All my characters gone

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ARCHIVED-valoxoftallon, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-valoxoftallon Guest

    Hi, been playing for about 10 years now and have never really switched to the station launcher. Always patched through the .exe file.

    Logged in today and I have 0 characters on all servers. I just played before the 24 hour downtime and no one could have hacked my acct because I haven't given out my info..

    Any ideas? a bit frustrating.
  2. ARCHIVED-Kinthaf-IE Guest

    Same exact issue, 2 accounts, 0 chars.
    Is it a patch issue?
  3. ARCHIVED-Trazzlo Guest

    You can petition for them. They may just need to restore them.
  4. ARCHIVED-Kinthaf-IE Guest

    I use "eqgame.exe patchme" to launch eq, but it seems very odd that patching would have anything to do with something that is server side.
  5. ARCHIVED-BlankChatName Guest

    Since you haven't patched to the current version, you're likely seeing a data de-sync between the server/client. Patch up properly and try again. There's probably nothing lost, you just cant see it since you are running the wrong version of client.
  6. ARCHIVED-Kaeeldar Guest

    So the question is how do you patch? I used eqgame to patch and it won't let the file run. I can't seem to figure out the stupid launchpad thing.
  7. ARCHIVED-Soygen Guest

    Kaeeldar wrote:
    Yeah, I'm trying to patch with Everquest.exe and it's saying it cannot establish a connection. I've never used the new launcher, as I also was using eqgame to skip patcher. Am I missing something here?
  8. ARCHIVED-BlankChatName Guest

    There should be a launchpad.exe in your eq file, try that. If it's not there, maybe someone else has the current download link, I'm afraid I don't.
  9. ARCHIVED-Kaeeldar Guest

    Soygen wrote:
    UPDATE - just finished file check. Below informtion will fix the problem.

    From what I can tell you HAVE to download the new lunahcpad link. I did that and made a new directory then copied over most of my old eq directory. I'm running the new everquest launcher (can't get off main site where it says play for free) and it's running a check on files now. But looks like it works.
    Those of using the old everquest link have the old launchpad most likely. Which is not the one in use currently. download the new one to fix it.
  10. ARCHIVED-Trismegistus Guest

    Just to confirm what has been said above - the problem is very likely that you aren't properly patched. I tried to log in with eqgame.exe patchme on one of my PCs earlier today and had exactly the problem described, until I downloaded the new Launchpad and ran it through.
    The giveaway that it's a client problem, not genuinely missing characters, will be if the empty character select screen has no indication of your subscription status.
  11. ARCHIVED-Entense Guest

    *Noob Alert*
    Anyone got the link to DL the new patcher? I have been looking around the EQ Site for like 30 minutes now and no luck.
    Any help is appreciated.
  12. ARCHIVED-crystilla Guest

    Guildmate had the same issue, it turned out for him it was because he hadn't repatched yet. Once he did, all his characters showed up.
  13. ARCHIVED-Emarinn Guest

    Entense wrote:
    Try the link below - click on the Play for Free button, and it *should* download the new patcher.
    Good luck!
  14. ARCHIVED-Savok Guest

    I have three accounts linked and stored in the launcher. Two are fine but the third shows no characters as seen above. I know the patcher is setup right but a bit lost about some old mid 60's toons.

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