... NPC have a wiki style entry, so if the info changes at some era we can put both in. BUT, progression wasn't anticipated so basically all the info is "live version as last reported". Much of the time you can just read the early posts in the thread to know how it used to be. Easiest way for this to be updated is for TLP players to submit info to the site. Since things have changed from TLP to TLP... we kind of need current TLP players to post the info.

    2. Railus and Fleven were let go a while before TBM. Cyliena had to run out her contract and had a bunch of work she didn't formerly do dropped on her. Her legacy was starting the volunteer admns, without her contribution the site would have gone stagnant, perhaps permanently. That first group of volunteer admns thought a bunch of TBM stuff would be autogenerated/collected and/or done by the remaining zam dev(s), then the expac went live and none of that happened. Some of us basically didn't get to play EQ for a few months trying to update a web site for content we had never seen based on some good user information, and a lot of holes. Catch-up was painful, especially with the item collector chronically broken. We stuck with it, and Zam came around and started putting some effort in again.

    Seeing EoK incoming, the admn team had grown and has some active on beta people that are doing a lot for the site. EoK launched with more known than had ever been before (in large part due a change in NDA situation, at least that is my understanding) so basically EoK launch should have been the most complete one seen. A big volunteer team is good as volunteerism ebbs and flows (I personally have been super busy for a few months, so it's really good that others are picking up slack and doing things I wasn't even touching such as the wiki pages). The item collector is back and improved. Night and day basically. But, user submissions are still necessary.

    3. Every EQ site lost is a shame. A frozen in time Allakhazam would have some use still, but as long as it can be kept going... hooray.

    In the meantime, I actively encourage EQ players to support as many sites as they can. I see no point is shaming/shunning any of them. Run adblock and look up your recipes on EQtraders you aren't missing that much to save your $9 a year if Zam Premium (the topic of this thread) is such an issue.

    EQresource is a great site.
    Fanra's too.
    Almar's guides help a lot of people.
    EQTraders remains the best at what it does.

    Various fan sites (samanna, monkly business, necrotalk, etc.) are a vital resource. Some of them have the best list of focus effects, runspeed mods, illusions and so on that you will find in a compact way.

    If you are the player that discovers a new all/all tradeskill item that is great for anyone.... why not report it to more than one site?
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  8. Tweelis Augur

    When you mentioned Sam is back do you by chance mean the original Allakhazan (aka. Jeff) is running things again? Or is it still owned by that two bit character hack and strip site?
  9. moogs Augur

    Well we could have done without one post which was to put things nicely light on class, but as OP I'd like to say that I visit both sites every so often. They both provide value to the community and are both well worth supporting if you play EQ regularly. For the first 15+ expansions of EQ, there is absolutely no resource that has ever competed with what ZAM offered. Much of that info is still relevant today. EQR is doing a fine job providing the most up to date info for today's end-game content and they should be commended for their efforts as well. Thanks very much to all of the volunteers providing quality content for the rest of the community.
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  10. gotwar Augur

    Would like to emphasize I am not affiliated with EQResource in any way. Riou and Rorce, the site's owners and admins, are way too classy to mention the existence of a premium membership in a thread like this.

    I may have dipped into the Turkey Day whiskey a day early this year, and made some out of line comments in this thread. Would like to apologize for that, and advocate supporting any site that hosts EQ information and content. EQResource and Allakhazam are both excellent at different things and provide invaluable information to the Everquest community.

    There are also a number of other awesome EQ fansites that deserve the players' love and attention. Too many to list here! All of these sites should be given as much support as can be given by EQ players of all shapes and sizes (even you filthy but delicious gnomes) in order to continue encouraging and promoting the people who make these sites possible.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Don't drink and post!
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  11. Miss_Jackie Augur

    I'm a crafter. Without Zam, I would be completely lost on what ingredients I needed, where to get them, what vendors had them, and if I needed to use my druid to forage them.

    Yeah, EQ Resource is nice and all, but I likes mah recipe layout on Zammy Zam. =P

    Also: Meow, Gotcharm.
  12. Nolrog Augur

    Wow. Nice drop in price. I bet a lot more people sign up now that it's so cheap. Great info there, especially for those of us playing on the TLPs.
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